Monday, December 31, 2007

Today's Laugh
I'm sure you've all seen the dramatic prairie dog on YouTube by now. If not, check it out; it's hilarious (and it's only about 5 seconds). This video has been parodied and remixed probably more than anything else this year, and some brilliant Lost fan went and put together an awesome one. Check it out here, or click Play below:


Anonymous said...

Hey, Nikki. I was wondering if you've been able to watch any of the LOST mobisodes that have been released yet. I'm sure you have, but I have doubts since you haven't made a blog post about them yet. Personally, I'm enjoying them a lot and think they were a great idea to keep fans "busy" during the hiatus, but I obviously want the show back. There are nine that have aired so far, out of thirteen, and you can view them all on ABC's LOST page, but it's possible that only Americans can view them there. If so, I could send you the links to each of them on third party video sites; they're definitely worth it.

Oh, and you also never mentioned LOST's new timeslot--Thursday, January 31st at 9/8c

Nikki Stafford said...

Hi Brian! Yep, I commented on the mobisodes when they started up:

I keep meaning to post the date Lost will start up, but since several people have mentioned it in the comments sections of my recent Lost posts, I figured the info was all over the place. Thanks for the reminder, and I'll put it in my next post. :)

Anonymous said...

Well I stand corrected! Surprisingly, I must've missed that post when you first put it up. Either way, I'm glad to see that non-USA-ers (yes, that's a "word") are able to watch them.

Anonymous said...

Not watching mobisodes and such because of the WGA strike, but I have to say that gopher thing is awesome. But how did it pull the pilot out of the plane?

Anonymous said...

Are you not watching them because you support the strike? If that's the cause, then you should know that doesn't make any sense; a deal was specifically drawn up between the writers and ABC for those mobisodes that pays the writers a decent amount of money.

This is taken from LOSTpedia

"With the distribution of the Lost storyline on the forefront of new technologies (e.g., ARGs, podcasts, online viewing, and iTunes downloads), the financial issues of mobile content distribution had been wholly unknown to entertainment industry unions. Brenda Ching of SAG's Hawaii branch first encountered these issues with regard to Lost and described them to the larger national unions. In April 2006, the three major guilds negotiated a first-of-its-kind agreement in the industry between Touchstone and Lost, allowing for actors, writers, and directors to work under guild auspices and be compensated for the mobisode series."

But if you're not watching them because you don't support the, that's a whole other story.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Brian. I didn't realize. I know The Office writers and actors were forced to work on something similar for which they got nada.

Where are those mobisodes again?