Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lost 4.13/14: “There’s No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3”

“Lie to them, Jack. If you do it half as well as you lie to yourself, they’ll believe you.”

Man... I can’t be the only one who always feels completely exhausted after watching an episode of Lost. It’s going to take a few days to digest that TON of information that just got dumped on us, but I only have a couple of hours to write this. I’m hoping to update this post often at the end of it, so check in regularly after I’m able to think things through and write out more observations below.

You have to hand it to Darlton: These guys know how to pull off a finale!! This one didn’t pack quite the punch of the season 3 finale, but it certainly brought the season to a close by taking a bunch of storylines and pulling them together here. FINALLY we have a lot of answers that will allow us to begin to solve the mysteries.

Yeah, you’re right. I’m totally kidding.

Jeremy Bentham
And after last season’s finale, where the obit CLEARLY read Jo___ __antham, and I said in my post that it’s too bad it wasn’t Jeremy Bentham, because that would have opened up so much more... the writers changed it to Bentham. Apparently the writers of the obit couldn’t get the name right, and we shall chalk it up to a major typo in the newspaper. Ahem. Jeremy Bentham was a 18th and 19th century philosopher who developed the ideas of utilitarianism, or the greatest good for the greatest number of people. He was one of the first advocates for animal rights. He boiled down the separation of good and evil to two major things: pleasure and pain. That which brings us the most pleasure and the least pain is good; the most pain and the least pleasure is evil.

When I think Jeremy Bentham, however, I only remember vaguely the stuff about utilitarianism from my poli sci classes... what I remember him for is his concept of the panopticon. The panopticon was a prison that Bentham designed and developed, where the prisoners would be under constant watch by the guards, but were unaware of being watched. It’s a concept Orwell used in 1984 to suggest all of us are being watched by someone but don’t know when they’re tuning in. The structure of the prison was circular, with the cells being on the wall, and the guard tower in the centre, where the guards could watch without being seen. Food is dispatched to the prisoners automatically, without the staff having to do it, and the prisoners aren’t allowed to move around much beyond their cells. Presumably, the use of the name “Jeremy Bentham” comes back to the idea of a circular prison (the island) where everyone is being watched, but they don’t know when or by whom. Food drops onto the island, and every move is monitored.

RIP Michael & Jin...
See, with Charlie, I watched him die. I was in tears. But this time, I sat there with my hands over my mouth, in shock, but wondering if maybe – just maybe – Jin somehow got away. I know the chances are slim, but... I’m an optimist. It’s probably safe to say Michael died, since Christian gave him the okay to die and the guy was in the centre of the boat, unable to escape. But it’s a little hard to mourn him after what he did while he was on the island, and being away from him for so long in the meantime. I always felt bad for Michael; he got the bum rap no matter what he did, and then ultimately made some terrible choices in the name of finding his son. He was used by the island as a pawn and then tossed aside, and for that, I’m sad. But Jin’s death – if that’s what it was – seemed a little mechanical. As in, why did he stay behind in the first place? He should have been up there with Desmond, not sitting below staring at the plans. The man’s about to become a father, and Desmond is the guy with the bomb defusing experience, but Des is the guy to run up top? (Don’t get me wrong, I’d be pulling my hair out now if Des had stayed behind, but you know what I’m saying.)

Things That Make You Go “...AND?!
Jack: “It’s okay, we’re alive.” Of course, now we’re WAY worse off than we were before, because we’re in the middle of an ocean with no water and no food and the island is gone and we’ll probably all die and this baby hasn’t been fed in 24 hours, but we’re alive.

The Guy in the Casket
So... Locke is the guy in the casket. Or is it Locke? He’s clearly going by the name Jeremy Bentham, but the strange thing is, the Oceanic Five Who Can Talk are all referring to him as Jeremy, and not Locke. Why would they use his pseudonym? Is it someone or something who looks like Locke? What is his relation to Abbadon? Is there one? Walt tells Hurley that Jeremy Bentham came to see him, and wants to know why everyone is lying. But it was Locke who TOLD them to lie. So does that suggest Bentham and Locke are two different people?

• Desmond explaining all the ways they could go boom.
• Sayid heading off Keamy at the pass. WOO! Go Sayid!!
• The argument between Locke and Jack at the Orchid. There’s something about watching these two go at it... it’s one of the things I loved about season 2, and it was great to see it again.
• Rose telling “Shorty” that she’s going to keep an eye on him
• “If you mean time travelling bunnies, then yes.”
• Sawyer calling Frank “Kenny Rogers.”
• Yunjin Kim’s performance when Sun sees the freighter blow up. Stunning.
• Hurley’s response when Jack denies that Locke moved the island: “Oh really? Cause... one minute it was there and the next it was gone... so... unless we like overlooked it, dude? That’s exactly what he did. But... if you’ve got another explanation man, I’d love to hear it.
• Penny and Desmond kissing.

Biggest “GASP!” Moments:
• The elevator suddenly going back up, and what comes back down. CREEPY.
• Ben stabbing Keamy to death.
• The helicopter taking off with Jin jumping up and down below it.
• The island suddenly disappearing.
• Desmond not breathing when everyone pulls him out of the water. Okay, writers? We need to talk. Do NOT do that to me again. I could barely breathe.
• Penny on the boat! But... um... does this mean Desmond’s story is essentially over? His was the romantic sidestory. I really hope with Widmore being the enemy that Desmond doesn’t become a character who only pops up a couple of times next season or something.

Hurley’s Numbers:
The rabbit has a 15 on it. When Frank notices the fuel is dropping, it’s at 4. When Sayid asks the man in the car what time it is, he says 8:15 just before Sayid shoots him.

Did You Notice?:
• Imagine how long it must have taken to recreate that opening scene again, getting the puddles just right, Kate’s makeup, Jack’s bad beard...
• Kate says she’s spent 3 years trying to forget what happened, which puts this scene at the end of 2007.
• Kate and Sayid were going along with the Others to get Ben back because they’d been promised a way off the island... interesting they did that, since they’ve NEVER been lied to before.
• The only thing scarier than a psycho Marine is a primal Other... or a former torturer for the Iraqi Republican Guard.
• Malcolm David Kelley has really grown up! I’ve been saying for a couple of years that there’s no way they can continue to show Walt, but now the flashforward allows for that. I was sort of hoping for a little more than what we got, but here’s hoping we see more of him. They can’t just leave Walt’s “specialness” dangling without answering what the hell it’s all about.
• Despite being wrong about the computer button needing to be pushed, the freighter folk, the purpose of the rescue mission, and just about everything else, Mr. High and Mighty (a.k.a. Jack) STILL cannot admit it. Argh.
• Speaking of Scully, when the hell will he admit that maybe, JUST maybe, some of the weirdnesses of the island can’t be explained away? After witnessing smoke monsters and people magically healing, he doesn’t believe in miracles?
• Apparently the raft is running on solar power, since it’s making it to and from the boat repeatedly without refuelling.
• The Orchid station is... deep. It’s like they’re descending into hell. If you haven’t read The Third Policeman – that book Desmond was reading in season 2 – check it out, because a place they have to descend to using elevators plays a big part in it.
• Did anyone else think it was strange that Ben just happened to have the orientation video for the Orchid sitting right there so he could keep Locke busy? That seemed a little convenient for the plot.
• That was not the orientation film we’d already seen on YouTube.
• I’ll have to leave it to the physics experts to describe the Casimir Effect, but you can read about it here.
• Despite Ben often oozing pure evil, there’s something about him that makes me think there’s a heart in there. Even if it’s small and black, there’s a heart. Locke jumps on Keamy after Ben stabs him, and tells Ben that he’s just killed everyone on the boat, to which Ben replies, “So.” His coldness comes across as just that, but I think he’s been broken by Alex’s death.
• Jack takes over even on the helicopter. Shut UP, Jack.
• Hurley’s playing chess with dead people... the entire series is an elaborate chess game.
• Christian appeared to Michael right before the freighter blew up, to tell him he could go now. Apparently the island needed him to come up with the liquid nitrogen idea... presumably to get Sun safely off the freighter. She (or Ji Yeon) must be pretty important. Also, it would suggest Christian is the mouthpiece of the island, since he delivers the message from the island.
• Many of the people who make it back are spurned on because they lost their loved ones due to Widmore’s design: Ben lost Alex; Sun lost Jin; Hurley lost Charlie; Sayid lost Nadia.
• On Sun’s business card, the P in Paik looks like a tidal wave.
• Did anyone else think that Juliet sitting there drinking seemed strange... how did she know the boat had blown up and it wasn’t just something on it? The scene felt forced, like they needed to give Mitchell some lines and this was the way to do it.
• Ben puts on the Dharka he’s wearing at the beginning of “The Shape of Things to Come,” and since, when he lands in Tunisia he’s breathing out polar ice, it would seem he time travels right to that spot immediately after moving the island (note the tear in his jacket happens there, too). Considering he’s sobbing and upset and distraught over Alex, he certainly pulls it together in time to overpower those two Bedouins pretty quickly.
• When Ben was in the snow cave, there were hieroglyphics all over the rocks.
• When Ben moved the turnstile, it made the same noise as when the Swan hatch imploded/exploded. The sky turned purple again (“The sky was so purple there were people running everywhere... trying to run from my destruction, you know I didn’t even care.” Great. Now I have that song in my head. “They say two thousand zero zero party over, oops, out of time...” Okay. Enough.) and that deafening sound caused everyone to cover their ears.
• After the helicopter crash, we see Jack floating in the water and waking up, just like after the initial plane crash, we first see Jack waking up.
• In Kate’s dream, the person on the phone was speaking backwards... I can’t wait until fans decipher what it was he was saying.
• John Tenniel’s drawing of the White Rabbit in the Alice books is on Aaron’s bedroom door.
• Jack bristles when Kate says that Aaron surviving that fall is a miracle. There’s something more to that statement other than making Jack feel all superior and sciency... Aaron has survived a LOT of stuff so far and seems completely fine.
• The fishing boat suddenly appearing is like the end of season 1, complete with the little search light.
• Jack has AWESOME musical taste. The Pixies’ “Gouge Away” is one of my favourite songs. Last season he was listening to Nirvana’s Scentless Apprentice on the way to Hoffs-Drawler, and now it’s Gouge Away. Wicked. I heard years ago that this song was about the Old Testament (specifically Samson and Delilah, because Black Francis mentions cutting one’s locks and pulling down the pillars). There’s a line, “sleeping on your belly” which indicates a snake, possibly Locke.
• Locke has become Ben, not only taking over the Others, but travelling off the island under pseudonyms.

So Many Questions...
• What the hell are those crackers made of? They’re 15 years old, yet Hurley and Sawyer both think they’re pretty good. I have opened packages of crackers in my cupboards that probably taste like cardboard, and they’re only a month old. (Yeah... I’m no good with crackers.)
• Why does the orientation video begin to rewind? Is the actual video going back in time? (Was it just me, or did Locke look sped up as he was trying to get it to stop?)
• So, shipper lovers, who do you predict in season 5: Juliet and Sawyer, or Juliet and Dan?
• What DOES Miles mean when he asks Charlotte about coming back to the island? Or when she says she’s looking for where she was born? Was she born on the island? Who is she? Could she be the Eve in the caves?
• Was there a relationship between Dan and Charlotte? (Or maybe there will be in the future, and he knows about it but she doesn’t, and that’s why he always looks at her with such tenderness?)
• Why could Dan see the boat from the island, but they can’t see it from the helicopter? Where is the storm that’s around it that Sayid and Des and crew had to fly through previously?
• What did Sawyer tell Kate right before he jumped out of the helicopter? I’m assuming he told her about his daughter... if so, how long will it take for her to put together that Clementine is the daughter of her friend Cassidy?
• “Checkmate, Mr. Eko.” Again we come back to the earlier question... are the “dead” people really dead or not? Is it possible we’ll ever see Eko again? (I would LOVE to see him again.) That said, Sayid not seeing Eko sitting there would point to him not actually being there. Unless Hurley is the key to the whole thing...
• What does Sun mean when she says “we’re not the only ones who left the island”... is she referring to those who died? Ben? Locke?
• Is Ben’s apology to Locke a sincere one?
• What exactly is that room underneath the Orchid? Jacob’s Fortress of Solitude?
• When the island disappeared, the people on the raft near the island (i.e. Dan and Co.) disappeared, too. Did they go to the same place as the island? How can Desmond be Daniel’s constant if they’re now separated?

Season 5? Bring it ON!
The season 3 ender established flashforwards as the big thing for season 4, but this one had a lot of nods to what we can expect in season 5. (Then again, a four-toed statue was shown in the season 2 finale and... hello? Writers? ANYTHING?!)

• Charlotte staying on the island and continuing her quest to find her birthplace.
• Ben moving the island. Duh.
• Locke taking over as the leader of the Others.
• Sun confronting Widmore.
• The time between 2004 and 2007, with the Bentham meetings.

UPDATE #1: And presumably, the new ARG has begun. This commercial appeared at the end of the U.S. broadcast of the episode.

UPDATE #2: The voice on the phone in Kate’s dream says “The island needs you. You have to go back before it’s too late.” DocArzt has an audio clip here, where you can listen to it played forward (as I suspected, it was reversed in the dream). When I heard it in the episode, I thought maybe it was Locke’s voice, but now listening to it, it’s definitely not him. I’ve listened to it repeatedly and can’t figure out who it could be. Is it a character we’ve already seen or just one of the production crew saying it to throw us off? It’s not deep enough for Christian. I even thought Sawyer, but by the end of the clip it’s not him. The person it sounds most like is the doctor from the freighter, but I don’t think it’s him. Any thoughts?

UPDATE #3: Okay, here's a doozy. Good Morning America this morning aired the two alternate endings for last night's episode, filmed to try to avoid spoilerage. Here they are. Let's just say I fainted at both of them (I'm feeling better now).

UPDATE #4: Eek. Harold Perrineau is NOT happy about Michael's exit from the show. His biggest disappointment stems from the fact there was no happy reunion between Michael and Walt, which he'd been looking forward to:

Perrineau: Listen, if I'm being really candid, there are all these questions about how they respond to black people on the show. Sayid gets to meet Nadia again, and Desmond and Penny hook up again, but a little black boy and his father hooking up, that wasn't interesting? Instead, Walt just winds up being another fatherless child. It plays into a really big, weird stereotype and, being a black person myself, that wasn't so interesting.

He also worries that Michael's return was only meant to satisfy in a Nikki and Paulo kind of way: "I felt like it was sort of pandering to some fans who wanted to see Michael punished because he betrayed people."
You can read the entire interview here.

UPDATE #5: My hope is renewed!!!!!! The always awesome Sledgeweb has a great screencap of the freighter moments before it went kaboom, and there is NO Jin standing on the deck:

Now, I'm not naive. If they really did blow up a freighter for the show, they'd have to be insane to actually have stuntpeople standing on the boat. But in the blind hope that they thought about that and would have added Jin in digitally if they wanted us to think he was really dead, I shall continue to keep my hope burning that he is alive!!

UPDATE #6: DocArzt has posted an audio clip of what Sawyer says to Kate on the helicopter. It's hard to make out, but it sounds like he's saying, "If you go to Albuquerque, could you find her... Thompson." Listen for yourself and see what you can make out.


Robbie said...

I believe Walt was just asking about the lying on his own behalf. It didn't seem to me that it was Jeremy who asked him that. He just changed topics on the spot.

Eric said...

When Charlotte talked about looking for her birthplace, I immediately wondered if she is the girl from Ben's childhood ... If true, then maybe he didn't recognize her because she has a fictitious past. Or, since Miles said it, it means she is a ghost of some kind.

I interpreted Sun's comment about not being the only ones who left as being about Desmond, or maybe Ben.

Brian Douglas said...

Nikki: "Why would they (the Oceanic Six) use his pseudonym?"

Sayid warned Hurley not to say his real name because they were being watched.

Nikki: "Desmond not breathing when everyone pulls him out of the water. Okay, writers? We need to talk. Do NOT do that to me again. I could barely breathe."

I totally thought of you during this scene!

Nikki: "Penny on the boat! But... um... does this mean Desmond’s story is essentially over?"

I hope not.

Nikki: "That was not the orientation film we’d already seen on YouTube."

Cause the YouTube video was the outtakes.

Nikki: "I’ll have to leave it to the physics experts to describe the Casimir Effect, but you can read about it here."

The Casimir Effect is an attractive force between uncharged, electrically conducting surfaces.

Nikki: "How did she know the boat had blown up and it wasn’t just something on it?"

I would think the explosion was much more visible than just the smoke from it.

Nikki: "When Ben was in the snow cave, there were hieroglyphics all over the rocks."

DHARMA seems to build it stations on top of something more ancient sites: the Swan, Ben's house at the Barracks, and the Orchid.

Nikki: "Why does the orientation video begin to rewind? Is the actual video going back in time?"

I thought Locke wanted to rewind to a specific point, but then couldn't get it to stop rewinding once it started.

Nikki: "What DOES Miles mean when he asks Charlotte about coming back to the island?"

Charlotte just became a lot more interesting...well, besides being a hot red-head :-)

Nikki: "Why could Dan see the boat from the island, but they can’t see it from the helicopter?"

Well, the boat is bigger than the helicopter, but still..

Nikki: "Where is the storm that’s around it that Sayid and Des and crew had to fly through previously?"

I was wondering that too. I think when they moved the freighter closer to the island, they moved through the camera. After the island disappeared, the so did the storm.

Nikki: "That said, Sayid not seeing Eko sitting there would point to him not actually being there."

I will add that Sayid has not seen any apparitions on the island. By my count, only Jack (his father), Kate (her horse), Sawyer (Kate's horse), Hurley (Charlie), Locke (Walt), Eko (Yemi), and Ben (his mother) have.

Nikki: "What does Sun mean when she says 'we’re not the only ones who left the island'"

Frank and Desmond is the obvious answer.

Nikki: "Is Ben’s apology to Locke a sincere one?"

Now what I find suspicious about Ben's apology is that he apolgizes for making his LIFE so miserable. That seemed strange for someone who supposedly only knew Locke for 2 months.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to make sure that everyone was aware of
Dharma is rebuilding.
Great blog Nikki thanks.
Des and Penny gave me chills.

K J Gillenwater said...

And how will a drugged up Jack who ruined so many lives convince anyone to trust him again, much less try to find the island with him?

Should make for an interesting Season 5. Why is Kate having dreams about NOT taking Aaron back? Should we be worried as to what might happen when they return? It would seem that it would be *good* for them to go back, right? So I'm not sure what to make of Kate's dream and her fear of going back.

If bad things happened on the island after they left, I'm almost afraid to find out what happened to Sawyer and the others.

And Sawyer jumping out of that helicopter was pure romance hero! Sigh. I love him.

Amazing 2 hours.

Nikki Stafford said...

Eric: I thought exactly the same thing!! I wondered if this could be Annie... i'm convinced we're going to see her at some point.

Kristin: And how about Sawyer emerging from the ocean? :::drool::: If I were Juliet, I would have wondered if it was the rum, or did my dreams just come true?? ;)

Ludz said...

As Eric did, when Miles asked about Charlotte I also thought about Charlotte being Annie.....
We never do know what happens to Annie. If she had left the island before the purge and her parents or who ever she was with could of died and then she could of been adopted and therefore given a different name and Ben might have just thought she had died. Or maybe he does know and he wanted to protect to by not saying anything. Knowing that if his enemies knew he loved her then they would hurt her. Also, when she freaks out about seeing the polar bear with the Dharma collar, maybe the real reason she was shocked was the Dharma logo....and perhaps it made her remember more about her birthplace.

Anonymous said...

Nikki Said: • What the hell are those crackers made of? They’re 15 years old, yet Hurley and Sawyer both think they’re pretty good. I have opened packages of crackers in my cupboards that probably taste like cardboard, and they’re only a month old. (Yeah... I’m no good with crackers.)

If you noticed from the last episode when Ben found the tin. Ben wanted the mirror, Locke used the binoculars, Hurley received crackers.
When I was growing up, we put our Saltines in metal containers not in cardboard boxes like today and they kept for like ever. (Of course I never tried 15 years :) )

As for last week, I told others (not the others) where your new home was Nikki.

P.S. I am glad Des did not die, but he was kissing another woman. (Sorry Nikki)

Anonymous said...

oh god, my head is spinning! where to begin, where to begin?

i had the same thought as you, nikki, that when dan and charlotte were talking about her leaving the island and she mentioned wanting to find the place she was born (??) that someone, it would tie in to her being the eve skeleton (or a descendent of).

i was SO sure ben was going to be the one in the coffin -- i literally jumped and said "aaah!" when i heard him speaking to jack in the mortuary! i was NOT expecting locke to be the one, that totally floored me.

i thought walt asking why everyone had to lie had more to do with the whole plane crash/island thing and less to do with locke pretending to be bentham. locke told them to lie, yes, but walt didn't know that, did he? i just assumed he was confused by the whole cover-up and hurt that no one came to see him (that was the first inkling i had that michael was going to die ... he didn't really mention his father -- i knew michael was a goner for sure when christian appeared. he's like the angel of death or something!).

i was in denial after sun's flashforward that jin was REALLY going to die, but ... yep. looks like. and i am in total agreemet that it made no sense that desmond, the soldier and the guy with the bomb experience, would bolt and leave jin, father-to-be, downstairs with the C4. WTF? very contrived.

clare visiting kate in the future was creepy. we STILL don't know if she's alive or not. was that a vision? was she really there?

i was miffed at first that it seemed like richard was the one to take out keamy, but then i realised the boat didn't explode when he was "shot", so he couldn't really be dead. it was only fitting (and brutally violent!) that ben do the deed. and his coldhearted "so?" when locke reminded him of the freighter sent chills up my spine.

yunjin kim's performance when she saw the boat explode broke my heart. so amazing. i interpreted her "we're not the only ones who left" as referring to des and frank (that was a good twist! the whole time des was in the helicopter / lifeboat, i kept saying to myself, "but you're NOT one of the O6! what are you doing there? you're not supposed to be there!"

(same with when sawyer was in the helicopter, too. and when he jumped ... ohh ... i would love to know what he said to kate, i couldn't make it out. i was thinking he told her he loved her, but you're right, it was probably about clementine.)

still on sawyer: i think a juliet and sawyer hookup could be interesting, just because of the ramifications for jack and kate.

when hurley said "checkmate, mr eko", it sent chills up my spine. i was sort of hoping dominic monaghan would be in the other seat as his chess partner, though. :)

did they recreate the first scene -- the extension of the season 3 finale scene with jack and kate -- or do you think that was shot at the time the original scene was shot, a year ago? i know with some shows, if the first scene / episode of a new season picks up immediately where the last scene / episode of the previous season left off, sometimes they continue to shoot the new scenes at the same time, for continuity's sake. i'm not necessarily saying they did that here, just curious. it seemed like a very accurate recreation, having just watched the season 3 finale again recently.

i assumed the boat explosion was big enough that juliet would have seen it from the island, and that she was drinking to drown her sorrows at the assumption that they all died. it did feel a little contrived, yes, but i thought it worked.

how can jack say he doesn't believe in miracles when he's survived the initial plane crash? not to mention all the things he's seen/done on the island, not to mention the helicopter crash?

LOVED that sayid took keamy down. heh. takes a solider to beat a soldier.

so, okay, the island's "moved" (i'm still not sure how i feel about that ... it felt a little too doug henning for me ...), and i need a recap of who is on it: rose, bernard, locke, juliet, sawyer, charlotte, miles ... yes? am i missing anyone? i can't for the life of me remember where daniel was at the end of the episode. on the island? after his convo with charlotte, didn't he leave? wasn't he on the boat when it blew? or was he still on the island? i'm having a total mental block and it's only been 1.5 hours!

do we still think walt = abbadon?

so, whom do we think is the other person sun holds responsible for jin's death? keamy? (because he planted the C4) jack? (because he (and kate, i guess) prevented her from going to get jin) ben? widmore? herself? i couldn't believe she didn't even get to say goodbye ... that was heartbreaking. one minute he tells her to go upstairs, the next minute ... "boom!" indeed. :(

the most intriguing thing about this whole episode to me is that, prior to this, i always assumed it was ben, widmore or oceanic who concocted the whole lie the O6 had to tell the world. instead, we discover it's one they came up with themselves and it isn't a nefarious conspiracy theory as much as it is a protective device for the people they left behind.

so we're to assume that the majority of the background losties who survived the initial plane crash, survived life on the island and then were ferried to the boat died? man. sucks to be them.

i drew the parallel between ben turning that wheel-thingie and the hatch imploding at the end of season 2, too. could there be some sort of connection? penny's boat coming to rescue them reminded me of the fishing boat coming to "rescue" walt, jin, sawyer and michael at the end of season 1, too.

is it 2009 yet??

Anonymous said...

Okay, Ben says (and this is Ben, so let's not put too much faith in this) that to get back to the island, the O6 -- and Locke's corpse, eww -- need to go together.

Assuming for a moment this is true, Jack and Sayid are with Ben now, and Hurley likely won't need much convincing. Kate won't go willingly, though, and I look forward to seeing that confrontation very much. Sun is the wildcard. What's her plan? What "common interests" does she want Widmore's help with?

Karole said...

My question is, Why doesn't Desmond have to go back? Why only the 6? He was on the island longer than the 6. So if they have to take Locke's body back then again why not Desmond? Am I missing something?

Brian Douglas said...

fb: Daniel was enroute to the freighter with a second batch of prisoners when it blew. Only 3-4 background Losties died in that explosion. Also, Jack indicated that Sun blamed him for Jin's death in his chat with Ben.

karole: Desmond doesn't have to go back because he's not "special." I'm not sure all the O6 have to go back either, just the "special" ones like Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Aaron.

Ludz said...

The person on the phone tells Kate, "the island needs you. you have to go back before its too late."

which she probably understood and is the reason she tells Aaron "Im Sorry" because she now knows she has to go back even though Claire tells her not to take him.

Nikki: "What does Sun mean when she says 'we’re not the only ones who left the island'"

She most likely means Ben, because by now she might know that Charles is looking for Ben and therefore since shes upset about JIn's death and blames someone about it she might be thinking of asking Widmore for something if she gives information about Ben. Or she might believe that Jin isnt dead and still on the island. Perhaps thinking about going back with the help of Widmore, which would be the common interest finding the island.

yet this might be what prompts her to go back with the oceanic 6 in the future....

Perhaps, Desmond's "job" at the island has been completed. He was destined to push the button and now that thats over with the island might not need him anymore.
and for some reason the other 6 plus Locke still need to do something.
Or it could be Ben's way of manipulating Jack to convince Kate to take Aaron back to the island. Being that Aaron is really the one who the island wants.

Unknown said...

I think Sun was referring to Ben. If Locke had been meeting with all of them, he may have told her what happened. That would explain her common interest with C. Widmore, and if Penny is dead by this point, would explain it even further.

Desmond gone? Not as long as Widmore is still around. Desmond would have some explaining to do as to where he's been the past few years.

Anonymous said...

I think that Sun is referring to Jack, everyone said it and I didn't understand it, but Jack clearly tells Ben that Sun blames him for something, doesn't finish, but I think its clear that its a connection to what she said to her father. (But this is Lost, so whats clear might just be a total misdirection) but given how Jack refused to let the helicopter wait or go back for Jin, then they she certainly could conceivably blame Jack. Although I still don't see how Jack rates ahead of Widmore(via Keamy) or Ben, I mean Jack didnt cause the explosion. But I think that comment to Paik was referring to Jack.

I still hope Jin's alive though...because if not, there aren't too many 815 Losties left to go back for. I mean I guess they'd want to go back for Juliet, and maybe even the Freighters, but the only original passengers left on the Island are Locke, who almost doesnt count as he is meant to be there, Sawyer, Rose and Bernard.

And a totally random guess at something, doesn't the obituary for Benthem say he has a teenage son? Walt? could he somehow adopt him??

One final thought though on Locke/Benthem in the coffin, there's a definite connection to bringing him back to the island in a coffin/deceased state and Christian Shepard's arrival on the island after he had died in Australia.

KeepingAwake said...

Here's a link to the phone call:

Anyone else think that sounds like Locke?

When Sun referred to other people having left the island, I thought she was including Widmore. Made total sense to me--that's why he has to send henchmen onto the island, because he has moved it before and can't return. Anyone with me on this?

KeepingAwake said...

Oops, the link didn't post correctly:

Anonymous said...

Hey guys.

I'm still wiping the rug fibers off my lip from last night's episode.

OK. Let's get into it:

Jeremy Bentham. They fooled me, because i just knew that this would be Ben ("ben"tham) and here it turns out to be Locke. Now, as far as him not using his "real" name when he visited the "survivors" in the "real world", i'm gonna have to go ahead and contribute this to john's edict about lying to everyone about all island related happenings. i mean, john locke, to the world view, is fish food with all the rest of oceanic 815 (has anyone mentioned those are hurley's numbers as well, or that THIS particular combination of numbers seems to pop up more than anything else?), so even in the presence of his friends, i think john would be posing as bentham and insist the others (no, not THE others) call him that as well. i was truly surprised by that reveal, people, seeing the "commander" in the pinebox and not ben...and damn Jack's beard looks fake as hell, but hey, i'm not the one in charge of props and make-up.

the island going all ameila earheart. was it me, or did the SFX team get the water ripples all wrong on this? seems if a massive land mass like an island just poofed and vanished, the water would come rushing IN to fill the sudden hole, not to mention the air rushing in theoretically would cause something akin to a thunder clap. i dunno, maybe i missed something on that one.

ben moving the island. um, really? and with a frickin' frozen wooden "godwheel"? people, please! are we just gonna accept that? assuming that the island had been moved before, why is it that benny boy had to wreck the vault to get to it? i mean, if it had been used before, then wouldn't the vault ALREADY have been wrecked? i don't think they would have wrecked it and then rebuilt it just to screw with everyone, but hey, i'm an outsider, what do i know? something's up with that...just like ben admitting to john that whoever moves the island can never go back. bulldukey. ben's a damn liar and he would never ever knowingly rob himself of a way of getting back to the island!!! HOW MANY TIMES TO I HAVE TO TELL YOU, JOHN?!?!? I ALWAYS HAVE A PLAN!!! remember those words, fellow viewers....benny's up to something....i'm still not convinced he's not the bad guy in all this.

sayid stomping on keamy was the business last night!!! i have no love for the empire, but sayid is the man!!

claire seemed a little chunky in kate's dream last night. apparently three years means some good meals down the road somewhere in new new otherton.

christian is creepy. is dude death?

i think john has to go back to the island to be alive again, or maybe he's already dead and this is all a big giant story about different aspects of his personality in the throes of a death acceptance (another popular web theory). Maybe John Locke is really santa claus, the vault is the north pole and jack doesn't believe in miracles because he's the easter bunny's really mean cousin. (and what the hell happened to jack's tattoos last episode in one of the flash forwards? anybody else catch that?)

All i got for now, but i will be back to convince you that all the others (yeah, THE others) all have four toes in them beat-up boots they wear.

Checkmate, Mr. Eko.

I'm out.


Anonymous said...!!!
As much as Season 3 finale was a jawdropper, more psychologically than this year, the action sequences, acting and how everything came together this year were absolutely spectacular. As usual you've hit on many points as the expert Lostie!

Favorite moments:
-Its gotta be Yunjin Kim's performance and reaction to Jin's "death". Can we say Emmy reel??? I put death in quotes because I think Jin had enough time to react, he knew the bomb was about to go off, he saw the copter taking off, the question is did he jump in the water in time. I hope so...if not the Oceanic 6 really don't have much to go back and save. I think Claire is dead, and Michael is also dead with Jacob/Christian letting him go.
- also how about Sun in bitch mode? Yowza! I hope they turn her into the female Sayid next season! I love her like this!
- the moment I realized what Darlton meant by the "Frozen Donkey Wheel". Not quite as enigmatic as "Snake in the Mailbox". I was literally a frozen wheel LOL
- Ben exacting revenge for Alex
- Hurley's priceless look when Lapidus said they need to lose 200 pounds!
- the final reveal of Locke in the coffin, I figured that he would be the one who would create the most drama and buzz during the off season
- Penny and Desmond reunion, although she wasn't as happy as I would have expected?
- Sawyer finally accepting his fate and becoming a self sacrificing hero...boy he's come a long way! (and take a cold shower Nikki LOL)
- how everything tied up and came full circle with Jack and Kate at the airport

- Juliet just sat there with her rum, it seems like she didn't even care about getting off the island even before the tanker blew, that doesn't seem consistent with her character
- as much as Ben will be touted as a "hero" in the future, is it just me or has he just done too much evil stuff to be forgiven?
- Charlotte as Annie? I thought so, but there would be have to be a lot of weird amnesia going on
- I don't understand why Sun blames Jack, what did she expect them to do when the copter had nowhere to land? Even Lapidus was saying they couldn't go back. But I do see that Jack was wrong to just take off without trying to look for Jin. Bad Bad Doctor!
- I understand sort of why O6 had to lie, but to me it is kind of weak how Jack suddenly came to this realization on the liferaft. Not many people on the island left to protect if they think everyone blew up on the ship, so to me, it was a little bit of a plot convenience
- Locke was SO against leaving the island, so WHY?
- if Claire is a manifestation of the island, why does Zombie Claire not want Kate to take Aaron? Doesn't the island want ALL of them to go back?

Here's hoping for next season:
- Jin is alive and kicking, and Sun only thinks he's dead
- Jack finally stops his bossy behaviour and realizes that he COULD be wrong sometimes!
- Locke is resurrected like Spock in Star Trek on Genesis!
- perhaps they can finally do a season in real time as we have finally caught up to the future this season
- they revisit Walt and his mysterious powers

All in all, I loved this season as much as the first season. Its a pity so many gave up on it. Hope you can post a few more posts about this season before you lay it to rest, I'm already in withdrawal Nikki!

Anonymous said...

I thought that Sun was referring to Desmond. When the O6 were leaving Penny's boat, Jack said to Desmond, "Don't let him find you." I assumed that Jack was referring to Widmore and that Penny and Des are now hiding somewhere in their own little Paradise. Widmore probably has a suspicion (or maybe real knowledge) that Des got off the island and Sun was confirming it.

Anonymous said...

I'm still so lost in "Lost". I nearly had a heart attack when Sawyer jumped. The whole kiss scene was very sexy, then him coming out of the
Sun did a great job reacting to the explosion. I'm going to have to rewatch the entire season to try to understand everything.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking a few things after watching the finale. Now that time travel will become a player in the show, I think that:

Charlotte is the love child of Sawyer and Juliette.

Miles will end up being a decendant of Jin and Sun's baby (if not the actual baby)

Charles Widmore has 4 toes on his foot and that is a statue of him.

Jack and the other MUST go back to the island. Jack's beard however, must stay.

Sayid must re-think using the hair straightener. What was the deal with his quaff when he gets Hurley out of the institution?

Jeremy bentham is an anagram for Amber Hymen Jet. I don't quite know what that means yet, but am sure that it will be explained next year.

alxmnslv said...

I think no one has mention the fact that Jack is going to have to take a coffin with a dead guy inside to the island again, only this time is Locke. The Octagon Global Recruiting thing is a nice touch, looks like this time Sun is behind the DHARMA initiative as well.

Nikki Stafford said...

Brian: Did Ben throwing all of that metallic stuff into the room have anything to do with the Casimir effect, or was it just him attempting to blow a hole in the wall, much like if you throw tinfoil in a microwave?

Ludi: Good points. I immediately thought Annie, but then I thought, Ok, if I say one more person is Annie I'm going to have things thrown at me. I think I've speculated that about 3 or 4 women on the show -- including Rousseau -- have been Annie, so I was drawing the line. That said, I'm still thinking it was Annie...

Jonni Bravo: I am SO going to invest in a tin. ;)

I'm OK with Des kissing another woman. I just imagine it's me. ;) But seriously, I LOVE the romance between him and Penny, and I really loved the ending of it there. I just hope that's not them tying up his character.

fb: I assumed Desmond was going to get away somehow and hide, because he would just blend in. He wasn't on the flight, so he could easily slip away somehow and not be tagged as an Oceanic survivor. But MAN, I thought they were going to kill him off... now that I'd had a night to digest it, I realize there's no way they would have done that. It would have left his character dangling in a way they don't do on this show. They at least wrap it up somehow. It's more likely he would have been reunited with Penny and then shot in the back of the head. ;)

I'm assuming whatever it is Sawyer is saying is the favour that he asked of Kate, because we see this is the last time he sees her, and then he says, "Promise me?" as if he was asking it, and then later she says to Jack that he asked her to do something right before they parted.

I definitely don't think that opening scene was shot last season... there's no way the writers would have given that kind of information to the two actors. Maybe I'm wrong, but I really think they had to recreate it. I'll check with a couple of sources and see what they say.

When the island moves, Dan is in the lifeboat with some of the background peeps. On the island are the people you mentioned, plus Claire (somewhere in the woods with Christian), and some more background peeps, and the Others.

I think the other person responsible for Jin's death is Jack. Jack actually says to Kate in one scene that Sun blames him for Jin's death.

Not That JJ: I'm thinking the same thing: could Sun be the rift in the O6 that prevents them from getting back? It would be interesting if she actually works against them trying to exact revenge for them leaving Jin behind (though we know she holds no bad feelings against Hurley, because he comes to see Ji Yeon) and then when they finally drag her back, Jin is there. Wee!! ;) (Yes, I'm holding out hope here...)

Karole: I agree with Brian, I think Desmond is just a pawn in the game, and not a key player. He wasn't on the flight, and wasn't destined to be there. He's simply a connection to Widmore, which, hopefully, will make him more important in the upcoming episodes.

Anonymous said...

I think there were a lot of people who got off the island (Desmond, Walt, Ben, and wtf Locke) that they could have been referring to. Probably to all of them.

So, The Island is a Tardis, the Orchid Station is the console room and Richard is a Time Lord. Instead of wheezing and groaning, this Tardis whispers. It all makes sense now.

When I think of Jeremy Bentham, I think of the very nice Doctor Who historian I met at a convention. Hmmmm....

Thanks for the link to Octagon Recruiting. It so happens that I'll be in San Diego that weekend. I wonder how their benefits package is...

Anonymous said...

more thoughts:

- so the O6 secret is actually known by quite a few more people in the 'real world' than just the O6: frank (didn't see that one coming), penny, desmond, ben, widmore, walt (and possibly his grandmother?). interesting. in my experience/opinion, the more people you tell about a secret, the less likely it is to remain one ...

- continuing along that line, does that mean ALL of them (at least, those who were on the island) have to go back, or just the O6?

- really interesting reading everyone's differing opinions about whom sun was referring to. i thought about it some more, and could it be possible that she blames ben for jin's death? it's a bit of a stretch, but presumably, the capture of ben is the reason the freighter exists in the first place, so maybe her common interest with widmore is that they both want ben dead? i can't see her referring to desmond, as he's done nothing to her (unless she somehow blames him for jin's death, because he left jin to go upstairs, but how would she know that?), so why would she want to turn him in to widmore?

- what happened to vincent!? is he still on the island with juliet, sawyer and co.?

- what's interesting is that we now know locke dies (or does he?), we just don't know how. or when. it's like his wheelchair-inducing accident all over again, where we were waiting and waiting to figure out how he wound up paralysed. now we'll be waiting and waiting to find out how he dies. it's also interesting because he was so dead set against going off the island, and yet now we know he's visited the O6 on different occasions and is very much off the island in that coffin!

- with regards to the obituary and his teenage son -- when the obit was first published last year, i remember wondering if the whole teenage son thing was possibly a red herring to throw people off the deceased's true identity (as the only person we knew with a possible teenage son was michael, and that just seemed too obvious). if the name of the deceased was obviously fake, then why wouldn't it stand to reason that some of the details in the obit were fake, too? i mean, does anyone really think "jeremy" hung himself at his apartment in NYC? so if that's fabricated as part of a cover story, then i could see the teenage son being fabricated, too. the more intriguing question to me is why is there an obit for "jeremy" in the first place? was it placed in the paper as a hiding-in-plain-sight code to the O6 that locke had died? if so, then why lie about him having a teenage son? (unless he knocked up the katey segal character at some point and we never heard about it, haha!)

- i think the one thing that could convince kate to go back to the island is that she might believe there's a faint hope that sawyer is alive and made it back there. i can see her never wanting to go back and being the holdout against jack, but if she somehow thought sawyer's life was in danger if she DIDN'T go, that might change her mind (and continue the never-ending jack / kate / sawyer saga). after all, darlton did say they know who she winds up with in the end, right?

- i'm having a hard time following the charlotte-as-annie concept (wouldn't ben have recognised her? i can't remember if he has even seen her at this point, though ...) but i guess it could be possible if someone wiped her mind clean.

- in hindsight, the michael and jin deaths weren't as shocking to me as, say, charlie's death last year, mostly because i didn't see charlie's coming, but jin's had been foretold earlier in the season (that said, we still didn't know how/when he would die, and it still broke my heart ... nikki, i'm with you and hanging on to a faint hope that he's somehow still alive) and michael's almost seemed like a given, now that he fulfilled his destiny.

- my biggest complaint / problem / issue / frustration with this season is still rousseau. i feel like her story was left untold (yeah, okay, she was reunited with her daughter, but STILL. what about her past on the island???). i really, really wanted a flashback for her, and we never got one. we even had 4 mini flashbacks for charlotte, dan, frank and miles, and yet ... none for rousseau (or libby, for that matter -- huh). i feel cheated. :(

- nikki, you're probably right about the first jack/kate scene not being recreated, but man, they really did a good job with continuity there!

Anonymous said...

I have 2 questions I can't figure out:
1. How come that Jin died? when they show him alive in the flashforward earlier in this season (when Sun gets her baby), and they visit his grave later in the same episode. How can he have his own grave, assuming that he actually died on the boat??? Which he obviously didn't because they showed him alive, but he was hiding from Sun for some reason.
2. And how come that Richard visits John (in the 12th episode)as a 5 year old kid, and now looks the same after 40 years. He havent aged a bit. This is weird and kinda dumb from the writers.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning America said that they were going to play the other 2 altenate endings they filmed for last nights episode. I think I missed them did anyone else see them? Can I find them online?

Anonymous said...

I think I can clear up all of Sun's remarks. The other person she blames for Jin's death is Ben, who by stabbing Keamy, blew up the boat (sure she might blame Jack, Frank, etc, to some degree, but ultimately, Ben is really to blame) Also, in talking to Widmore, she said something about them not being the only ones to get off. This has to be a reference to Ben, who Widmore is locked in an epic, time-traveling duel with. She hates Ben, and would be willing to help Widmore "get" him. Makes for great plot.

My big question comes from the extended scenes shown of Part 1. Jack mentions that Boone, Libby, and Charlie survived for a time (I don't remember exactly what he said about their deaths, but it seemed pretty consistent with what happened.) Why these three? That is a huge mystery as far as I am concerned.

DanM said...

Didn't you think that it was a pretty big clue when Ben said when you move the island you can't return? My theory is that Widmore was the last one to move the island and has been trying to get back ever since. So, by moving the island you don't where it's gone.

So glad that Charlotte will be back next season. She is simply a stunner with those flowing red locks and bright blue eyes. You can bet that old dog Sawyer will be making a play.

LOST obviously has become a metaphor for all the characters and their redemption but especially Jack. The island was trying to save him from himself and his being raised in a dysfunctional family. ACOA's know what I'm talking about. Man, does Jack need a 12 step program or what? While he remains off the island he is truly "LOST".

Crackedout said...

What an amazing season!!!!

Here are a couple of thoughts/questions:

If Locke's dead then who's the Others head honcho now? Was he replaced, jsut like he replaced Ben?

Is Locke off of the island because he had to move it again?

What's up with Sun and Widmore? Does she hold him responsible for Jin's death? Is she attempting to get closer to him so she can kill him? Or does she want to help him get Ben? Does she know that Ben killed Keamy which led to the destruction of the boat? Does that mean that she was also visited by Jeremy Benthem? Aside from Ben, Locke is the only one who knows what happened down in the Orchid.

Why does Miles, who seems to be driven by money, elect to stay on the island? Since he can commune with ghosts, can he also commune with the isalnd? Is that how he knows about Charlotte?

Is it possible that the people aboard the freighter were transported back to the island before it explodes? Maybe this is what Christan means by "You can go now."

Jack begins the series by trying to get everyone off the island and aparently will end it trying to get everyone back on the island.

When Ben says everyone has to go back, does this include Walt and Desmond?

Anonymous said...

Was Ben "falling" down "Jacob's ladder" on his way to move the island???

myselfixion said...

I think that Aaron is Jacob. Also, new seasons can now be set in present time with flashbacks to the island so the whole cast can return...everybody!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great post as usual! So I'm totally mindf*cked after the season finale and there are just so many questions and comments...

Yunjin Kim's performance on the helicopter was hands down awesome.

Orchid Vault = World's most expensive and hidden microwave?! Ben must have been a little mischievous in his own kitchen in his earlier days. Was it just me, or do you guys think the "vault" was just a front for the "frozen donkey wheel"?

Des after being resuscitated: "Why does my mouth taste like a faith-fearing doctor?"

After last night's finale, doesn't all of Jack's actions throughout the series [so far] seem to be more self-serving?

Did anyone else pick up on how Ben tells Locke he's sorry for making his life so miserable? I don't want to jump the gun, but does he mean since he got onto the island, or does he mean his entire existence since birth? Or take it EVEN farther and say BEFORE birth, as in, "I'm sorry I hit your mom with a car when you were still inside her womb while I was time traveling in the giant microwave." [okay, maybe that's a stretch, but do any of our theories sound implausible in the realm of Lost anyway?]

...after further thought on this, I retract my theory of Ben running over Locke's mom, and submit that it was one of the time traveling bunnies that did it.

Did Jeremy Bentham/Locke have the scar on his eye when the camera panned overhead for the reveal? Then again, the mortuary could have done some makeup on the body to cover it up to make him look proper for his burial (don't they usually do that?).

Also... since death means absolutely next to NOTHING on Lost, I theorize that Locke may have caught onto this business and purposefully killed himself to move onto the plane of existence that Charlie, Christian, Claire, etc. have been residing.

Also... good thing there wasn't an explosion after Ben turned the "frozen donkey wheel". Otherwise we would have seen a naked Ben coming face to face with some Bedouins in the desert.

The last time I saw an intense gas pumping scene like that was in Romeo + Juliet [with Leonardo DiCaprio]. Anyone else have any thoughts on intense gas pumping scenes?

Thanks again for these awesome Lost posts that you do Nikki, and your non-Lost posts that are just as awesome!

Anonymous said...

Wow Seven, How long have you been watching....Here are some answers...
Seven said...

I have 2 questions I can't figure out:
1. How come that Jin died? when they show him alive in the flashforward earlier in this season (when Sun gets her baby), and they visit his grave later in the same episode. How can he have his own grave, assuming that he actually died on the boat??? Which he obviously didn't because they showed him alive, but he was hiding from Sun for some reason.

-In the episode you are referring to, Jin's 'story' was a flashback and Sun's 'story' was a flashforward. The writer's messed with us as we are were used to seeing flashforwards up to this point in the season.

2. And how come that Richard visits John (in the 12th episode)as a 5 year old kid, and now looks the same after 40 years. He havent aged a bit. This is weird and kinda dumb from the writers.

-This is one of the mysteries of Richard. He appeared to Ben as a boy as well and looked the same in Ben's flashback. The writers (creators) do have some direction. We must all be patient. I know I have for 4 seasons!

Anonymous said...

I just watched the alternate endings that you posted on the update...

HAHA, those were totally meant for you Nikki! They wanted to freak you out so bad!

Brian Douglas said...

Nikki: "Did Ben throwing all of that metallic stuff into the room have anything to do with the Casimir effect, or was it just him attempting to blow a hole in the wall, much like if you throw tinfoil in a microwave?"

Metal is a conductor and would be subject to the Casimir effect. How this works exactly is a little beyond my knowledge though.

anonymous: "Jack mentions that Boone, Libby, and Charlie survived for a time.... Why these three? That is a huge mystery as far as I am concerned."

Boone used the radio in the Beachcraft (although Bernard replied, so why wasn't he included as well?). Charlie contacted Penny from the Looking Glass. It is posible others heard (or would hear in Boone's case) these communications as well. As for Libby...well, Clair did right a note via carrier pigeon, so that might have needed a woman who wasn't available for handwriting analysis. They didn't want to use Clair herself though because having a pregnent woman survive might cast suspicions on Aaron.

IMHO, they should have gone with Shannon over Libby. They probably didn't want any of the 8 survivors to be related because they THOUGHT that would be improbable, but it's actually more unlikely that none of the survivors were related or at least travelling together. Sort of like how if you have 20-something people in the room, odds are really good at least 2 of them have the same birthday, and that there are some people who win the lottery more than once.

myselfixion: "I think that Aaron is Jacob."

I think he is Jacob (reincarnated) too.

Brian Douglas said...

A bit off topic, but this web comic strip has a Lost reference in it:

Unknown said...

Nikki: "...Did anyone else think that Juliet sitting there drinking seemed strange... how did she know the boat had blown up and it wasn’t just something on it? The scene felt forced, like they needed to give Mitchell some lines and this was the way to do it..."

Actually I found that scene very appropriate for Juliette. When I saw the Freighter explode I immediatley thought of her...What would her reaction be when she saw the Freighter explode? We all know that she wanted to get off the Island really really really BAD! And she knew that the freighter had blown up cos she saw it explode, as I recall the freighter in this episode was very close to the island and you could actually see it from the island.

Also I'm sure that Jin is still alive: he knew that the boat was going to explode, he was standing at the far end of the poop deck (also the poop deck was the last to explode: first the mid section of the boat exploded and then, after a few seconds, the rest went up in flames). Now imagine that you were standing at the end of the poop deck, the ocean in front of you, flames running from behind you...wouldn't you jump of the friggin' ship? Also as I already mentioned, the freighter was very close to the island, so it would not be impossible for Jin to swim back (Although I'm not sure how the now-missing-Island would fit in with this theory).

Nikki Stafford said...

Me again!

Don: I agree that it plays into the fact that John needs to have a low profile, but it's hard to suddenly refer to someone by another name when you've always known then by a different. I find it strange that not once did Kate say, "Oh come ON, Jack, you wanted me to go to LOCKE'S funeral? How crazy are you?!" But obviously it had to be done that way to build up the cliffhanger, or, you know, it's kind of giving it away in the first 2 minutes.

Interesting point on the island and wave motions! In the Orchid orientation video that was online, the rabbit suddenly popped away like he wasn't there, so I wonder if the island pops, then it's not like it's being sucked down or up, it's just gone?

Actually, I loved the frozen donkey wheel, though I know a lot of people won't. It felt like a clock turning (which would play into the time travel). I've seen someone say that it's like the thing you turn to pull up anchor, as if he's pulling up the island's anchor in time and space and rendering it unstable.

Roland: The Claire moment really intrigues me, because on the one hand it was a dream, which should be the manifestation of Kate's psyche, not Claire's, yet at the same time it seemed like a very direct order from the island. Why would Locke insist they all need to go back, but Claire, who is working with Christian, who is the mouthpiece of Jacob, whom Locke reports to, would say the opposite? Intriguing.

Shane: LOL!! Loved your post. And dude, Amber Hymen Jet is SO obvious. I can't believe you haven't figured that one out yet.


alxmnsv: I agree; will Locke still be in the coffin when Jack gets him back? Or does he go from being Ben's successor to Christian's?

fb: I think the insinuation is all of the O6 have to go back, in the same way Michael had to go back... the island isn't done with them yet.

I would hazard a guess that Vincent is actually Jacob, running the whole thing. ;)

I definitely think the entire obit was a red herring... which kind of pisses me off, actually.

downthehatch said...

Did anyone notice the extra scene in the rerun where we find out the 3 that survived the crash yet died before rescue? Boone, CHarlie and Libby. Why those 3?

The Chapati Kid said...

Great wrap-up Nikki! I'm still digesting what happened last night. I spent most of the two hours with my hand over my mouth, and the rest wiping tears from my eyes with the edge of my quilt. Then I had a dream about it after I went to bed. Jin! Oh Jin! The way he was jumping up and down on that landing deck...

If the island's surrounding area was wide enough to have the "move" affect the sea (and it probably is, since remember how Desmond took his ship and took off for like, days, only to find himself back on the island again?), then it could be that when the island moved, it took the sinking freighter with it. And if Jin jumped off that ship, he's probably gone with the island and is alive. We can hope.

Question: When most people are trying to unload weight while in the sea, they take off what's heaviest first: shoes, jeans, etc. Why does Sawyer take off his shirt and not his pants? :-)

Question: Okay, let's accept the island has actually physically moved to another part of the planet, and is not merely cloaked from the naked eye by some time-space jiggerypokery, then it could be just about anywhere. In fact, what if the island lands up somewhere in the Artic, or Antarctic? These island people are going to freeze to death. Especially Sawyer.

WAAAAALT! He's GOT to be a big player in the coming season. I want to see a dead animals - dead people showdown between him and Myles.

Michael - I don't blame Perrineau for being pissed off. And he does have a point about the black characters in this show. They are all dead, with the exception of Rose, who is hardly ever there. And there's the mysterious Abaddon, but we don't know much about him, do we? But he did his part brilliantly. His dismissal by Christian was so terse, and yet so meaningful. I thought it was one of the standalone moments in the show, no matter how brief it was. Perrineau thinks his death was to satisfy fan bloodlust, but I'm hard -pressed to believe that fans of the show wanted to see him dead or killed as punishment. We didn't care half as much about Anna Lucia and Libby as we did about his predicament. And I think fans understood that his character, as a father, would do absolutely anything to save his child. What do you think, Nikki? Was is a perverse way to appease fans?

Do you think Sun's on Ben's side? Could it be that he's asked her to play Widmore for him? She blames her father and Jack says she blames him. If she is referring to Des when she talks about them not being the only people who left the island, do you think that would go against her character? After all, would she hand over Des to Widmore in exchange for vengeance after all he did for them on the island? I'm inclined to agree with those who think that she's referring to Ben, and with her resources, she somehow knows he's back.

Will Locke be resurrected a la Christian Shepherd on the island? Perhaps Michael will be too?

Do you think Claire died in that bomb blast when Sawyer found her? Would that explain why her ghost shows up to haunt Kate? (A la Christian Shepherd.) And why she's sitting in the cabin with Shepherd? I mean, if she was alive, would she really just abandon her child like that, no matter how convinced she was about whatever it was that Christian told her? I highly doubt it, but then, I have no kids. So if Claire's dead, then EVERYONE locked up in that house saw her ghost before Keamy killed Alex. AND she carried her own child before being called away by Christian.

EW made an interesting point about how we've always thought about Locke as the epitome of faith and Jack as the epitome of reason, but after this episode we could also consider them as the epitomes of flawed faith and flawed reason due to the extremes to which they take their beliefs.

Locke looked really tanned and plump in that casket. Lots of orange makeup.

I still don't get why they would call him Jeremy Bentham even when they're in private (like when Jack calls Kate to meet him). I mean, they're blabbing out loud about going back and seeing dead people, but they can't use his name? Something's up here.

The Chapati Kid said...

Widmore - I'm inclined to agree with some of the posters here. Perhaps Widmore turned that donkey wheel in the past and lost the island. It would explain how he knows about the Black Rock ship (when he's buying the captain's log in the auction), and possibly, how he knows Ben (because they met and fell in love on the island). Widmore is to Ben as Ben is to Locke.

So, what's the Desmond-Widmore story? It can't be COINCIDENCE that Desmond ends up on the very island that Widmore's been looking for, can it? He asked Des to do the race almost like Jason was asked to find the Golden Fleece. The spoils for the victor in this case was Penny. Can it be that Widmore sends Desmond with certain coordinates towards the general area of this island, and then loses him? Also, Penny's not independently wealthy. I'm sure daddy dearest MUST know that she's spending hundreds of thousands of pounds keeping a geomagnetic resonance tracking station in the Antarctic, as well as roaming the high seas in a large fishing boat with a bunch of foreign-language speaking men. I'm sure that would arouse anyone's suspicions, and he's her FATHER, for crying out loud. Do you think he chooses Desmond because he knows that Penny is so tenacious that she WILL find him? At this point, he's also found the general coordinates of the island -- and remember, his directive to Naomi is to bring Penny's photo to the island, thereby triggering the actions that lead to them escaping, and revealing the island's location.

This means:
1. He has known the whole time that Desmond must be on that island as opposed to anywhere else, because he sends Penny's photo.

2. He's counting on Penny looking for her man, and obviously, has given her the wherewithal to set up a tracking system to find him.

3. He's intimately familiar with the island, and the only reason he could know about the Orchid is because he was there.

So I'm with "keepingawake" on this one.

Will we see a Widmore flashback next season?

Anonymous said...

I think that even if Jin was in the water, he's quite possibly dead. I mean, wouldn't the sinking of the freighter cause a huge vortex/suction type effect that would probably drown him?

Anonymous said...

Wow! Some great points here, as usual, and also, as usual, I missed most of the subliminal messages that you folks seem to have no problem noticing! I'm either really unobservant or easily distractd by Desmond, Sawyer and okay, I have to admit it, Richard!!

I did catch the thing about Charlotte, being there before and I immediately thought of Annie, but dismissed it as I thought she was way younger than Ben, but perhaps not!

I LIKED Sayid's smoother hair.

I cried when Des and Penny were reunited.

I won't tell you what I said when I knew Sawyer was okay, and saw him climb out of the surf with wet jeans and no shirt. Mr Darcy, your time has passed!

I'm beginning to enjoy Miles too, I hope we see some of his story next season.

I am still confused as to why John Locke is being referred to as Jeremy Bentham by the O6. I like Nikki's thought that maybe it's not Locke after all, and I just about died alongside Nikki when GMA showed those alternate endings, though why the writers would do that I can't imagine. I don't believe that Jack would have been so bitter if it had been Des or Sawyer in the casket. Locke or Ben would have made perfect sense. Also who is the teenaged son that Jeremy Bentham left behind?

I still want to believe Jin is alive so I will, no-one can stop me!!

In an aside, is anyone else having problems with the word verification to post on this page? Each time I post I have to do it a few times before it accepts my word verifiation, and I know I'm entering the letters correctly.

Anonymous said...

how about Ben's last comment to Locke.."Sorry I ruined your life."

DId that seem like we're missing something there? Was Ben behind the scenes of more then Locke's Island life?

Anonymous said...

I found a clip on youtube that says what sawyer says to kate before he jumps off the helicopter. Here's the link:

BestinShowKeith said...

I apologize if anyone mentioned this already but the writers mentioned in an interview that ABC was not pleased with the four toed statue, as it was "too weird". Then people wonder why David Lynch swore off television after working with ABC a second time (Mulholland Drive).

Anonymous said...

Slithering on his belly, possibly snake equals Locke. I call that bad math. It never ceases to amaze me on how many people don't get Locke, defend Ben and excuse Jack. The funny thing is that it's usually the same people.

Anonymous said...

My question is: who in god's name took the photo of the 06 arriving at the Membata village that was shown at the press conference. I didn't see a single villager with a Minolta slung around his neck. Curious how Oceanic conveniently got a photo of that.

Emilia said...

The alternate endings that appeared on Good Morning America today were fun to watch, but is anyone else annoyed that they existed at all? I'm really disappointed that the writers didn't know who would be in the coffin when they wrote last year's finale. I mean, they made the right choice of the three (Sawyer and Desmond weren't as interesting to me), but come on!

dbarrus said...

If you look at the picture of the ship just before it blew up, you can see something just to the right of the boat that is in the ocean....could that be Jin? :)

Anonymous said...

One thing about the real Bentham. One of his major philosophical influences was John Locke. But the kicker is that after the real Bentham died, he had his body taxidermied and it is even now on display in London. (I've seen it with my own eyes, it's creepy). I feel there is some connection here. Is that really Locke's body or is that a double? The writer's continually say character names are not picked by accident, I really think that there's something to that.

Nikki Stafford said...

Anonymous: "Slithering on his belly, possibly snake equals Locke. I call that bad math. It never ceases to amaze me on how many people don't get Locke, defend Ben and excuse Jack. The funny thing is that it's usually the same people."

Wait... you're suggesting that I don't understand Locke and excuse Jack? Did you read the rest of my blog, where I pretty much don't give Jack a break? Have you read any of my columns before this one, where I defend Locke endlessly against Jack? I think you should do a little reading before accusing.

You're right in that Locke isn't the only possibility for a snake. But Jack is the one listening to the song, and I believe from his perspective, that's how he would see it. That's what I meant. I wasn't saying that *I* thought Locke was the snake, but that Jack would interpret the lyrics to mean that.

Nikki Stafford said...

Emilia: I'm thinking maybe the alternate endings were filmed to throw the crew off the scent. I could be wrong, but I think Darlton did it so the actors wouldn't know which ending they'd choose and the crew wouldn't be able to let the secrets out because no one except them would know the real ending. That's just my thinking... and unfortunately, it backfired, since the real ending got out anyway.

Karolyn: LOL!! Oh my god, it's SO funny you say that, because I was thinking the same thing??? Who the hell was able to capture that moment, when the only people there were fishing? Awesome question. :)

Nikki Stafford said...

Anonymous: Great observation. I've seen pictures of Bentham's taxidermied body... and it's TOTALLY creepy (I could be wrong on this, but I remember reading years ago that kids were taking the head as a prank, so now the head is a fake one? Or was that just an urban myth?) But it could definitely come back around to Locke.

And I haven't mentioned this, but man, Terry O'Quinn plays dead REALLY well... even the face looked properly sunken.

Dreyesbo said...

I thought the freighter explosion was completely would be bothersome to add people in there :P Of course, I don't want Jin dead, so...

Anonymous said...

Star Wars Fans: When Keamy came down the elevator in the Orchid Station and Ben was hiding in the shadows it was the same set of up in Return to the Jedi.
When Darth Vader comes down the stairs and Luke is hiding in the shadows. So you have a twin sister(Vader) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!(Luke)

Luke immediatly comes out with his lightsaber and turns the tide of the Rebelion.

Ben comes out and immediatly takes his pogo stick and turns the tide of the Freighter.

I had read somewhere online that the frieghter was like Cloud City in Empire.(another ode to Star Wars)

Star Trek Fans: Did you notice Jin, Michael or Locke (Jeremy) were not wearing Red Shirts?

Plus when the 6 kept saying Jeremy I thought of Dan (Desmond's(Nikki's) constant) because that is his real name. I kept asking my wife Jeremy, isn't that the time traveling Eloise Dude.

Annie from Ben's Childhood:
red hair girl with freckles (Not Kate :) )
Charlotte (C. S. Lewis) red hair woman with freckles.(Not Kate:) )

P.S. Did Hurley actually see Jeremy (Locke) or was it like Charlie, Claire, Mr. Eko & Dave?

Anonymous said...

Star Wars Fans: When Keamy came down the elevator in the Orchid Station and Ben was hiding in the shadows it was the same set of up in Return to the Jedi.
When Darth Vader comes down the stairs and Luke is hiding in the shadows. So you have a twin sister(Vader) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!(Luke)

Luke immediatly comes out with his lightsaber and turns the tide of the Rebelion.

Ben comes out and immediatly takes his pogo stick and turns the tide of the Freighter.

I had read somewhere online that the frieghter was like Cloud City in Empire.(another ode to Star Wars)

Star Trek Fans: Did you notice Jin, Michael or Locke (Jeremy) were not wearing Red Shirts?

Plus when the 6 kept saying Jeremy I thought of Dan (Desmond's(Nikki's) constant) because that is his real name. I kept asking my wife Jeremy, isn't that the time traveling Eloise Dude.

Annie from Ben's Childhood:
red hair girl with freckles (Not Kate :) )
Charlotte (C. S. Lewis) red hair woman with freckles.(Not Kate:) )

P.S. Did Hurley actually see Jeremy (Locke) or was it like Charlie, Claire, Mr. Eko & Dave?

Tony Forkush said...

I humbly enter the fray with my disjointed memorialization of last night.
Am I mistaken that there was an episode where Jin purchased a large Panda bear for someone that we assumed was Sun? The final tableau showed this to not be the case and, yet, the two of them seemed to be extant in Korea after the rescue. However, Jin seemed to be in a false or alternate reality, perhaps one that did not contain Sun at all. Am I hallucinating this particular rorschach?

The drama is now biblical cum allegorical, with shifting semifor between abstract philosophical mentation and "heart" or "presence" higher spiritual dimension. The confrontation is now between the Egoic and the transcendent. Freedom lies not in the past nor the future but in the furtive present, eternal, sublime and mythically unknowable.
As Cambell says in Power of Myth, man is meant to have an experience of the divine not a direct knowledge of it.
Without this provocation with our, dare I say, souls, ontological existence is barren and "panoptic".
Indeed of our own making.
Freedom lies somewhere between the two.

Anonymous said...

I was just reading EW's Postings and Aaron M has almost the same Star Wars posting as me. :)

Tony Forkush said...

Two cents extra:

While the bulk of interest in pursuing the secrets of "Lost" seems dedicated to its ultimate solution of the riddle, I am concerned more didactically with the overall meaning of the piece. The bravura, unshakable interest bordering on obsession I have with the show is that it contains both, seemingly, answers to our questions (rabbit hole notwithstanding), AND some semblance or possibility of inherency. This is not just a TV version of "Myst", this is a prolix devotion, a meditation (Dharma, Richard's "Dalai Lama" testing of the young Locke)which seems to offer some kind of enlightenment, irradiating and bursting, suffuse with love and potentiality.
The definition of Dharma is life's purpose. The seed of one's life, freely given by agencies within and without of our consent, ever moving us forward to selfhood, reminding us of the "game" that we, in particular Western paradigmatic "thinkers", are playing in this dream. The pretension that we are not "Jacob", all of us, is a fiction played out by the Ego to move the show forward. It is a reminder of who and what we really are, and of where we come from and are going, but always NOW.
As we cathect with this fellowship, in the dark, in our own voyeuristic fantasies, the parable is devastating to our staid and risk-less "lives of quiet desperation".
"Lost" begs us to know that we are the substance of the universe itself, making itself remember to embrace the drama and LIVE.

Anonymous said...

sdbrian said... Did Jeremy Bentham/Locke have the scar on his eye when the camera panned overhead for the reveal?

I just looked at a picture on WizardsUniverse and the scare is there.

Online last week it said that Aaron's blanket went from light blue to dark blue.

If you look at the end when the 6 land on the fake island. Kate (Freckles) is holding Aaron with a light blue blanket under a dark blue blanket.

I use to have a light blue blanket when I was a baby that went to my son.

P.S. Sorry for the double post earlier. I was having Prob's with the word verification. as dansmot said...
In an aside, is anyone else having problems with the word verification to post on this page? Each time I post I have to do it a few times before it accepts my word verifiation, and I know I'm entering the letters correctly.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice how bright it was in the "donkey wheel cave" long BEFORE Ben ignited the oil lamp? Was this supposed to be daylight?!?

Ben from Germany

Anonymous said...

Tony, the Jin with his panda was a flashback to when he worked for Mr. Paik, the Sun with the baby a flashforward.

I have a theory (and no, although one appears in the episode, it isn't bunnies). I think that Christian was born on the Island, and like Locke in the box, he had to go home. That makes Jack, Claire and Aaron children of the Island too. I also suspect that Jacob is Christian's father.

I think the essence of the show is science/faith - the moving of the Island is based on the Casimir thingie with time travelling microwave boxes (hm, magic box that brough Locke's dad to the Island) but under that so-called science is the magic of the Island (ancient hieroglyphs, four-toed statues and a worshipful devotion of the Others to their leader).

I think that when Ben apologized to Locke, it wasn't for leaving him in charge and thus destroying his life, it was in replacing Locke as the leader he should have been all along because Locke was supposed to have come to the Island as a young man but made the wrong choice.

Anonymous said...

Great column again - thanks!

Some mulling on ancient LOST issues, not quite as deep as others' thoughts LOL...
1)So...if Widmore was behind the original Dharma, whether he knew about the island way before that or not:
He obviously knows they were all killed??? Didn't anyone in the real world wonder what happened to all of those people???

2) Why was there still food drops with Dharma labels on it? Did Ben set that up? Is the food supply people unaware it is no longer Dharma? For 12 years?
And how did the food supply plane GET to the island, if Widmore can't even find it? Which leads me to believe that the drops are by Ben, not Widmore.

3) Juliet - what all does she know about the Others? Obviously, it looked like she was living right in there with them, grabbed guns to do whatever, whenever, seemed to support the Others, for the most part.
Why doesn't she just spill about everything?
Doesn't anyone on the beach want to KNOW what the h*ck is going on around there?
Did it never occur to anyone to ask "So...who are those Others and what are they doing?"

4)People's automatic acceptance of the weird and unusual without question is one of the lingering issues I have. It makes Jack's continuous doubting seem a stretch.
[Reminds me of how In x-files Mulder (sp?)wouldn't accept anything that had to do with religion, but would accept aliens, and Sully wouldn't accept aliens, but would believe any religious phenomena that came along.]
(Does only Rose know about Locke's healing???)

5)Are some of the Others natives, and some of them recruits like Juliet?
Are some immortal like Richard Alpert? Is Ben immortal now too?
At what point do they become immortal? Because Zeke/Tom looked older, but Richard is sort of younger middle aged.

6) What happened to the rest of the tailies? Are they officially Others now too? Are they part of who the O6 are proctecting? Have they been forgotten by the Losties?

This show gives me a headache, but I like it. LOL
- Sarah in MI

Anonymous said...

I said "immortal" in my post, I should have said "un-aging" as obviously, Tom was mortal. LOL

Sarah in MI

Anonymous said...

Charlotte- maybe she is the child of Ben and Annie (Char is too young to be Annie), and Ben sent them away before he exterminated the DHARMA folks...

Anonymous said...

I think this has been pointed out before, but watching the finale reminded me again. Desmond's story has always seemed to be the same journey that Odysseus goes through in the Odyssey. They both leave home on quests (Desmond on his race around the world, Odysseus to war) and leave behind the women that they love. On the way home, both characters are marooned on an island and are kept there against their will for years. Finally, after having been away from home for an incredibly long time (Odysseus was gone for 20 years) and having to overcome almost impossible roadblocks, they are reunited with the women they love. And to top it all off, Odysseus' wife's name is Penelope. :)

I'm not sure if the connection really has anything to do with the bigger picture of LOST, but it seems the connections characters have aren't usually random. That's my two cents anyway.

Jonathan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jonathan said...

Sorry to say it, Nikki, but some things about the show are rather unrealistic. I can accept that they were able to mend a helicopter and refuel it in less than 5 minutes. I can accept that 15 year old crackers taste good. I can also accept that an island can be moved, and the person doing the moving is then transported back to the regular world. But the idea that people can live on an island for 90+ days and there is still an undrunk bottle of rum?! No WAY!!! C'mon, people, you're stuck on an island!!! Drink yourself into a coma!!!!

Tina said...

"UPDATE #1: And presumably, the new ARG has begun. This commercial appeared at the end of the U.S. broadcast of the episode."

This wasn't for an ARG, I though the same thing at first. It's actually a commercial for the up coming comic con which will be on July 24 - 27 in San Diego. said...

Jin is dead. In the freeze frame of the freighter, you can make out a blurry figure with the same colored shirt as Jin. Sorry he's gone.

Although it's quite possible, Jin could wake up on the Island. If the Island needs him. Just like the HATCH blowing up....Desmond, Locke and Ecko lived a huge explosion.

MW said...

Could Charlotte be the daughter of the Island's Adam and Eve?

MW said...

I also find it interesting that Walt is always involve in the finale... Season 1 he was captured by the Others. Season 2 he was released and given to his father and escaped. Season 3 he visited John in the mass grave and in Season 4, its the opposite; John visited him, and he in turn met Hurley to clarify things. Walt storyline is still clouded in secrecies. We need to know!

KeepingAwake said...

This is not really on-topic for this episode, but a question that occurred to me today.

Alex is 16 and was kidnapped shortly after birth, so she has been with the Others for 16 years. The purge was 12 years ago, per Horace Goodspeed. Where was Alex for her first 4 years? It doesn't seem that Ben had her as there was no mention of her when Ben shared his bday with his dad and then gassed him. With all that 'fatherly' talk, don't you thin k Ben's adopted daughter would have come up in the convo?

So where the heck was Alex for her first 4 years??

Tony Forkush said...

Thank you Mr. Redeem for clarifying the time frame re: Jin and his Panda. I was unclear when watching it.

Thank you Ms. Emma for introducing Homer into the equation. I accept your theory that there are elements consistent with his lyric poem, particularly the almost chorus like whispering "others" of Richard, etc. The large foot statue appears like something that Jason and his Argonauts would encounter. In my mind there is a subtextual search for some sort of "Golden Fleece", certainly internally, where I believe the bulk of this show resides.

"Lost", in my mind, could very easily share a doppleganger title of "Home". Thank you again Mr. Redeem for surreptitiously and with good intent introducing this vast and ubiquitous theme. All of us begin from home and must return to home. The final image of season four will always be an image of death in a coffin, WITH A NOM DE GUERRE, with Jack utterly unable to accept this final act of surrender, the thing he simply cannot do, hence Nikki your bolded introductory quote to this posting. None of the six can speak the name Jeremy Bentham as human beings dare not speak the name of their finitude.

From the moment of episode one, we were presaged this mystery and the Island's conquering, resurrectory power over human life. At least as it chooses (Boone, Shannon, Ecko, Michelle Rodriguez...echo drool sentiments...are they hidden as well?).

The cloud to me is where the formless others return and reappear depending on circumstance. They are its personification, and they it. They are there to provide nourishment in the transition from form to formlessness. But I digress.

I haven't a sailor's clue as to where the Dharma food is coming from, and the eternality of it, its infinite supply (Turning water to wine...multiplying the loaves and fishes). Very much looking forward to finding this out, hardy har har.

A show about watching a show.
Ce'st la vie.

Anonymous said...

I have hope to about Jin in the explosion. I watched it 3 times and was like wait a minute I don't see anyone on the boat. So I paused right before it blowing up and there is no one there. So I'm thinking its either an fx error or he got off the boat. Maybe the island carried the people away to safety and put them on the island.

Michael had to die but Jin didn't. I believe the island is good and in its divinity knows the good hearted people from the bad (the island even gave Michael a chance to redeem himself). Michael was given orders to destroy the boat cause of the bad people on it who wanted to hurt those on the island. The people left on the boat were innocents. Therefore my hope is the island saved Jin and company. When Sun and others come back to the island they will be reunited.

Anonymous said...

Desmond and Penny reuniting brought big time tears of joy. One of the happiest moments of the show. My friend and I had been hoping over the bast couple of seasons that they would be reunited.

My concern though is a couple episodes ago Ben said he would kill Widmore's daughter...which is Penny. My hope is somehow this doesn't horrifying to finally reunite the 2 so they can go live happily ever after only to have their lives ruined again if Ben doesn't change his plans.

I hope that doesn't happen I would much rather never see the 2 actors again and have them written off as living out their lives together... instead of the alternative.

Anonymous said...

I find an odd parallel with Michael and bombs. He wasn't able to blow up the first bomb he was given, and Ben seemed very surprised that he actually tried it, even though there were "bad guys " on the boat. Ben seemingly wanted the freighter folk to get to the island. Then, there's another bomb which Michael is unable to stop from blowing up, and Ben is cold in his uncaring for the innocent people on the boat. I'm assuming that all of the bad guys are gone, dead in a field or Dharma station on the island. It could be my overactive imagination, but I think there's something not right about any of it.

KeepingAwake said...

karolyn, I see what you are saying about Michael and the bombs. But I think it was meant to illustrate what was going on with Ben.

Ben sent the bomb to the boat as a loyalty test for Michael, which he passed, much to Ben's surprise. Ben said that he doesn't kill innocents at that time.

But now, Ben's daughter, Alex, was murdered against the rules. He's a man without a country, so to speak. The rules he has been playing by have been obliterated and he s in unknown territory. Logically and emotionally, He's behaving rashly, and didn't think through that his avenging murder of Keamy would effectively kill everyone on the freighter. And when confronted with that likely outcome, he shrugged like a child and said, "So?". this appears to be Ben's pattern. he is wickedly smart but emotionally dumb as a rock. He can observe the emotional lives of others and successfully manipulate them, but he is clueless when it comes to insight into his own psyche. He never got the "Ben Owner's Manual."I think the parallel bombs were meant to illustrate Ben's emotional retardation.

Mythos said...

It's totally Sawyer in the phone. And since it's reversed, I consider it a manifestation of the Island, NOT really the Sawyer we all know and love.
So I guess the Island's messing with Kate by making her hear a voice she's so attached to.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome Tony, but I'm not a mister.

All woman, all Sayid, all the time :)

Robbie said...

A lingering question brought on by season 4:

When was the last time 'Sayid fought with his heart and not with his gun'

KeepingAwake said...

rob, excellent question! I'm guessing it happens somewhere in the time between his escape from the island and that conversation with Ben in Germany in The Economist. Hope we see that in Season 5!

Robbie said...

Ya now it is obvious it didn't happen with the freighter folk.

Emilia said...

Nikki: Thanks, I hope you're right. It makes me feel better about the whole alternate endings thing to consider it was just an (unsucessful) guard against spoilers.

That said, I'm excited that it was Locke in the coffin. "Lost" really does seem to be all about connections--not just connections between people, but connections between moments in time. We are left wondering what events connect Locke replacing Ben as the leader of the others and finding himself in a coffin off the island...

lostfan said...

I realized in the season finale, that after returning from the island, everytime we have seen Aaron he has been in his bedroom asleep. The first time was in the episode when Kate returned from her trial. She went to his room and it was like he was just waking up. The second time was when Jack was reading to him. The third time was when Kate went into his room and Claire was in there with him. Then after Kate had her "dream" and rushed into the room he is sleeping. The only time we see him awake is when Jack and Kate are arguing and he appears and is standing in the hallway. Kate had a look of extreme concern/shock on her face. I thought that Kate was upset because he had walked in on their argument. But was she upset because he woke up alone?

When Kate went into his room after she woke from her dream, they show Aaron's hand and Kate put's her hand over his.

This may have no significance or meaning at all. But, why is he always asleep or why do we always see him sleeping? Just an observation.

Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Nikki Said:

UPDATE #6: DocArzt has posted an audio clip of what Sawyer says to Kate on the helicopter. It's hard to make out, but it sounds like he's saying, "If you go to Albuquerque, could you find her... Thompson." Listen for yourself and see what you can make out.

What Sawyer actually says:
'I have a daughter in Alabama. You need to find her. Tell her I'm sorry.' KISS 'Just do it Freckles.' JUMPS

Here is the link:

Tony Forkush said...

My sincere apologies, Ms. Redeem (gulp!)

SenexMacdonald said...

Hey, Nikki:

First let me say...what an awesome episode that finale was! I was screaming at every turn.

I agree that Jin should NOT have been left with Michael. However, Desmond knew the boat better than he being as he had more time on it. Desmond also would have a better understanding of locations of things like lifevests, lifeboats, etc. (even though he ran onto the deck to a pile of them - which on most boats I have been on would not be the place you would find them - haha).

It surprised me that Kate did not ask Sun for directions as to where Jin was (she seemed to be just milling around the door before Jack pulled her back to the helicopter) or that Sun did not just point out the door she had come from and that Jin could be found through. That was something logical that the writers just failed to followup with in my opinion.

You asked, "What does Sun mean when she says "we’re not the only ones who left the island”. I believe that Widmore is the other target for Sun's revenge just as she is getting revenge on her father by taking over control of his company. Her reference to others getting off the island could refer to him also.

We know so little about his background except that he and Ben know each other and there is a history there. Ben seems to want him to have no access to the island and he wants it really badly. Widmore could have been part of the DI or have even been an "Other" at some point. We know that they do get off the island, and that they appear to have been there before the DI people set up shop. She may be ticked off at Jack but she could have bigger fish to fry.

You also said, "It’s probably safe to say Michael died, since Christian gave him the okay to die and the guy was in the centre of the boat, unable to escape." Did I hear Christian correctly? Did he tell Michael that it was okay to go? Since Christian just appeared, is it not possible that he "took" everyone from the boat with him when he disappeared? I believe it is possible that if he did, both Jin and Michael are back on the island. Not a given, but probable. After all, everyone saw the boat go up, and all the members of the O6 could have figured out a way to contact Walt (even if they wanted nothing to do with Michael) and let him know about his dad at the least. Not that telling Walt about something like that in the middle of a hospital would have been a good idea either.

You said, "Walt tells Hurley that Jeremy Bentham came to see him, and wants to know why everyone is lying." I agree that it is Walt asking why everyone is lying and not Benthan asking that question. Walt would have no idea of what they had been saying - unless he kept abreast of the current issues of major news sources - and would definitely not know the why behind it unless he thought it also had to do with protecting his dad; and of course Locke/Bentham would already know.

I think the biggest shock moment for me (amongst all the rest) was watching Sawyer come out of the trees holding Aaron. His eyes were sunken looking as if he had been crying. He seemed to be really upset about Claire - even though he looked and sounded more like himself when he went after Jack. What a great moment.

Okay, going on to long here. If I have more, will write again later. LOL


Robbie said...

Sorry Cindy but Harold Parrineau confirmed in an interview (forgot the link) that he was told by the writers that his character is dead. He is pissed about it.

Anonymous said...

Two Questions:

First, If Locke/Benthem is true, then was he walking while off the island?

Second, why were the 15 yr. old crackers such a big deal? They got more air time than some of the main characters. Are we missing something?


Wawa said...

I think that Sun is working with Ben already, like Sayid. And is double agenting it with Widmore. Ben said to Jack that he could help him with Sun. Others have pointed a connection with Paik and Widmore, so if she's mad at one, she's mad at the other. What better way to get his trust and take him down than to have a woman on the inside?

When I first saw the "frozen donkey wheel", in that moment, I had the best laugh. I'm like - there is the frozen donkey wheel. No code words this time.

I thought Walt being upset no one visited him made no sense. How would they even begin to find him? And announcing publicly that he could be alive to try to find him would have put him at risk. That made no sense to me.

The 3 names they gave in the press conference all had something in common - they all are really dead. They don't have to worry about them getting off the island and reappearing. Why they just picked those 3, who knows, but I think it made sense that if 5 survived, more would have survived and then died on the island. I think it was an arbitrary number they picked.

Tony Forkush said...

I appreciated the creators focusing on Walt and his queries regarding the truth.
One thing that all perplexed me and begs explanation is the comic book that Walt was reading with the Polar Bear in it. Could this be a memory of some past existence or a foreshadowing of/ or psychic projection ala Solaris, where one's thoughts become reality. Is there any difference between reality and thought on the Island. And shouldn't the Island have a name at this point?

Since Locke has been visited by the Others his entire life, one wonders if there has been this entire experience already. In other words, wasn't there a manifest on the boat which specifically KNEW where Ben was going to be at the exact time he approached the Orchid? This was the "fail safe" manifest.
And if the Jeremy Davies character had already encountered Desmond before, isn't it possible that the other characters Desmond had contact with in his flashbacks are also pertinent in some fashion to his present reality?
Also Claire's impact on the psychic she visited and his ominous reaction.
Why do they need the children?

(small voice) help.

Tony Forkush said...

Oh, and what about Penny and her "arctic station" and "underwater transmission chamber"? It seemes she actually has some understanding of where the Island may be and has actually arranged for certain constructions to assist in finding Desmond. She appears to have a significant insight as to the circumstance, including finding them in the ocean. Could SHE be Dharma Seed?

Anonymous said...

I was just scanning some other articles and one theory I saw that hasn't been mentioned here yet is that Charlotte is Penny's sister/Widmore's daughter. If Widmore was on the island before, perhaps she was born there and that's what Daniel meant when he said she wanted to get back to the island.

poggy said...

Well, what an ending! Still a centimetre below the S3 finale (the best so far in my opinion), but still very, very good. It made me go more emotional than I'm used to, that's for sure :-)
I could write an awful lot about this , but let me just write down a couple of theories/assumptions, off the top of my head:

- Claire is dead. I wasn't tsure about it (although the house fallen over her, with just the feet left visible like the witch in Wizard of Oz... that made me think), but Christian is acting a lot like the resident angel of death. So, if she went with him...

- WARNING: CRACKPOT CHARLOTTE THEORY! I am surely influenced by some fanfic I read some months ago, but Charlotte being born on the island=Ben and Annie's child? After all, the character of Annie has been predominant in Ben's S3 flashback just to disappear mysteriously before the end of the same episode. I think we would have seen her if she joined the Others or either was killed in the Purge. My guess is that at a certain point in her life she got pregnant with Ben's child, and either died giving birth, or was forced to leave the island in order not to die. Or, she left before even knowing she was pregnant. Because the other two options would point to Ben knowing something about it and he looked quite indifferent to Charlotte. Although, on the other hand, the fact he kidnapped Alex might suggest he was trying to make up for the loss of his biological daughter? Or perhaps, he knew he was *supposed* to have a daughter and sort of course corrected his destiny in his own way (à la Hurley)? Think of the implications, if Ben succeeds in killing Penny, and then the balance is not restored because he actually *has* a daughter. Or viceversa, if Charlotte gets killed as well. Of course, given how little we know, all bets are still off.

And re: giant frozen donkey wheel - that doesn't disturb me much. After all, an ancient civilization on the island looks like an established fact, and the thing about ancient civilizations is that many of them were able to do things that we need computers for. Like, building pyramids, compiling calendars and all that jazz... The donkey wheel just takes the same notion to an extreme, and it's not the weirdest thing we've seen on Lost so far. That was definitely the rum bottle Jonathan menitoned several comments above :-)

poggy said...

Also: Pen and Desmond are currently my best candidates for the role of Adam and Eve :-) It would be sad, but also... poetic, in a way. I can't see it happening violently - those bodies were just lying there, side by side. That would sort of establish the "eternal" quality of their love.

Nikki Stafford said...

100th comment!! ;) Man, you guys are so good... there are a couple of comments on here that made me seriously stop and see things in a different way. I'm hoping to post a big post tomorrow at some point with most of my afterthoughts of the show.

Jamie said...

Hey Nikki, etc.

I realize I don't read your blog nor y'all's comments on a regular basis... but I needed a fix after the finale, and I've been thinking this since the Sun/Jin/panda episode. If the O6 are sticking to their story and pretending the watery plane grave wasn't a fake (to protect those still on the island as Jack has insisted they must)... wouldn't it make sense for Sun to have a fake gravesite for Jin? People whose bodies aren't recovered after war/accidents/etc. can still have graves,

Seems plausible to me. Just because there's a headstone doesn't mean there has to be a body there. Going to the grave could be Sun's way of feeling close to Jin (or even just keeping up the appearance of the lie), while still holding onto the possibility that Jin may have escaped the explosion. Or maybe I'm just trying to convince myself he could still be alive : )

I'm just saying.

Brian Douglas said...

I had a thought on the lack of the storm around the island. What if it was because of Ben turning the FDW? I know, I know...the storm should have been there even before Ben turned the wheel, but perhaps doing so had an effect back in time just like in the Constant, when Desmond's current actions pulled his consciousness forward.

Or it could be something entirely different.

Tony Forkush said...

The image of Ben at the Donkey Wheel is pure Nietzsche. The themes of "Will to Power", the "Ubermensch" and "Eternal Recurrence" are all present. It is a stunning moment of symbolism. Ben unleashing the bright light of utilitarianism, forging his own "smithy". I encourage everyone to read about these concepts. They are heady but clearly omnipresent in the show.

Wikipedia is a very good resource for this.

Tony Forkush said...

"Forging in the smithy of my soul the uncreated conscience of my race".
-James Joyce
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.

Anonymous said...

Re: Jamie's thought that Jin's grave is empty...
I have always assumed it was, because the Oceanic official report is that none of the bodies were recoverable.
Whether Jin is dead or not, I believe the "gravestone" actually functions as a memorial.

Another thought - the O 6 all believe that JOHN made the island move, because that's what Hurley was told.
And, they didn't technically know about Ben "not being able to return," (which is, of course, subject to the axiom "Ben lies.")

They, as I had all along, might believe he is journeying back and forth?

He told Sayid he used Desmond's sailboat. So Sayid didn't know about the "transporting to Tunisia" thing.

Of course, who knows what Ben has told them in the mean time, or with whom he has had contact.
Jack didn't seem too surprised to see him.
Could Ben and Locke both have been visiting them all and giving their sides of the argument.
And when did Locke start visiting them, because it doesn't seem to have happened by the time Charlie visits Hurley.


Sarah in MI

Brandon Kotowski/ job: fan of LOST said...

Hey guys
Here are my thoughts/theories

-Locke gets off the island due to extreme circumstances
-Perhaps the island needs Jack to stay on it because of Christian's role on the island. Since Jack leaves, this could cause a chain of events that leads to Locke ultimately needing to leave to convince the Six to return. Perhaps the island does not tolerate separation. (Claire/Aaron; Jack/Christian)

-I think Daniel and co. were transported as well, and are now in the future(?) with the island.
- Christian appeared to Michael because Michael finally found redemption by saving everyone's lives.

- Ben must have known that he'd go into the future and into Tunisia, but did he know Sayid would be there?

- Sayid and Hurley are hiding from Widmore's hitmen, who know that the Six are lying and that Desmond is alive.

- Charlotte could be a regular native of the island, maybe even a daughter of Jacob or Richard. She was probably sent away because of the possible dangers if the Purge failed.

That's all I have for now, keep thinking! I'm gonna restart Season one soon! I always watch the entire series up to the most recent episode every summer!

KeepingAwake said...

brandon, I wanted to add to something you said about Ben may have known that he'd arrive in Tunisia.

There were runes/hieroglyphs all over the door to Ben's secret room and in the area of the FDW.

Several sites have reported (although I could find no confirming screencap) that the snack Hurley was trying to open in the finale just before he talks to Walt said "Molly Fisher" on it.

The Molly Fisher stone is a stone in CT that has glyphs/runes/hieroglphs on it. There is no solution to what these mean, but there is a popular theory that these marking on the stone are a map left by the Iroquois to alert other Iroquois or friendly tribes to their travel plans and hunting locations etc.

So if the glyphs/runes/heiroglyphics on Ben's door and in the FDW area are the same, it would support your idea that Ben may have known where he would appear after turning the wheel, because the glyphs told him so.

Tony Forkush said...

I still have an impulse to believe that the theme of eternal recurrence is vibrant within the show and is an element that links the worlds together. It seems to me to be possible that the entire events of the show HAVE ALREADY TAKEN PLACE BEFORE, and are happening yet again but are somehow recognized by certain actors (metaphorically speaking) within the larger drama. While this messes with our Cartesian world view, or at least certainly mine, it makes some sense that this model is being used by elements to change the unchanging sequence of previously recorded events, or things. But as things are not real, they can be altered unless there is the theme of eternal recurrence which suggests that they cannot be. If that is the case then it is the way in which these characters DEAL with what is happening to them that matters more than what is actually happening, if you get my drift. (I hope you do, cause I could just see Hurley saying "whoa,dude".

This show can precipitate a short stay in a sanitarium with Hurley if one is not careful.

KeepingAwake said...

Tony Forkush, I tried to email you, but couldn't find your addy.

Why are you here? All of a sudden? In unintelligible prose?

Are you a Lost fan, but having extreme difficulty in expressing your views? Or are you merely trying to drive traffic to your blog? I honestly cannot tell.

Anonymous said...

I'm watching my season 3 DVDs (finally - I can barely juggle one season of Lost, much less two at a time) and I noticed something - forgive me if it's been said before. When Desmond saves Charlie from the lightning and then drowning, he also saves Claire. Was he just delaying her inevitable fate? Is that foreshadowing that she is really dead?

Tony Forkush said...

Hello Keeping Awake.

Very interesting comments.

My blog is dedicated to the Los Angeles Dodgers, so not seeking to redirect there.

This is my first blogging related to "Lost", so this may or may not be the appropriate blog site for my pontifications. I noticed The Lost Blog and am investigating further.

Thank you for your compliment regarding unintelligable prose. My Postmodern grandmentors would be delighted.

Seeking to come to terms with Lost rather than solve it.


Brian Douglas said...

Re: Tanning (or Lack thereof)

I think the island's healing property prevented solar-induced skin damage, so the O6 (plus Frank and Desmond, or Fresmond) only tanned/burned after leaving the island.

Jamie said...

Tried to post earlier... am I the only one who thinks the backwards nightmare phone call voice sounded an awful lot like Richard Alpert?

Anonymous said...

- Just a thought: my sister thinks that the "island" is actually and alien spacecraft that somehow got stuck. It would explain the weird symbols, fantastic power system, and island movement thing. It is a little out there, but....

Yussi said...

I am not very good with the whole time thing, I just can't wrap my mind around timetravel and such, so I have a question:
There are two different times: Island Time and Real Time. Island T is a little ahead of RealT, right? So when they said at the press conference, they were on the island 108 (!)'s put it that way: Did the Oceanic 6 experience more days on the island than happend in Real Time? and now that I articulated the question...does it even matter?

Nikki Stafford said...

Tony Forkush: I think you're on to something with your idea of eternal recurrence. There's definitely something like that going on, as in things are constantly happening over and over, while happening in tandem with other events, at other times. I'm intrigued to see how that's going to play out.

Nikki Stafford said...

Jamie: I, too, think Alpert is a possible suspect. I wonder if it's two actors? The first part sounds like Sawyer, the second Alpert.

Nikki Stafford said...

KeepingAwake: I'm a little perplexed by your comments towards Tony Forkush. While his prose might be a little more formal than ours, I haven't seen him say anything offensive to anyone... he's discussing Lost, is chatting with the others on the board, and is responding to my blog. I haven't seen him mention his own blog once, so I don't understand the issue.

Tony: Please continue to post here; the more opinions, the better, and I've been enjoying your insights.

marvin thomas said...

Nikki, you are spot on!! You've noticed just about everything...including the video being sped up as Locke was trying to keep the tape from rewinding.

About the screencap of the freighter...I had also slow-mo'd that scene, and I saw ONE person standing on the left edge as it blew. It's in your screencap, but it's blurry so it looks like the background. Also, what happened to all the other people that were frantically scurrying around on the frieghter before the explosion? I guess they ran out of money for little CGI people jumping into the surrounding water or finding another way out.

The octagon commercial-apparently the buzz is that it coincides with comicon and has to do with that.

I'm sure we'll get to see Desmond...after all, Ben is after Penny as revenge against Widmore.

Question: The island has been moved before, which is how Ben knows the procedure and that one is banished after moving it. But then, wouldn't there already have been a hole in the wall to get to the icy room? Will we see "Bentham" move the island as well?

Question: When Ben says EVERYONE has to go back, does that include Walt? How about Aaron, or Sun's baby?

Nikki Stafford said...

Hey Marvin: I wondered the same thing about Ji Yeon... she wasn't technically one of the Oceanic Six, but she WAS on the island, so to speak, so would she have to return, too? It's a really good question.

Anonymous said...

Jin isn't dead. Why would Sun make contact with Whitmore unless she wanted to get back to the island and rescue her husband? Bethem or Locke must have told her Jin was still alive...

Anonymous said...

the first part of what Sawyer tells Kateis...I have a daughter in Alabama. I think he wants Kate to find her.

Anonymous said...

Is it the Casimir or the Cassimere Effect? Casimir refers to scientific stuff. Cassimere refers to the weave of wool fabric. Seems to me either is a plausible explanation for what the exotic matter is doing, since we don’t really know what it actually does.

I don’t have any clue as to why the crackers, binoculars, and signaling mirror was stored where it was, but I don’t think there’s any mystery as to why Hurley would eat the 15 year old crackers. Hurley is probably not a connoisseur of fine food, and will probably eat anything if hungry enough, which may be all the time. I’m sure many of us go by the five seconds rule when food is dropped on the floor. Some of us, guys mostly, will eat food that has been on the floor much longer. We each have our limit as to what is acceptable. Hurley was probably thinking, “Crackers that’s too old is more like twenty years, dude.”

When an island so massive and so deep suddenly disappears, wouldn’t the water rushing in to fill the void cause a tsunami? Both the disappearance and reappearance of the island would probably cause seismic sensors around the world to go crazy.

I’m speculating the island moved to a different location as well as a different time. The clues are the Arctic polar bears, the frozen cave of the Donkey Wheel, and the hieroglyphics (assuming they’re Egyptian). What’s odd is that the island never picked up any characteristics of the South Pacific, except maybe for the palm trees. Where would be a good place for the island to appear next? My choice would be in the mountains of Germany in the early 1940s. Maybe somewhere where Nazi loot was hidden.

What was the purpose of moving the island in the first place? Locke, Ben, and Hurley went to seek Jacob’s instruction for saving the islanders from all being killed by Keamy and his men. Jacob advised them to move the island. That may have been acceptable before Keamy and his men landed on the island, but it was too late. The mercenaries landed. Fortunately, Keamy and his men were defeated in combat. The threat was eliminated. So why did Ben continue to move the island when there was no threat? What was Ben up to? Ben knew that by moving the island he would be exiled, so why do it? Apparently his newest obsession is to avenge the killing of his daughter. Was being exiled part of his plan to hunt down and kill Penny?

Since Ben is after Penny, and Desmond will surely be around to protect her, and Sun is after Ben, and Sayid is killing for Ben, does that mean that Ben will be butting heads with Desmond and Sun will have a shoot out with Sayid? In fact, isn’t it likely that Sun was the one who hired Elsa?

When Ben turned the Frozen Donkey Wheel to move the island, and assuming it is like a control to lift an anchor, and assuming he was exiled right after the island moved, who turned the wheel back to lower the anchor? Or was he exiled after he lowered the anchor when the island had already found a new home? Did he then walk through another tunnel and ended up in Tunisia? Does that mean the island is there?

Here is a different theory about the Frozen Donkey Wheel. Dr. Marvin Candle as Dr. Edgar Halliwax explains that the “unique properties of the island have created a kind of Casmir (or Cassimere) Effect allowing the Dharma Initiative to create unique experiments in both space and time." He adds that the vault in the room is constructed “adjacent to a pocket of what we believe to be negatively charged exotic matter.” I think the wheel is more like a knob to open a valve, gate, or cork to allow a stream of the exotic matter to flow. The island is fairly stable when the exotic matter is corked, but it moves when it comes into full contact with the exotic matter. Maybe even when the valve is closed, the containment of the exotic matter is not entirely sealed, so a trickle escapes and is causing the time distortion around the island. Maybe some exotic matter got onto Ben after he closed the valve and that was how he ended up in Tunisia in the future.

If the exotic matter affects anything it touches, what is being used to contain it? Since spaceships and highly technologically advanced aliens from another world have been ruled out (or at least denied), where did the technology come from? Surely not from the Dharma Initiative. All of their technology looked old. The VCR equipment and the countdown computer surely were old. I’m guessing the Dharma Initiative were not the ones who installed the Frozen Donkey Wheel. They may not even have been aware of the frozen cave underneath the Orchid Station. At this point, we don’t know of anyone involved who is more technologically advanced than the Dharma Initiative, do we? Perhaps Ben’s knowledge of the island goes further back than the Dharma Initiative. Maybe he’s a reincarnated soul of someone who first corked the exotic matter.

When Richard Alpert gave five year old Locke the test for the reincarnated Chosen One, Locke failed when he chose the knife. I’m assuming the correct answer for a Chosen One would have been the BOOK OF LAWS, reasoning that the old mature Chosen One was the caretaker of the Law. Locke was never verified as the Chosen One by anyone, was he? Didn’t he merely proclaimed himself to be the Chosen One after Ben and Jacob allowed him to be? It’s not clear to me that leading the islanders was Locke’s divine destiny. I would like to think that that Aaron will someday be given the test; and who knows, there may be a LOST spin-off for another six years of island secrets and obfuscations. I was never clear about why children was being kidnapped in Season One. Were the Others looking for the Chosen One?

Does the style of the four toed statue strikes you as being odd for being on a South Pacific island? Artifacts from ancient Oceanic mythology, from what I’ve seen, are more primitive and expressionistic, and their statues are more indicative of animal forms. A realistic human foot wearing a sandal is more recent and European. I’m suggesting the statue was created elsewhere in a different culture. Maybe the island was once near Greece.

Did the four toed statue naturally crumbled over time, toppled from an earthquake, or was it vandalized? My theory is that there was a conflict on the island between two rival groups: one that followed the BOOK OF LAWS, and one that wanted a more liberal view. One of the groups made the statue of their leader. The other group considered it sacrilegious, so they brought down the false idol.

Do you get the feeling that Jacob (or Christian) as a spiritual guide gives bad advice? It’s as though he doesn’t really know what’s best. He’s rather like Jack: wants to lead and give orders, but his flaws lead him to the wrong decisions. Maybe it’s divinity by committee and the gods are not all that enlightened. The whispers that’s heard may be the gods arguing among themselves and being indecisive -- rather like a town hall meeting.

If Claire is dead, when did she die? Assuming spirits can’t physically carry a baby around (just as Jacob can‘t physically turn the Frozen Donkey Wheel and move the island himself), Claire was probably still alive when she went off into the jungle with “Dad.” Besides, Miles would have noticed a ghost walking with him, wouldn’t he? My idea is that she’s still alive and will become the mother of the island’s next Chosen One -- a ROSEMARY’S BABY type of thing. But then, wouldn’t a virgin be needed for that? Barring that, what other use would the island have for a female non-virgin?

Do you suppose this is like the movie POLTERGEIST where a house is built on top of a graveyard? Except, in this case, an island was plopped down on top of a burial site when it was previously moved? It could be that not only was the Dharma Initiative exploiting the island’s magic, so were the ghosts.

I think Locke’s real name is still Locke. The reason the Oceanic Six are not saying the name of Locke while he is off the island may be to confuse the island spirits. In some Asian traditions, mothers will give nicknames to their infants to prevent the spirits from taking them. The theory is: the spirits are coming to take a child with a specific name, so if the child goes by a different name, hopefully the spirit won’t take it. Apparently, spirits don’t bring along DNA testing kits. My theory is that Locke is committing an identity fraud because someone, perhaps an island ghost, is listening and may learn Locke’s true location. But then, if the ghost is the same as the one watching and protecting Michael when he was in NYC, it would be able to see Locke, too. When Ben at the Frozen Donkey Wheel shouted out, "I hope you're happy now, Jacob," he was communicating as though Jacob was watching and listening. But if going by that theory, why can’t the spirits also see Locke in the coffin?

If the paranormal or supernatural is involved in the events on the island, have you noticed that the apparitions that’s haunting the island (and elsewhere) are not unfamiliar to the Losties or the Others? I was expecting ash covered Micronesian ghosts wearing grass skirts to pop up. But instead we get characters such as Christian, Boone, Kate’s horse, Hurley’s Dave, Yemi, Ana-Lucia, Ben’s mother, Charlie, Libby, and Harper. And the apparitions are not always of dead people. Walt appeared to Locke, but he’s not dead. Claire appeared to Kate, but she’s probably not dead. Ghostly appearances doesn’t seem to be following any rules. Ghostly integrity also doesn’t seem to be following any rules. At least one of the ghosts was downright lying. Harper told Juliet a lie when she said that Daniel and Charlotte were going to the Tempest Station to release the poison gas. Honestly, can anyone trust an island ghost completely?

Anonymous said...

Lol, the reason there's no one on the freighter is because it's a computerised shot and they didn't have time to digitally add anyone in.

There were a stack of extras on the boat when Jin was running on the deck...where did they go to so quickly?

It's a digital error.

Anyway, the producers have said Jin will be back in "some form".