Thursday, July 13, 2006

Today I was the guest blogger on my friend Jeremy's blog, Popped Culture, where I blogged about Canada's Next Top Model. Thanks for letting me borrow your page for the day, Jer!

Yesterday my friend Crissy told me about this MTV show called My Super Sweet Sixteen, and so I PVR'd it today and just watched it, and oh my god, it's awesome. Totally awesome in that "oh my god, did you see that horrible car crash?" kind of way. This show follows the super-rich and super-bitch as they turn 16, and do so in the most ungrateful and horrid little way, but it's OH so much fun. In this ep, Carlysia is the daughter of a rich R&B singer and she has this massive party where she debuts her "single," which is truly awful, and she moans about wanting a Mercedes (she gets it) and shows up to the party in $15,000 of bling. When her massive stretch limo shows up tres late, she jumps up and down in excitement saying she can't wait until she shows up looking oh-so-hot (she's not)and everyone sees her on the red carpet (yes, there's a red carpet at her birthday party). But when she shows up, everyone's actually gone into the party, and the only person who watches her on the red carpet is some huge bouncer who sheepishly starts clapping and going, "Yay. Whoo. Yeah, Carlysia!" I've already set my PVR to record it every day.

I'm using my husband's computer and there's a spider that's just dropped down in front of me on a string, and now I'm watching it bob up and down as it starts to make a web. I think I seriously need to clean this house.


Anonymous said...

wasn't your sweet 16 like that? my recruit tasha and i are in the midst of a buffy/angel marathon (just watched "darla" ... so good). tasha says wait til you see the bjorn ep of super sweet 16. classic. - cb

RC said...

"Totally awesome in that "oh my god, did you see that horrible car crash?" kind of way"

how funny...i love your quote.

--RC of