Thursday, April 19, 2007

Best Reader Observation of the Day
As a couple of people have pointed out in their comments to my post on last night's episode, you can see a picture of Ms. Hawking, that mysterious woman in the clock shop that Desmond visits in "Flashes Before Your Eyes," sitting on the priest's desk in the episode.

This is a screen cap from Sledgeweb's site. What I find pretty lame, however, is that if you look closely, she's wearing exactly the same thing she was wearing in that episode, and the image is probably a screen cap from "Flashes Before Your Eyes." That tells me it's probably just a red herring, something they've thrown in there as a joke, and not something they'd planned ahead of time, or else they would have taken the actress's picture wearing something else, and even if they hadn't yet cast the priest for this ep, they could have photoshopped them together, as they've clearly done with this.

Nice spotting!!

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