Monday, September 16, 2013

Hawaii, I AM IN YOU

We just arrived in Hawaii a couple of hours ago, and I'm in love with the island already. Here's the Lost-like view from our hotel room:

But it's certainly a testament to the glory of Breaking Bad that I consider watching last night's episode on the plane the absolute highlight of the day. WHOA.

I shall report more, but right now, it's 4:45 here, and it feels like 10:45 to me, and stupid United Airlines ran out of food by the time they got to our row (we were in the Ana Lucia tail of the plane) and therefore we didn't eat for the entirety of the eight-hour flight (following our initial four-hour flight). Thank you, United! :) So I am now off to find out if the Italian restaurant in this place is all they say it is... Aloha!


SenexMacdonald said...

Good; go eat and then you can take time to reflect on where you are and make the rest of us sooooo jealous that we .... hmmmmm, what would be appropriate and honour the place you find yourself in? People?

This is your(!) opportunity to do something LOST-like to Nikki. If you were one of our Losties or (and Heaven forbid that this would be any of us) an Other, and you chanced upon our lovely Nik out in the wilds, what would you do?

Do your darndest and post it here. I am sure it will be inspiration to Nik ... and possibly make her realize that she should have smuggled us all(!) in her luggage. This way we would have made our own LOST convention. ;))

Btw, the "prove you're not a robot" part to post this started with 23 ... WTH???

Marebabe said...

Hmm... I’m (mostly) drawing a blank here, but it occurs to me that whatever-it-is should somehow include Desmond. Y’know. Because DUH! :)

Page48 said...

Nikki, you know what Dave Carroll did when United pissed him off!

Sooooo, now it's your turn. And don't go easy on them!!