Friday, March 21, 2008

Lost 4.08: Meet Kevin Johnson
Hey all, welcome to my 400th post! (Cue balloons falling from the ceiling, people cheering... and then awkwardly standing in a room full of balloons, unsure of what to do next.)

I had to make this post somewhat exciting, because I didn't think last night's episode was. We've had 7 amazing weeks, so we were bound to have a slow one sooner or later. It wasn't terrible, don't get me wrong; I just thought it was full of, "Didn't we already know that?" moments, with the exception of Tom handing over the Widmore file to Michael. That was pretty cool. And then there was that ending, which came so suddenly I barely had time to process it before the credits were flashing.

I'll just say this: She had better NOT be dead.

That said, there was still lots here to talk about, but now I understand why Darlton wanted to end the show after last week's episode before the hiatus.

The island puts Michael on a suicide watch . . .

Episode Recap:
A disappointing episode to end with before we go into the hiatus. I don’t remember the last time I was so surprised to see the word LOST thunked on my screen… I was convinced we had at least one more act to go. Michael recaps for Sayid and Desmond (who never once says, “And you are…?” even though I don’t think Des would have ever met him) what happened to him after he’d betrayed the survivors and took off in Ben’s boat. After trying to kill himself after returning to New York, Michael is again met by the Others, who put him on the freighter to kill everyone on it, but then they soften their demands to turning him into a gremlin instead, screwing up the engine so the boat won’t make it to the island. Meanwhile, Ben tells Alex that if the freighter folk find out she’s his daughter, they’ll want to get their hands on her, so he sends her to the “Temple.” And the results are disastrous.

“Someone . . . Will . . . Die.”
So, I’m watching this week’s episode with my husband, and Karl starts telling Alex that he doesn’t feel right about walking across the island. I no sooner turn to my husband to say, “There’s no way Ben will allow Karl to make it across the island alive” than pow, he’s dead. Rousseau makes her big speech to Alex, and I’m thinking to myself, “Well, they won’t kill Rousseau, because they actually promised last season that the one flashback we would definitely get in season 4 is Rousseau because the fans… GAAAAHHHH!!!!” And with that, Rousseau was seemingly dead, too. WHAT?! If there is one flashback I’ve been demanding since season ONE (along with every other fan) it’s Rousseau’s. Is she really dead? If not, why didn’t Ben (assuming it’s him) kill her? And if so, could we get her flashback through an extension of an Alex flashback? This just seemed . . . wrong.

• Hurley once again becomes the mouthpiece for the fans when Miles points out that the freighter folk are here for Ben, and he says, “Uh, we kinda like, knew that forever ago.” See also “Boat: Michael, On the.”
• Miles pointing out that a week ago Ben was locked up and now he’s eating pound cake. I always enjoy the Miles snark.
• Rousseau finally getting to tell Alex how much she loves her.

Biggest “GASP!” Moments:
• TOM!!
• The file showing how Widmore could have staged the fake plane wreck. While digging up 324 bodies from a Thailand gravesite seems pretty nefarious, I guess it’s the lesser of two evils when the other option was actually killing 324 people.
• The little flag popping up on the “bomb” that says “NOT YET.” Has anyone been driven crazier than Michael on this show? How many times does a man have to prepare to meet death and be thwarted? If that’s Ben’s idea of a joke, he is one sadistic mofo.

Hurley’s Numbers:
Michael tries to kill himself 4 times in the episode (once in the car, once in the alley, once in his apartment, and once on the ship with the bomb). The code to “detonate” the bomb is 71776, which is divisible by 4, 8, and 16.

Did You Notice?:
• Several background characters on the island followed Locke when he split away from Jack, yet they weren’t in the room when Locke came clean to “everyone.”
• Sawyer’s line about which “Michael” Ben was talking about seemed to be there to catch up all the viewers who have somehow forgotten who Michael actually was.
• Captain Gault’s tough love seemed a little . . . tough.
• Michael was keeping his hood up like Charlie used to do whenever he was taking drugs.
• The Temple is marked as a Dharma station on Ben’s map. It’s the same place he told Richard Alpert to take the Others at the end of season 3.
• When Michael attempts suicide in the car he’s listening to “It’s Getting Better” by Mama Cass. When season 2 opened, Desmond was listening to Mama Cass’s “Make Your Own Kind of Music.”
• When Michael hallucinates that he sees Libby, she’s bringing him extra blankets. That’s what Libby was going back to the Swan station to get when Michael killed her.
• That kid standing in the window was definitely not Malcolm David Kelley, who played Walt. So the speculation that somehow they were going to bring Kelley back to let us know what happened to Walt, but because the actor would be 16 they’d have to account for his age, is probably wrong. I don’t think Kelley will be back to reprise the role.
• Tom says he’ll be at the penthouse of the Hotel Earle. This is the name of the hotel in the Coen Brothers film Barton Fink, where Barton goes to write a screenplay, deals with writer’s block, and then somehow encounters a serial killer and begins to go mad himself. A fitting place for Tom to be staying (in the penthouse, no less).
• When Michael tries to shoot himself in his apartment, there’s an old game show on the television and a woman answers a question with the response, “Kurt Vonnegut.” The Desmond episode a few weeks back referenced Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five.
• In season 3 Tom tells Kate she’s not his type, and I said in my book, “So what, is he gay? How could she not be his type?” And sure enough . . . he is, indeed, gay.
• Widmore’s “shell company” is Widmore Industries. Not exactly incognito there, Chuck.
• The passport for Kevin Johnson has Michael grinning on it, which would appear to be wrong, but the issue date is 1999, a time when we were still allowed to smile in passport photos.
• The name of the freighter, the Kahana, is scratched out when we see it docked here, yet the name is painted on clearly when it’s at sea.
• Minkowski references The Shining, yet another in a long line of Stephen King references on the show.
• Sayid goes ballistic on Michael when he finds out he’s working for Ben… some major dramatic irony given Sayid’s future.
• When Sayid tells the captain everything, Gault has a look on his face like he already knew.
• When Alex is sitting over Karl’s dead body, you can see an earplug in Karl’s left ear.

So Many Questions...
• Sawyer finds out somehow that Miles asked Ben for money. Who told him? Ben? Why would Ben tell him that? (It was also strange that $2.3 million somehow got rounded up to 3.
• When Ben is glaring at Alex and Karl, Alex has her hand on her belly while Karl seems to be putting his hands on her tenderly… she’s not pregnant, is she?
• I asked this question in my book at the end of season three, but could the Temple be the place with the four-toed statue? Ben says the Temple isn’t for “them,” meaning the survivors, it’s only for “us,” meaning the Others. Why is that? Is he telling the truth or is he just blowing Karl off because he needs to get him alone?
• Michael sends the mechanic working with him (the actor’s name is, incidentally, James Locke… do you think it helped him get the job?) off to get a pressure valve when Sayid shows up, and then he says to Sayid that the guy will be back really soon. So are we to assume Sayid got a very truncated version of the story we just saw? “So . . . uh . . . I made it back and then Tom showed up and recruited me to come here, and I just have to screw around with the engine every once in a while and then talk to Ben a bit. I might have attempted suicide a couple of times. So how’s Sun doin’?”
• How did Tom get to New York from the island? In season 3, we saw Tom in “The Man from Tallahassee” when he comes to talk to Ben in his bedroom, and then we don’t see him again until “The Man Behind the Curtain,” when he’s in Ben’s camp as Locke walks into it. According to the Lostpedia timeline, the events of Tallahassee happen on December 11, and Naomi is found on the 17th, and The Man Behind the Curtain is the 21st. However, the announcement of the plane being found at the bottom of the ocean happens at the same time, and Naomi lets on in “Greatest Hits” that the plane had been found weeks earlier.
• How is it that the island won’t let Michael kill himself? Is this true? Notice when it looked like Locke was going to die in “Through the Looking Glass,” Walt appeared to him and told him he still had work to do, just like Tom tells Michael here.
• Tom says the freighter is going to leave in a few days, but in the “Confirmed Dead” flashbacks we saw Frank, Charlotte, Miles, and Daniel hearing about the plane being found as it was being announced. How did they get recruited so quickly?
• Who was shooting at Rousseau and company at the end? Did Ben recruit someone to do it? Is Rousseau really dead or was she shot with a poison dart? You can see a bullet hole in Karl that goes right through him, whereas we don’t see a similar mark on Rousseau.

Next week: Nuthin’. We now begin a hiatus until episode 9, on April 24.

UPDATE: Is that Malcolm David Kelley playing Walt in the window? Check out Sledgeweb's screencap here. I still say no.


Jonathan said...

Interesting episode, but the only thing that doesn't make sense is (a) did Michael try to kill himself in the car AND use a seatbelt, or (b) did Michael drive without a seatbelt, but his body just happened to defy gravity (since he would have flown through the windshield and struck the large metal unit, dying instantly)?

I also love how Michael could be easily talked into redeeming himself for killing two people by going on a boat to kill a bunch of people.

Oh, and for the Oceanic 6 issue, I think a lot of people forgot one key issue: Hurley had to buy two tickets because of his oversized love handles. So it's pretty obvious that he is 2 of the 6.

Looking forward to your column, Nikki.

Brian Douglas said...

Some observations:

-The island won't let you kill yourself. This probably ties in to what happens to Jack in the Season 3 finale. It also got me thinking about Razinski (Kelvin's hatch partner) who supposedly shot himself.

-Michael left the island on Day 67. Tom is accounted for on the island from Days 67 to 74 (where the Others leave the Hydra island) and Days 80 (when Kate find him playing football with Jack to 93 (when Sawyer offs him). His time in New York has to happen in the gap. Note that he could have taken the sub to the mainland, and returned before Locke destroyed it.

-According to Ben's map, the Temple is another DHARMA station.

-Danielle is NOT dead. Okay, not an observation, but we never saw the wound, and until we do, I'm convinced she's not dead.

-Keamy (sp?) and company were firing automatic weapons, yet Danielle et al. were being shot at with snipper rifles. Does this mean it wasn't them, and that the Others were doing the shooting? Or was it them (and dropping them off was Frank's errand).

-Miles recognized that Michael was lying about his name, just as Cassidy did with Kate in last seasons flashback.

I think I may be forgetting something, but that's all I've got for now.

Anonymous said...

Earlier in the week I read a spoiler, "We learn why Jack doesn't kill himself at the end of season 3."

Would Jack know that the island won't let you commit suicide? Or did he read that obituary and think it was possible and was interrupted by the car wreck?

Brian Douglas said...

jonathon: Maybe the island made Michael use a seatbelt.

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming Ben had Danielle and Carl shot - because Alex is his. Sending them off seemed like such a set-up.

Not an earth-shattering episode, but nice to have a week of mostly straight narrative. Good to see MC Gainey - I'm planning to see him in May at Motor City Comic Con. I've loved him since Con Air. Swamp Thing!

Karolyn said...

good morning all!! One thing I noticed was that the "Walt" that appeared in the window when Michael was leaving his mother's house was not the same actor who has been playing Walt all along. Could that be because he has gotten a lot older since the last time we saw him? Also, is Tom gay?That was implied last night and if I remember correctly, when he was getting Kate to take a shower and change in Season Two (before she got thrown into the cage), he told her she wasn't his type, or something similar. Is this important to the story line??? Also, Ben seemd surprised that Michael actually armed the bomb, but isn't that what he wanted him to do? thoughts, anyone?

Kris Eton said...

Agreed, very dull. The only interesting thing was Michael not being able to kill himself. He is most certainly the man in the coffin, by the way.

And I don't understand how Michael could be so easily duped by Ben to think these guys were bad and that killing them would redeem him in his son's eyes. Looks like his kid didn't think too highly of him last time he decided to blow some people away.

Here's to hoping the new episodes are much better.

Jonathan said...

Maybe the island could be used in future "buckle up" promotions.

Crissy Calhoun said...

Funny! I really liked last night's episode. Mainly because I've missed Michael and his tortured relationship with Walt. I thought Harold P. gave a great performance. Also, I loved the return of gay Tom.

Also: when Michael went to visit his mom's house, there were christmas decorations so I'm curious where that flashback fits in with the timeline on-island. And how the frak does the island control you (not letting you commit suicide) when you're in NYC?? that is one powerful electromagnetic field.

Roland said...

Interesting posts so far, and congrats Nikki for the 400th! May you have 4000 more, and counting. And happy Bunny Day to you and your family (here's hoping your bunny doesn't have a number on it LOL)

Anyways, I did like the episode, only because I've been waiting for 2 seasons for Michael to come back and resolve his storyline.

I agree there were a lot of inconsistencies in this episode with Michael and the car. If you try hard enough to kill yourself, I"m sure the island cannot stop you! And yes I agree with Jonathan that Michael was too conveniently duped into resolving his guilt by killing others and "saving" his colleagues. The same colleagues that he didn't give a crap about when he handed them over to Ben.

Favorite Moments:
- Gay Tom!!! I just KNEW it! We all suspected it when he told Kate she is not his type! A big wink to the fans!
- Libby coming back. It is too bad she didn't have more of a storyline and actually I would have loved it if Michelle Rodriguez came back too.
- Danielle and Karl getting killed, what a shocker (although I was looking at my clock and they had 2 minutes to kill someone off and they were on the knew something was up)

- How can Ben be still so self righteous about not going too far and not killing innocent people? Did he actually think that the purge was killing all bad people?
- What exactly were they shooting Karl and Danielle with? Were they pellets or little arrows or? I couldn't tell. And after 16 plus years on the island being so clever, isn't it rather stupid of Danielle to attempt what she did? It would be sad if she were dead before we got her back story.
- Was that really Walt in the window? I couldn't tell, it was very dark
- I think we are pretty sure that Michael isn't one of the O6, since he had to use a pseudonym on his return to civilization, you guys agree?
- Why not just kill Ben? He claims the orders are to kill everyone on the island, but whats to stop them from killing all of them anyways? It seems its not just Locke who he has under his spell.

Not as good as previous episodes, but I think part of it was we expected something big with Mikey's return. I still wish that they hadn't announced anything about his return, it would have been such a great surprise.

Sigh one more month to wait...and I'm sad and happy, I'm off to Hawaii in May but I'll miss the last two episodes of Lost...I will have to find a streaming site to watch the shows!!!

Steve gee said...

I wondering how much time Sayid and Ben were left alone when they were held as prisoners in the recreation center in "Eggtown"? I thought about that as soon as Sayid confronted the captain about who Kevin Johnson really is.

I thought back to that episode and wondered if Ben told Sayid everything after learning that Sayid would get a trip to the freighter if he returned with Charlotte. Maybe Ben felt uncertain that "Kevin Johnson" could finish his job and kill everyone on the boat. Knowing Sayid would be the perfect candidate to do so, he opted to tell Sayid everything.

I guess I had a different view of the last few minutes. I thought that Danielle, Alex and Carl actually arrived at the temple but couldn't see it for some reason. They had a look like "we should be right here but where is it" kinda look. And then Carl gets it then Danielle(I'm not sold on the fact that she's dead either) but I have a feeling that was all part of Ben's plans to finally get Carl out of the picture as well as Danielle. I figured it was the others that did that to them. Maybe on Ben's orders or they were protecting the temple.

I was glad to see Tom was back in the show. I wondered if it was Tom's lover that got beat up by Widmore & Co. and Tom filmed it.

It's so interesting to me that all Michael wanted in life was to be with his boy and prior to crashing on the Island his ex-wife kept him away from Walt and now his own mother is keeping him away now that they are back. Should have really though about not leaving the island Michael.

christemple said...

For the first time I have to totally disagree with you! This episode was amazing. They confirmed alot of things that people have been speculating about. I'm disapointed you didn't like it. I think it was the second best episode of the season!

Brian Douglas said...

Re: Roland's Questions:

- How can Ben be still so self righteous about not going too far and not killing innocent people? Did he actually think that the purge was killing all bad people?

I'm not convinced Ben was behind the Purge. Involved, yes, but he only directly killed his father. The Others would have killed the DHARMA folks with or without Ben, hence why Ben was smart enough not to end up in the mass grave.

- Why not just kill Ben? He claims the orders are to kill everyone on the island, but whats to stop them from killing all of them anyways? It seems its not just Locke who he has under his spell.

They probably want Ben alive for some reason.

The Chapati Kid said...

Good episode. H.P. is a brilliant actor. I've loved him ever since R+J when he played Mercutio -- his was one of the most brilliant death scenes I've seen in cinema.

Anyway, that aside. Tom is gay. WHOOPEEE! Finally, a gay character on Lost! So why was he SO upset over that Other woman Sun killed on the boat? (Am I getting it wrong?)

I'm not sure I understood what the mother was trying to say to Michael. She made it sound like Michael disappeared for two months, leaving Walt behind, and no explanation. I guess I didn't hear properly, but it sounded to me like Walt was with M's mother while Michael was gone. SO confused.

Et finalement, what on earth is Michael's motivation to go back there? He tells Saiyid that's it's so he can die. Which makes sense, because he can't, no matter how much he tries. What a slap in the face to find out that the bomb is a booby trap.

Can't Saiyid fix the engine room? Dude can do everything.

Steve gee said...

The Chapati kid: The woman that Sun killed was not Tom's girlfriend it was the other guy who kept beating up Sawyer (I forget his name) he was also killed by Juliet so that Sawyer and Kate could escape. As for the Michael's mother I think she said that they were both gone for two months and Walt wanted to get away from his dad because Michael told him he killed Ana Lucia & Libby. I would imagine Michael's mother wouldn't have known Walt because he wasn't in Michael's life before the plane crash. At least that is what I thought.

As for Sayid, I think he is fully aware of freighter situation(see my previous post) and maybe it's in his best interest not to fix it.

Crackedout said...

The preview at the end for the upcoming episodes said the O-6 were all revealed and flashed through images of Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sun and Aaron so I think we can finally but that horse to rest.

I liked last nights episode. Like Crissy and Roland, I've been wondering what happened to Michael and Walt since the end of the second season. It just sucks that now we're stuck for a month without new episodes, plus it's not exactly the best place to be left hanging.

I'm going to have to re-watch the episode again but here are my thoughts/questions so far:

Ben's Lists: How does he determine who's bad and who's good?

Michael: So much for that "Father of the Year" award!

Sayid: What the heck is he thinking? Granted, I wouldn't trust Michael either, but what makes him think he can trust this captain or the other freighter-folk? Better the devil you know!

"I got a bad feeling about this!": Line made famous in every episode of Star Wars, but you already knew that.

Sawyer: Speaking of Star Wars, anyone else think that Sawyer is kind of like the Lando Calrissian of the island. He's a swindler and a ladies man. I just got taht feeling when he starts questioning Locke. Like he decided to follow Locke but is starting to regret it. Just like Lando regrets his deal with Vader in Empire. Stupid thought but I felt like sharing it.

Snipers?: I'm guessing it was a sniper rifle. Definitely a silenced gun of some sort. Hard to tell if there was more than one shooter. You'd think that if there were more than one that they could've have picked off the group at the same time instead of one by one.

Respectthebox said...

Nik - just recently discovered your WU column and your blog. Good stuff. I like your take and you observations, but I am astounded that you are acknowledging the ridiculous ongoing debate in some quarters about the Oceanic 6 vs. the 8 survivors. First of all, as another commenter noted, the preview pretty definitively settles it, I think. Mentioning the O6 and flashing to images of Jack, Kate, Aaron, Hurley, Sun and Sayid is pretty smack-you-in-the-face obvious.

As for the math you are having trouble with -


1. Jack
2. Kate
3. Hurley
4. Claire
5. Aaron
6. Sun
7. Jin
8. Sayid

Died before rescue: Claire, Jin

Oceanic 6

1. Jack
2. Kate
3. Aaron
4. Hurley
5. Sun
6. Sayid

To me, this makes perfect sense. Assuming the truth of Juliet's diagnosis of Sun's pregnancy, Jin must have been a survivor in order to impregnate Sun while on the island before rescue. And, since anyone who can do math would figure out that Aaron was born on the island (and because he wasn't on the manifest), his mother must have survived the crash. Right now, Kate is masquerading as the mother. But if the truth of that story is ever blown, they would have to have listed Claire as an initial survivor just in case. Because if Kate's story were blown, and they hadn't claimed that there was a woman (who presumably many off-island knew was pregnant) among the initial survivors, then they O6 are in a world of trouble - lots of 'splainin' to do.

Crackedout said...

More Questions: If the freighter-folk are going to kill everyone on the island after they have Ben, then why not kill everyone first then take Ben?

If that's their plan, to kill everyone, then why would Faraday, Charlotte and Frank go along with it? They don't seem the type? Are they the innocent ones Ben was talking about?

---Dislaimer---the following theories are meant sarcastically and are completely inane!

Does the island have a sense of humor? Was it responsible for the bomb not going off and the "not yet" note? If so....good one!

I know who Ben is. He's Santa Claus! He makes lists, checks them twice, finds out who's naughty and nice. Who needs a submarine when you have a flying sleigh? This explains all the fake I.D.s cause it's not like he's going to walk around telling everyone he's Santa Claus. He sent the "Others" to the Temple i.e. the Toy Shop! Widmore is probably after him cause he was a naughty and didn't get any presents as a child. Of course Locke has now ruined X-mas for everyone by kidnapping Santa. Guess that makes Lock the Grinch!!!

The Chapati Kid said...

In response to your article... I think Sawyer may know about the money because Kate told him.

Also -- poison darts! I knew it was familiar! Remember when Des has that premonition about Charlie dying because he's hit by a poison dart, and it seemed so similar to the way that Karl gets hit -- same noise, et al.

I agree with you about Kelley being too old. That's why they don't show him at all in this episode. Yet he MUST have a HUGE role to play in Season 4 (or 5), because there's no way they'd set up Walt's mysterious powers without any payoff... I can't wait to see what's in store for Walt.

I hope it's not Michael who's dead... :-(

Crackedout said...

"Why would Ben tell him that? (It was also strange that 2.3 million somehow got rounded up to three.)"

-I thought Miles asked for 3.2 million. Right? And Kate probably told Sawyer what happened. Only fair seeing as how he helped her and all.

The Chapati Kid said...

Oh Steve Gee! Thanks for explaining that mixup I had. I remember now.

pete said...

I also liked this episode. Loved seeing Michael again, and agree with chapati kid that he's a terrific actor. Fun to see Libby show up (small gasp) as the eerie embodiment of Michael's guilty conscience. Adios to Karl (or Carl); you played your role well, but we hardly knew ye. I don't believe Danielle is dead; thought I heard that she has a flashback ep at some point - that woman knows a lot about the island. It appears that Ben arranged for the double murder, but doubt that he'd have Alex offed. Perhaps the Others at the Temple received orders from Ben to shoot Karl (or Carl) and Danielle? I enjoyed the new info about Michael's post-island despair, but would love to know just how he and Walt got back to NYC. Another month? *sigh*

Kris Eton said...

What I don't get is if the world believes (even her own mother) that Aaron is Kate's, how did that work exactly? The FBI or whoever had sent that guy over to Australia to arrest Kate. I'm sure they knew she was on the flight and handcuffed. Um, and then she just brought along a baby? Or she pretends she was preggo at the time of capture? It just is weird to me.

edgeshat said...

Some thoughts:

One reason Michael might have changed his name and hid himself was because he is a murderer (kiling Ana Lucia and Libby). Had he told anyone about the island the Losties, he would be giving himself up. Also, for all we know, Michael could have driven the boat straight to New York City.

With the island, yeah, it seems far fetched that the island could control a gun, however if we can believe the island can communicate with people off the island (ie Jack/Christian, Hurley/Charlie, Michael/Libby), then I guess we can believe it can decide fate. What about all the odd events that have happened to Hurley when he used the numbers? Those numbers apparently control the electromagnetism of the island. The island has some kind of control over fate/destiney and space/time.

And Ben using the bomb was to test Michael, to prove to Michael that he wasn't a evil guy like Charles Widmore. But his surprise that Michael pushed the button was a bit odd. I guess he didn't realize how determined to die Michael is, which leads me to concur that his is the man in the coffin. However, didn't Jack say "he was right" when he attened the wake? Wonder what that means.

Keep up the good work Nikki!

Steve gee said...

kris eton: maybe just before Clair's demise she puts it in writing that Kate keeps the baby. Maybe Ben sets thing up for Kate back in the States somehow. We saw last night that he can do things like set up Michael with a new identity. I'm sure a guy like Widmore would have the right people check the background of his crew before starting this mission even if it is just a deck hand. So I'm thinking he could do the same for Kate's adoption of Aaron.

Jazzygirl said...

Only watched it once so a lot of the details Nikki posted on her review I have to go look for. Like Karl's earplug. Did it look like we were supposed to to see it or was it an ooops?
I too was flipping out that Rousseau could like for 17 yrs on the island only to be taken out like THIS??
Yes, at the end, I honestly thought the captain was going to say "I already know."
So....does this mean that he is also working with Ben...or Widmore researched "kevin johnson" and figured out he's a fake.
Miles sure does have some crazy psychic powers to know that that was not Michael's real name.
Overall, yeah...not the most exciting...but did confirm and clear up some things.
And yes, Aaron is one of the 6th because when they were giving previews the guy said "we now know the O-6 and they flashed all of them including Aaron. I guess we'll have to wait and see how it's explained.

Funny side note: I also work part time at an emergency vet hospital. Last night I was checking out a client and his dog. I looked down at the file to pull up the account and the dog's name was Locke. LOL!! I looked at the owner and said "Um, LOST fan?" Of course he said yes. :)

Kris Eton said...


But Kate's mother seemed desperate to see/meet her 'grandchild.' The mother seemed convinced that Aaron was honestly Kate's real child. I don't think a mom would get all gushy like that over some adoption arrangement. Not before she met him, anyway.

Tiffanie said...

Did anyone notice that the issue date on Michael's passport was 00 Jul / Jul 99? That is impossible! There is no such date: July 0, 1999.

Nikki Stafford said...

Hey guys!
Argh, getting on the Internet at a family get-together is tough, but you guys seem to be doing a great job of keeping the discussion going! I'm still not a huge fan of this episode, so if you liked it, we'll just have to agree to disagree. I did like the Widmore reveal, as I said in my column.

respectthebox: Glad to have you here! I wanted to talk about the O6 just because it was a big discussion point on my blog last week. Unfortunately I live in Canada and we get the CTV feed, which conveniently cuts off the ABC previews at the end, so I didn't know they had run through the O6. If I had, obviously I wouldn't have suggested there was still a question hanging in the air.

As for the math, you can't survive a plane crash you aren't on. You're counting Aaron as one of the 8 before he's born, which makes no sense. He was born a month after the crash, so he didn't survive the plane crash, unless SEVEN people survived, plus the unborn Aaron, and then 2 died.

But check through the discussion we had the other day. Barry had a great point about how to work out Jack's logic (someone else died after Claire did, but because Kate cut Jack off on the stand he couldn't get around to it).

Jonathan: I actually thought he was wearing a seatbelt, too! But when I went back and checked, he wasn't.

Crissy: As I mention in the column, Tom could have visited between the 11th and 19th of December, and in that case, x-mas decorations would have been up. Though... that's cutting it REALLY close for the freighter folk to have been put together that fast. So it's tough to tell.

Roland: I agree about when we know something's coming, it dillutes the fun when it happens. If we didn't know HP was coming back, it wouldn't have been such a disappointment for me.

CK: I couldn't agree with you more about Perrineau. When the original cast was announced way back in 2004, he was the one who excited me the most. I think he's incredible, and his Mercutio is a flamboyant masterpiece. :)

Steve gee said...

kris eton: Oops I kinda forgot about Kate's mom for a second. Somehow somebody made it possible for her to keep Aaron as her own at least for the time being.

ekrs said...

I have to agree with Nikki: I didn't like that episode very much. Almost all of it was about Michael and how he got back to the island. Now that can sometimes be good(Flashes Before Your Eyes) but it was just boring watching it. And then came the ending. Now Karl dying is OK, but if Rousseau died I would just be mad. She seemed to be shot in the chest, but maybe she was shot in a non-vital area and she'll be okay. It was all to fast for me. So my question is Did Rousseau die, or was she just shot?
I wouldn't be able to stand another death. Another reason I didn't like it was because it wasn't happy. All the other 7 episodes had something that wasn't negative in it. But this was just about Michael wanting to kill himself and Karl and Rousseau dying(hopefully not the ladder). There was one thing that we did learn. Mr. Friendly is gay! I suspected it since the Season 3 premiere when he said Kate wasn't his type, but now we finally find out! AWESOME!

Fletcher said...

I haven't had time to read through all the comments but I'm pretty sure that was Malcolm David Kelly at the window. I think they lifted the shot of Walt out of a previous episode, though I'm not sure which one.

Regardless, I think Walt will be back in the flashforwards, where Kelly's growth spurt will make sense.

Nikki Stafford said...

Me again. Coupla things. First, someone commented that Kate must be letting on Aaron is hers, because her mother was so excited to see her grandson, and she never would have been that excited had the child been adopted. I have to respectfully disagree on that one. I just finished editing a book of stories written by parents who adopted children from China, and the grandparents of those children are just as excited to meet the adopted kids as they were to meet their own flesh and blood. One father has a biological daughter and an adopted one, and said he sees no difference in his children. I also have friends with adopted children, and those kids are theirs... they don't belong to anyone else, and as far as they're concerned, they never did. So if Kate told her mother that she'd adopted Aaron, Diane would be just as excited to meet the new child as she would if Aaron were her flesh and blood, in my opinion.

fletcher: I've held that scene on a still a few times, and I really believe it's NOT Kelley. I'll post a screencap.

Brian Douglas said...

Here's a thought: What if the reason Mikhail didn't die from the sonic fence was because the "island" or whatever needed him to kill Charlie. Note that the last time Desmond saved Charlie was just before Mikhail turned up alive again, and that he died when Charlie did.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure I heard a growl during the scene where Karl and Rousseau are shot. I suspect the smoke monster may be the culprit. My husband says this is ludicrous; how can it shoot missiles? But I say: how does it take human form, or lift people up and bash them against trees? I recall the producers said we will see smokey again this season, and that Smokey's appearance must always show something new about its nature.

Does anyone else share this far fetched suspicion?


Kris Eton said...

I'm not trying to put down grandparents feelings towards an adopted child...but just something about the way Kate's mother expressed herself about seeing Aaron. I don't know.

There's a difference to me in being informed of an adoption months in advance, expecting with the future parents, hearing about all the plans, getting photos of your baby, and basically feeling more involved with the whole adoption process and Kate's adoption being just dumped in her mother's lap.

Once again, how would you explain this happening? I guess you're thinking everyone knows she adopted the child of a dead plane passenger? and not that she somehow brought him along on the plane with her. We're going with the notion still that everyone knows Aaron was born on the island...?

I am very curious to find out how the 5 survivor adults explain themselves to the public. If there is a plane crashed with bodies...what does everyone now believe about that?? Just so much left to reveal.

Martin said...

Hi Nikki! First of all: Best regards from Germany! Got your books as imports and love them. Will we get a very thin season foor edition or will you wait till next year for another one?

Thanks for not liking this episode! I heard lots of people raving about how brilliant it was in some podcasts and really couldn't follow them...

A few things keeping my head spinning right now:

- How did Michael and Walt get back to the USA so fast? Between their departure and Naomis arrival on the island is less than three weeks. With all the stuff happening in New York they must have gotten there within just a few days. How did they enter the USA without being recognized by custom authorities as two missing passagers of flight 815? Did the writers leave that part of the story out on purpose because they have something in their sleeves or will this stay the biggest plothole ever?

- The whole staged aircraft wreck doesn't make any sense. Has anybody taken a map to look up Bali where the suposedly fake plane was planted? It's WAY off course from the Sydney-LA-route - and I'm talking thousands of miles as opposed to "a thousand miles" as the pilot said way back in the first episode.
Why would anybody who wanted the search for 815 to stop plant a fake plane somewhere where its discovery only arouses more questions? Wouldn't you drop it somewhere where it makes sense for the general public?
So, maybe the fake plane is no fake at all... Whormwholes? Dimension rifts?
Also note that Jack said as a witness that they crashed in the South Pacific (where it makes sense and where the island really seems to be - the freighter in this episode started from fiji) as opposed to the Indian Ocean where the "fake wreck" was found.

A few more things from older episodes still bothering me:

- The fruits Hurley's car drove through right at the beginning of the season looked like an exploding volcano to me. So, what's with the volcano on the island? Is it going boom in the season finale?

- The guy filming Hurley's crash with his video camera was his old colleague Randy (confirmed in the credits!). What was he doing there? Is he one of Ben's spies?

- In Miles' "Confirmed Dead"-flashback the frame of the supposedly dead boys picture on the wall miraculously changes during the scene. Was that a major goof or was something else going on?

So Nikki, what do you thing about all this?

Nikki Stafford said...

Kris: Good points about the adoption. I'd have to think through how Kate could pass off Aaron as her own; I'm sure we went over all of this in Eggtown and decided she couldn't be doing that. The only way to make people think Aaron was hers would be to say he was born BEFORE the crash, and that she had him as an infant on the island. And since there's no record in the marshal's fugitive report that she had a baby with her, I don't see how that's possible. Or she could say she had him and had left him behind, but again, that's a pretty tricky one. (And if any doctor ever looked at her, he/she would know immediately she'd never given birth.) So I just don't know how she could convince anyone that the baby is really hers. What are your thoughts on this?

Martin: Welcome! I won't be doing a season 4 book; instead I'll be doing a split season 4/5 one if I do one, then a final wrap-up book for season 6.

I agree about the plane being too far off course. And I think one of the major new mysteries involves the wreck: How does Oceanic explain the reports that 6 people are alive when they reported that all 324 were found dead? It should be an interesting one to watch!!

The volcano has always intrigued me. The teacher referenced it when Ben was in the Dharma classroom as a child, and it just didn't seem like a throwaway thing.

Jeff Heimbuch said...

Here's a theory...Tom said the island won't let Michael die. Is it possible that it was doing the same thing to Jack during his flash forward during 'Through The Looking Glass?' He tried to jump off a bridge, but the accident prevented him. He walked across the street, right into on coming traffic, into the funeral parlor, and was fine. Is it possible that he DOES get back, because he still has work to do?

Steve gee said...

I thought about the last few minutes of the show and I originally thought the Ben and the others set that up to finally get rid of Carl. Now instead I don't think that. Ben doesn't work that way. Instead he sees things unfolding before they happen and positions himself in the best scenerio possible. In the episode the "other woman" in fear of losing Juliet to Goodwin, he knew by sending Goodwin off to the tail section he would die because eventually the tail section would figure out he isn't one of them and be killed because of what they fear. Fear makes people do drastic thing sometimes. At the end of this new episode I think he knew that some of the people from the freighter had landed on the island (Mainly the jerky looking guy who was shooting those clay discs). Ben knew that somehow he would send Carl off to die and that he and the others wouldn't have gotten hands dirty. He must of known Alex would be taken prisoner as a bargaining chip. Maybe he knows that if she's caught that she might be safer on the island or on the freighter (Sayid, Desmond and Michael to save her). I'm guessing he thinks they will take her to the frieghter which would be the safest place overall.

Steve gee said...

I forgot to add the Sayid made a comment in the last episode "where is the helicopter" and the one guy told him not to worry about it. I'm think six of the freighter crew must have landed on the island.

Brandon / job: fan of LOST said...

First off, I hope you guys are having a great Easter vacation!

Another great episode tonight that leaves a great cliffhanger until April 24th. Here are my thoughts:

- Tom is gay?! Well, in "A Tale of Two Cities", he did say that Kate wasn't his type, and if she isn't then he must be gay. Oh well, still a great character and nice to see him and Libby again.

- What exactly are the Others doing at the Temple? Is it really just a hideout from the impending attack on the island, or something else?

- That was crazy when Karl and Danielle were shot.

- What are the consequences going to be for Michael now that Sayid has exposed his true actions to the Captain Gaul? How is Michael really supposed to kill the "guilty" people on the freighter?

- VERY CREEPY MOMENT: How the island won't let Michael kill himself. What a life! If I were Mike I'd definitely have trouble sleeping at night.

- Will Michael's mother eventually spill to the public that Michael is lying about who he is?

- Has Walt's supernatural powers evolved at all while in Manhattan?


- Favorite scene(s): Ben casually telling Locke's camp that Michael is his spy.
Michael looking up at Walt in the window.
Tom showing Michael the pictures of the graves that were dug up by Charles Widmore (Disgusting and very creepy about how serious this guy is).

Well, that's all I have for this episode, and I can honestly say that the wait to April 24th won't be easy on me. But hey, this is why I record the show in the first to start again with Season 4's premiere! Enjoy your vacation and happy Easter.

Brian Douglas said...

Here's a cray thought: what if Ben is on the up-and-up about wanting to protect Alex, and really was sending her, Karl, and Danielle to the Temple to safety, but Keamy and Omar got their first!

Of course, when is Ben ever on the up and up?

Brian Douglas said...

Re: The Island Keeping Michael Alive

I'm wondering if the island similarly didn't prevent some of the survivors from dying in the plane crash since they still had "work to do." If so, this would obviously include Jack and Locke (could this be why his legs are fixed as well?). Could this also include Hurley, Kate, Sawyer, and anyone else who've seen apparitions as well (as opposed to Sayid, Sun, Jin, and Claire who have, if I'm not mistaken, not seen any apparitions)? This may be why they are able to see things that the others can't beause when the island prevented them from dying, they formed a connection to it. Did the island likewise save Ben at some point, and that was why he saw his mother as well?

Steph D said...

My theory on Aaron: the elasticity of time seems to be an emerging theme on the show - all that stuff that went on in The Constant with Daniel Faraday, and I'm sure there's some link to those experimental rabbits with numbers tattooed on them earlier in the series.

Then on the freighter, Minkowski says to Desmond, "you look older, don't you?" (or something to that effect) when he's experiencing the shift in consciousness. So perhaps time is sped up on the island, which would be a handy cover for Kate's role as Aaron's mum (and may help to explain the pubescent actor playing Walt).

I'm also convinced that, as a show on an American network, the writers have to consider the unborn Aaron as an actual person, hence the unborn baby would count as one of the 8 survivors. The question is, does the public believe the baby was in Claire or Kate at the time of the crash?

I think the elasticity of time is going to play into the explanation of Adam and Eve - the skeletons look like they've been there for 50 years, but I bet they are the skeletons of characters that are alive and kicking right now.

God, I love this show...

leor said...

i'm surprised nobody has mentioned that tom referred to each of the oceanic six when he spoke to michael in the alley: he specifically asked michael if he cared to save "jack, kate, hurley, claire's baby, sayid and sun".

also, on the timeline of tom's trip to new york, am i wrong in remembering a moment back in season 3 when ben mentioned that he had sent tom off-island to run an errand for him?

Emilia said...

Was Libby a manifestation of Michael's guilt or is it Smokey? If the island can prevent a person from killing himself even when they're off the island, I see no reason why Smokey couldn't appear to someone off the island.

Emilia said...

Was Libby a manifestation of Michael's guilt or is it Smokey? If the island can prevent a person from killing himself even when they're off the island, I see no reason why Smokey couldn't appear to someone off the island.

respectthebox said...

I still have to respectfully disagree on the math - but given the preview, we can just continue to agree to disagree about whether Aaron should have been considered as was "on the plane" and a a "survivor." It's not as if I am some bible-beating pro-lifer or anything, but Claire was 9 months pregnant. In my book, Aaron as on the plane and "survived" the crash.

Anyway, the preview settles that.

As for the 8 "survivors," you might find this interesting.

As a friend and I now tell each other after reading another Cuse/Lindelof interview, sometimes a bracelet is just a bracelet.

That seems to be the case here, as well.

Robert Thompson said...
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Nikki Stafford said...

That deleted comment was mine, actually; my husband had logged into his blogger account, and when I tried to leave a comment, I did so as him. D'oh. :) Let's try that again.

respectthebox: Believe it or not, I totally agree with you re: whether or not Aaron was on the plane. As I said a couple of weeks ago on this board, if I'd been in a plane crash when I was pregnant, my husband would have felt like he'd lost 2 people, and he would have been right. I consider Aaron to be a person before he was born, and like you, I'm not a pro-lifer. I'm just talking about what Jack said on the stand, but I'm not sure I'm explaining it properly because you keep coming back to other things and whether or not Aaron is a person, so I'll just drop it. :) As I've said many times before, Barry came up with a great explanation, and I accept it. The end.

Brian Douglas said...

There were initially 8 survivors: Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sun, CLAIR, and two others. The other two died shortly thereafter due to injuries. Clair later gave birth to Aaron, and died (posibly during childbirth on an island with improper medical facilities).

The Chapati Kid said...

I agree with Leor -- we should talk about Tom naming names to Michael... so the O-6 were predestined?

Steve gee said...

Just for the record Tom doesn't say the names of the Oceanic 6. If this is in reference to the phone call that take place when Michael arrives on the freighter, Tom mentions something like "Oh you've met a few of them eh? Starting to get cold feet?" Michael replies "Ya, actually I Am." then Tom says "Well here's a few names for you: Sun, Sawyer, Jack, Clair, Her Baby what about them Michael?"

Hopefully that clears up some things.

Brandon / job: fan of LOST said...

hey survivors!

In response to Brian Douglas, I too think Ben is honestly concerned for Alex's safety. She's the only "family" he has, and he can't be purely evil, right? RIGHT?! I think Ben was sincerely sending them to safety, and now Alex, just as Ben said, will be used by "whoever is shooting at them" to get to Ben. Long story short: Ben is in danger. If it is Keamy and Omar, or someone else though, I think they must be wearing camouflage or something, because when they showed Alex's POV through the grass, I couldn't see ANYONE(which made me sad, darn cliffhangers). If it isn't Keamy and Omar, and just some crazy army dudes, that'll be cool too. Reminds me of the soldiers storming the X-Mansion in "X2: X-Men United". Hey, I can theorize, right?

Plus, I was listening to the podcast by Damon and Carlton, and they said that the codename for season 4's finale's reveal is "The Frozen Donkey Wheel". That just doesn't make sense, but it definitely made me laugh.

I already watched all of Season 4 again, and you can really tell how much more fast-paced it is. I mean, one episode, the "rescuers arrive", then two eps later, Sayid and Dez are already being taken away! The writers can really time things now and make the story flow even smoother than before.

Keep on blogging, survivors!

leor said...

bah...i re-watched the episode, steve, and saw that i was in fact wrong. the names you mentioned were the correct ones. serves me right for posting based on memory!

Jazzygirl said...

So depressing! Today I started to say to myself "Yay, tomorrow....ohhhhhhhhhh nooooooo." This is going to be a long month! Although we waited from May to Jan so I guess we can wait a few weeks. I'll rewatch them I guess.

ekrs said...

hey, just wanted to say that is definitely not Malcolm David Kelly in the window, because I went to and he wasn't on the cast list. Just wanted to clear that up.

The Question Mark said...

I really enjoyed "Meet Kevin Johnson". It was great to see Michael again, but too bad we didn't see more of Walt (two full seasons of virtually no Walt; next to Smokey, he's probably the longest-running unsolved mystery of Lost!).
I hope the flashforwards are real. It's been theorized that they're a vision of a "possible" future, but I hope it's real, because face it, the Oceanic Six going back to the island for a showdown with whoever the Bad Guys are would be mind-numbingly cool.
Something came to mind that really doesn't have much to do with this episode, but it's about Desmond & time travel:
What if, Desmond really did relive his whole life, WITH memories of the island, and in all of his flashbakcs, he's had those memories? I believe in his first appearance, "Man Of Science, Man Of Faith", when he meets Jack in the stadium, he's got all of the island memories then because he's already time-travelled. When he tells Jack, "You have to lift it up", he may be referring to something other than an ankle. Maybe, in Season 6 Episode 16, Jack's gotta do something to save the day, and it requires "lifting"...This was Desmond's way of giving him a little hint. Maybe he's been planting seeds all along to make sure things turn out the way they do...
Sounds weird, I know. Any thoughts?