Monday, March 07, 2011

Music for a Monday

Two of my favourite acts, together on stage. I still remember flipping channels and stopping on this show years ago when it first aired, and suddenly this happened and my jaw dropped.


Stephen said...

Not really relevant to the video here - heck, I found your site while looking for an image of the "Stanley Nickel" for "The Office" - but I just wanted to say, as someone who survived a relationship with a rabid Twilight fangirl last year, that your shirt is delightfully awesome, and I wish I'd seen one back then!

So, thanks for brightening up my day. :)

Allison said...

I LOVE this.

yourblindspot said...

Another late night at work, and boy, did this hit the spot. Thanks, Nik.

D*Con Guest List Update - Added Beau Bridges and Felicia Day over the weekend. For panels on "Bring It On Again" and "Sea Hunt," no doubt.

WV: ingorse - where foraging for honey might well land you

Sue K. said...

Thank you - loving the album! :)