Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I'm Back, Babeeeee
Honestly, my serious ineptitude will soon be a thing of the past, I PROMISE. For the last week I've been trying to log on, and blogger wouldn't accept any of my email addresses, it wouldn't take my username, and I couldn't remember my password (it's what happens when you do everything from one computer that just has cookies, and then you try to switch to another!) But thankfully, after much hardship, I realized I was using the wrong username (duh) and now I'm back. And I have lots to say.

Hell's Kitchen: Sorry, Virginia; Gordon Ramsay isn't Santa Clause. I was happy with the results of this show. While I actually liked Virginia a lot, the girl would have been lost in a kitchen on her own. Heather was FAR more talented and skilled in a kitchen, though I must say, Gordon Ramsay certainly had his work cut out for him with those two. It's too bad he had such a bunch of yahoos to work with from the beginning. Can't FOX find anyone out there who is an actual chef, or is the fun in throwing a bunch of idiots in a kitchen and wondering who will set themselves on fire first?

Entourage: This week's episode was HILARIOUS. Ari was at his personal best. Martin Landau is brilliant in the role of the aging movie producer, and Ari's frustration with him mirrors his same frustrations with E in season one. I LOVE this show.

Rock Star: I've only recently started watching this show and I was hooked immediately (seriously, my taste usually doesn't run to reality television unless it's America's Next Top Model or Amazing Race, but in the summer, what else can ya do??) I thought Lukas was weird as hell the first week (I can't remember what he sang, but his back was to the audience the entire time) but now I'm weirdly fascinated by him. Not to mention he looks exactly like Hawksley Workman, a BRILLIANT artist from Toronto. (If you don't know who he is, start with Last Night We Were the Delicious Wolves and prepare to be awed.) Hate Patrice, and I hope she goes soon. I kinda like Storm, but I think she's rather insincere, too, so I don't want to see her win. Magni is pretty cool, and Delana rocks.

Thank You for Smoking: I just saw this movie last night FINALLY (I'm so out of touch these days) and frankly, I was rather disappointed. I'd heard from SO many people that it was this awesome film, but I laughed once, when Rob Lowe's assistant commented that Lowe was obsessed with "Asian shit." Otherwise it was just a stylized satire of lobbyists, which I wouldn't have minded if it hadn't have been anti-smoking lobbyists. It turned a tobacco lobbyist into a hero, and that was just... weird.

Little Miss Sunshine: Or maybe I was disappointed in TYFS because it wasn't Little Miss Sunshine, which is the best movie I've seen in ages. I laughed, cried, and wanted the DVD. And I think that happened just in the opening credits. GO SEE IT.

I have some more to say on a completely different topic, but I think I'll post on that separately. In other news, my book is at the printer, and while it was there a photo agency came through with a photo of Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond on Lost). No matter where I looked, photos of this guy didn't seem to exist. My publisher tried every agency, photographer, even tracked down his agent, all to no avail, and then he made some appearance on the weekend at the Creative Emmys and boom, photo. And my wonderful publisher is now going to change one of the photos in the final section and flip in the Cusick picture instead, which has me seriously doing happy somersaults. Well, not really, or I'd probably throw out a hip, but I'll watch my toddler do somersaults and pretend it's me. :)

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