Monday, August 31, 2009

Coming Soon: Finding Lost S5!

Hey all! So... the season 5 book has officially gone to the printer, and I saw the full cover the other day (front/spine/back) and it was gorgeous. Just when I thought the s4 was my fave cover ever, this one tops it. The designer put this creepy dark cloud all over the back cover, and I loved it.

Some of you will remember last year that I offered autographed copies of the S4 book if you ordered them directly from me. I had an overwhelming response that was great, and I'd like to extend that same offer. The problem this time around is the S5 is a full two-and-a-half signatures longer (eep). So where the S4 book had been 224 pages, this one is 304 ("Wait, at the same cover price?? Oh, Nikki, you spoil us!"). That also means, however, that it's going to weigh more, and until I have the books in my hand I won't know just how much more. I don't think shipping will be much more expensive this time around, but I'll have to figure out exactly how much more and then I can let everyone know.

So what we can do this time around is, if you're interested in a signed advance copy (I'll have them in my hands about 3 weeks before Amazon will), email me and give me your full address, and then I can keep a list of them so I can figure out shipping costs when I have the book in my hands. This is NOT a commitment from you to buy anything -- if the shipping is more than expected, I certainly wouldn't expect you to pay it. This is just so I have a list, and then I can email you back, let you know the shipping and send you the options on how to pay, and we can get things moving. :)

So send me an email with your address if you're interested. It's $14.95 if you live in the U.S., and $16.95 in Canada (no tax). I'll figure out shipping on top of it. Also, I still have copies of all of the other Finding Lost books, so if you're interested in more than one (a COMPLETE Finding Lost library, anyone??) let me know that, too. :) The first book is $17.95 U.S., $19.95 Cdn (it covers seasons 1 & 2) and the rest of them are the same price as the S5 book.

And in other news, my publicist told me the other day that he wants to do a launch for this book. I was surprised, and said I thought maybe a launch for the final book to sort of celebrate the series, but he thinks the S5 book would be a great one to launch because the show's still on the air, people are buzzing with excitement over the upcoming final season, the Lost rewatch is in full swing, etc. etc. The launch would be held somehwere in Toronto probably in mid-to-late October. So I'm just putting the word out there because I'm hoping some of my dear Nik at Nite readers would be able to make it, and I could meet you for the first time! And then I'll do a long academic lecture on Time Travel in the Land of the Jacobites, followed by a close analysis of Desmond's shirt-unbuttoning. (Wait... stop running away!) OK. Maybe I'll skip the time travel portion of that lecture...

When I know more details, I'll post them, but here's hoping I can finally meet some of you. We could make it a Nik at Nite meet-up!

FNL Returns: SO Excited!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Lost Characters as Superheroes

You have to check this out. Not only did this blogger manage to come up with superhero identities for every character on Lost, but he even found a photo of the character or actor that looked EXACTLY like the pose of the superhero. It's pretty amazing. And he didn't choose them based on the pose -- their qualities match the superhero he's talking about. Take Ben, for instance:

Guided by an incredibly warped and twisted view of the world, he actually believes his actions are justified. Constantly putting his arch nemesis "Jackman" into impossible moral quandaries, he seems to be in control of even the most out-of-control situations. Also a regular visitor of my nightmares.

Ha! Go check out the entire post here. My favourite: His nomination for Eloise Hawking's alter-ego. Heehee!!

Lost Rewatch Update

The rewatch is still going strong. If you're just joining us, or want to jump in near the beginning of season 2, come on over. We're already starting to see little hints of what's to come in seasons 5 and even 6:

2.05 "...And Found"
Sun freaks when she loses her wedding ring, and Jack awkwardly tries to convince her that it doesn't really signify that anything bad will happen:
Jack: "Don't worry, Sun, I lost MY wedding ring once, and it signified nothing. I got a fake ring, my wife stopped trusting me, I became a paranoid freak, and she left me."
Sun: "Please stop trying to cheer me up, Jack."

2.06 "Abandoned"
Shannon falls apart in the jungle and tells Sayid that she believes he's just going to leave her like everyone else did. He decides to eschew what his gut is telling him to say -- "Probably... but I can assure you that I will make it worth your while, while it lasts. Now, stop this foolishness and go back to my Love Tent that I have built for us." -- and tells her that he'll always be there. For the next 20 seconds of her life. (Thanks to Joan for that quote... I just had to use it!)

2.07 "The Other 48 Days"
People are kidnapped, people die, Ana Lucia goes nuts, paranoia rules the day, we see Jacob's list... and I realize THAT'S where I left my glass eye! Seriously, I have the WORST time keeping track of that thing...

2.08 "Collision"
Jack, whose memory is a freakin' steel trap, proves that not only can he remember some sweaty Scottish guy he met five years ago running through a stadium, but a woman he met in an airport bar and chatted up for three seconds before catching a plane. It's probably because nothing monumental has happened to him since then.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

True Blood: WOW.

I'm still a week behind on True Blood, so I'm taking a chance posting on this (and please don't spoil me for this week's episode in your comments!) but I just had to say something after watching that incredible rooftop scene in the August 16 episode, "I Will Rise Up." It was so beautifully done, and paid homage to similar scenes that had come before it.

Long before Joss Whedon humanized vampires, or Cylons made us question whether robots were unfeeling machines or creatures with souls, there were replicants. Whenever anyone asks me if I have a favourite scene in a movie, I probably say this one. At the end of Blade Runner, after Deckard has been chasing the replicants through the entire movie, he corners Roy Batty on a rooftop, and as the replicant "dies," he delivers one of the most incredible and moving speeches I've ever seen in a film, and Deckard immediately begins to question what he'd been doing:

It's one of those scenes that stays with you. In a similar scene (minus the death, thank god), in the season 7 Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode, "Beneath You," Buffy tracks a crazy Spike to a church, and through his rambling she realizes that he's managed to get his soul back, in a sense. As she watches him in horror, he becomes more coherent, and tired of everything he's been through, he walks to the altar of the church, drapes himself on the cross, and says, "Can we rest now? Buffy, can we rest?" as smoke begins to rise from his body. I remember meeting James Marsters shortly after this scene had aired, and I told him I thought the scene was Shakespearean. His face lit up and he said, "Really? Because that's what I was going for!" Well, it worked. It's one of the most haunting scenes of any television show I've ever watched.

And now I've seen another. In season 1, True Blood was a campy delight that I enjoyed watching, despite all the naysayers saying it wasn't living up to the cred of other HBO shows. This season has been far, far better, not least because of Eric. Oh, Eric... I'm sorry, Spike, but as much as I love you, my allegiance has suddenly moved to another blonde vampire putting on an accent that isn't really his. Alexander Skarsgard. Oh, where you have you been all my life? Let's just look at him for a second, shall we?:

Mmm. OK, where was I? Oh yes, the August 16 episode. In it we discover -- shockingly -- that when Godric had been captured by the Brotherhood of the Sun, he'd done it on purpose. After 2000 years, he was tired. He was tired of the fighting, the hiding, the distrust, the bloodshed. He'd once been a bloodthirsty vampire, but he no longer even drinks blood, allowing himself to waste away. He was hoping the Fellowship would put a hasty end to his suffering, but his protege, Eric, came to his "rescue" just in time. Now that the PR woman who's touting Vampire Rights on CNN every night asks Godric to step down as sheriff, he gives up his post happily, and asks a distraught Eric to join him on the roof right before sunrise.

Alexander Skarsgard and Alan Hyde, who plays Godric, are both Scandinavian. I don't know if the language they used on the roof was something that they could both speak more easily, but what I did notice was when they switched to it, their already stellar acting reached new heights. Eric falls before his maker, begging him to stay, with blood running down his face (vampires in this world cry blood). He offers to burn with him, but Godric refuses, and asks him to find a safe haven. Sookie, who earlier in the episode had been tricked into drinking Eric's blood, and is now connected to him, is particularly tender and kind to Eric, despite the disgust she feels toward him, assuring him that she'll stay with Godric until the end. And she does.

Godric has clearly been set up as a Christ figure (he even refers to Christ in one episode), one who will die to save the vampire race. If he sacrifices himself, imagine the spin the PR woman could put on it. But that's not his ultimate end game. He's simply... done. Like Roy Batty, in his final moments he's completely humanized, and marvels at it. He stares at Sookie, and says he can't believe that at the very end, he's standing next to a human, who is crying real tears for him. He assures her he's not scared at all, but is in fact filled with joy. And yet, he belies this confidence in one brief moment when he looks at Sookie and asks her how God will punish him. She tells him God doesn't punish, he forgives.

He steps forward, seeing the sun rise for the first time in two millenia, and opens his arms to greet it. He'd already told Sookie that it would be quick, because he's so old. She stands back, sobbing and frightened for him, as a look of peace falls over his face and he is obliterated in a magnificent blue light, leaving nothing behind but the white tunic he'd removed just before stepping forward. This from the man who, centuries before, stood above Eric, about to turn him into a vampire, and answered, "I am" when Eric asked him if he was death. Now Godric knows there are things much worse than death.

In an episode that had its share of laugh-out-loud moments -- Steve and his wife bickering on national television while he sports the giant red bruise from the paintball on his forehead; Sam showing up naked at Andy's hotel room -- this moment was divine. I haven't seen anything like it on television this year, and it brought me to tears in a way that only Buffy used to do.

And now my husband's away for a week interviewing a musician for a feature story and I have to wait until he's back at the end of the week to watch the next episode. It's already killing me, but in the meantime, I will continue to be haunted by that scene of Godric giving himself over to fate and disappearing from a world that has only given him pain.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Hello all you Upper East Siders... and Lower West Siders... and people in the Beach areas... and Mountain people (Mountain people? GREAT. Now I'll have "One Tin Soldier" in my head FOREVER.) It's time for me to tell you about another awesome book.

And... once again, in the nature of full disclosure, I have to say that it's written by one of my favourite people in the universe. But again, that doesn't mean it's not AWESOME. Because it is.

Gossip Girl is one of the most addictive shows on television. Some people call it a "guilty pleasure," but it's not. It's just a pleasure, period. I LOVE it, and I don't care who knows it. I don't feel like my TV cred goes downhill if I say that. My husband does, but that's because he's never bothered to watch it (this from a guy who never missed an ep of the original 90210... go figure). It boasts wickedly funny writing, crisp dialogue, great acting, and such a rollercoaster of emotions it puts most soap operas to shame. Sure, sometimes it's over the top (Serena KILLED someone? Really? No, not really) but that's all part of the fun.

Crissy Calhoun is a friend of mine who shares that unabashed love of Gossip Girl... so much so that when she emailed me last summer to say, "So... do you think there might actually be room for a Gossip Girl book?" I knew there would be no better person to write it. Gossip Girl is that show that critics love, but no one really thinks of it as deep or intellectual. After you've read Crissy's new book, Spotted: Your One and Only Unofficial Guide to Gossip Girl, you'll think twice about that.

Written in the same fun, brassy, sassy style of the show, Spotted is not only an episode guide that follows the development of each character (particularly Jenny in season 1 and Blair in season 2), but it looks at the series of YA novels, the genesis of the show from book series to TV show, and has a lot of funny sidebars that kept me giggling while I was working on it. Calhoun has done her research, showing us that there's a LOT more to Gossip Girl than just being a show about teen angst. (Remember all those people who thought Buffy was a kid's show? Yeah... right.)

With amazing photos (the two colour sections will knock your socks off), fun and witty writing, and exhibiting a true love of the show, Spotted is a book for every Gossip Girl fan. While I already have an early copy (friendsies!), copies will be available in stores very shortly.

I also want to mention that if you're in the Toronto area, or plan to be on September 14 (the night of the show's S3 premiere), ECW Press will be hosting a book launch for the title, and I will be there. Not only can you buy a copy of the book and get it signed by the author, BUT the premiere will be screened at the event, so you can ooh, ahh, laugh, and groan out loud with fellow GGers. The event will be held on Monday, September 14, 2009, at the Queen and Beaver House at 36 Elm Street. The event starts at 8, and beginning at 9pm you can watch the season 3 premiere!!

I hope to see some of you there! And if you can't make it, follow the link above and get a copy. You won't regret it. In the meantime, check out Ms. Calhoun's amazing blog, where she'll be posting about the show all season, the same way I do Lost.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Now THIS is a Magazine Cover I'd Kill For

Sometimes I think that the TV Addict and I were separated at birth. Angry with YET ANOTHER Twilight cover on this week's Entertainment Weekly (dude, I am SO with you on that one...) he decided to fashion a cover that he'd like to see. How many takers out there? Let's hope EW is listening.

New Dexter S4 Promo Poster

Best promo poster for a new season ever? YES. (Click on poster to enlarge it.)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Getting Ready for Season 6: The Experiment

Back when theblackbox first sent me his preparation videos, I asked him if he'd do a montage of Desmond. He just sent me this video, and while it's not exactly the montage I was looking for (shirtless, romantic, hair flowing in the ocean breezes), it's actually way more appropriate for the Lost rewatch that we're doing right now. If you haven't been checking it out, we're just starting season 2, and you should come on over and read the discussion (even if you're not rewatching, just reading the comments will jog your memory). In the meantime, here, in chronological order, is what Desmond was put through in the Swan station. Thank you, blackbox! (Man, you're a busy guy this week!!)

Getting Ready for Season 6: Happy Moments

This is from a different poster, the one who did "Origins" (the video about the survivors as children) and this one is just as beautiful as that one. Especially because he uses a song from one of my all-time favourite CDs, which always brings a smile to my face when I hear it. This is glorious... and might actually bring a tear to your eye, even though it's meant to be happy. Because happiness is so fleeting on the island...

Big Lost News

I've been meaning to post this FOREVER but with holidays and the rewatch, I just didn't have time. So... it's probably more correct to say OLD Lost News... but whatever. ;)

If you had the time to check out the Comic-Con videos I posted a couple of weeks ago, you'd have seen at one point a guy named Paul presented Darlton with a velvet painting, and he urged everyone to check out his site, Damon, Carlton, and a Polar Bear. He gave out the URL, Damon and Carlton tried to rush him off the mike at this point and they repeated it, got it wrong, so he said it again, and it just seemed like a comedian having fun at the podium and Darlton getting a kick out of it.

I went to the site, and the guy was pretty funny, all excited about giving them his painting, etc. But then I went back again, and he was upset, saying someone from inside the production office had told him they'd seen the velvet painting in the trash. When he didn't believe the person, they sent him a picture of it on their cameraphone. So he decided to invade the ABC offices and find out what happened.

And that's when it began to dawn on fans that this guy wasn't just a random fan having fun, that he was actually hired by ABC to star in the new ARG as a random fan having fun. In the following video, he goes to the offices to try to track down Damon and Carlton, and decides that if he can't, he'll go through their trash to find his painting. And what he finds is something else indeed.

If you consider episode titles to be spoilers, then I'd warn you about watching the last 30 seconds of it, because he reveals the episode title to the premiere of season 6. If you DO want to know, scroll down below the video after you've watched it for my take on the title. This is obviously pure speculation, but we've got five more friggin' months. What ELSE are we supposed to do?! :) (Oh, and as for the video, check out the shirt he's wearing -- yay!! and also, EVIL -- and my favourite moments are at 2:20 and 3:05... listen carefully to the latter.)

So there you have it... the episode title for the premiere is "LA X." It's obviously a play on the name of the LA airport, the one where they're all supposed to end up should Jack's whole bomb thing work out. He wonders if it could mean X marks the spot, like that's where they really will end up. We've seen previous videos of America's Most Wanted, where Kate's on the run for having killed someone else; we've seen Hurley's Chicken Shack commercial, where he's returned from Australia and is OK, and lookalikes of Michael and Walt are eating at the restaurant (weird, since they were only heading to LA to board a connecting flight to NY, but I'm being nitpicky). We've been given these hints that maybe Jack was right and they'll end up at LAX and will have never been to the island.

I just don't think it's that simple. Because added to that was Jorge Garcia coming up to the mike at Comic-Con and saying that if they were to pull something like that, it would be a massive cheat and fans would be let down.

So here's my thinking (and while I've NEVER been right on a speculation, I'm warning you that you never know when I might be, so if this turns out to be true, don't blame me for spoiling it).

I think the X is to signify an X THROUGH the word, as if to say, "They ended up in LA and everything was fine." I think the first episode might be a cheat like that, where we start off thinking they'll all have landed. We'll see them go about their daily lives, and we'll see things that might have happened had they actually landed. But somewhere near the end of the episode, something will happen, where they'll all whirl together and it'll turn out this wasn't the case at all, and boom, they'll be back on the island, in 2007, with Jacob and Locke and everyone. I just don't see them having a do-over like that. I'd actually be REALLY interested to see an alternate universe where Kate didn't kill her father, where Hurley's gotten over his curse, where we maybe see the other characters (there are rumours that Charlie, Boone, and several others will be appearing in season 6) only in this alternate scenario, but it won't turn out to be the main one.

The thing is, if it DOES turn out to be a do-over, I have complete faith in Darlton that they'll do it right. I don't think they'll let me down. They haven't done so yet (even when everyone else was complaining about the cages at the beginning of season 3, I was still enjoying myself). So that's my early speculation, with its usual 95% chance of being wrong, and I'm looking forward to seeing what they're actually going to do!

If you want to see more at the new ARG site, go here.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Getting Ready for Season 6: Life & Death

Prepare yourself before watching this one. It's glorious and devastating. Wow... I can't believe how much death has been on this show. I welled up a couple of times, but I won't say where. I'll let you watch it for yourself. Enjoy! (This is care of theblackbox once again!)

Sunday, August 09, 2009

I Wanna Do Bad Things To You...

I've been meaning to post on this all freakin' season, but now I finally have the chance.... I hope some of you are watching season 2 of True Blood. For those of you who aren't, you are missing out on some of the best vampire television I've ever seen. This coming from someone who thinks Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the greatest TV show of all time.

Perhaps you watched season 1 and thought, "Meh. Not as good as the books." or "It's OK, but the sex is a little over the top." I'll admit, I haven't actually read the Sookie Stackhouse novels, so I can't compare. For those who haven't seen the show at all, it's about a girl named Sookie who lives in the Louisiana bayou in a time where vampires have "come out of the coffin" and are walking amongst people, thanks to a new synthetic blood called "Tru Blood" that can be bought in the stores for a steep price. So now vamps can walk into the local Mac's milk and pick up a case of the stuff.

But that doesn't mean people have to like it.

Obviously a metaphor for homosexuality, the vampirism on the show is treated in a new and vibrant way. Sometimes the comparisons are a little obvious, but by season 2, it ramps up into a whole new hemisphere of hate.

But let's rewind to season 1. Sookie can't find love, simply because she's a telepath. She can read the thoughts of anyone she's with, which drives her -- and the one who loves her -- completely bonkers. But then she meets Bill, a vampire who was turned during the Civil War, and for the first time, she can't read his thoughts. He, on the other hand, can't glamour her into saying or doing what he wants. Both see the challenge in the other, and fall in love. (And how much do I love, in a world of Angels and Lestats, a vampire named "Bill"? It made me giggle every time someone said it in season 1.) In season 1 there was an overarching mystery, where people connected to vampires were being killed one by one, and it wasn't clear who was doing it, but the vampire haters assumed it was a vamp, and the vampire lovers assumed it was someone who was vampiraphobic.

The mystery was solved by the end of the season, and now we're on to season 2, where an evangelist church is waging a war against the vampires by setting up an army of vampire killers. That plot alone is a lot of fun, but there's one other reason to be watching season 2: Eric. Oh, Eric. Not since Spike has a blond vampire shown up on the scene to take the viewer's breath away. But he's not funny like Spike. He's dark and brooding like Angel... and he's got a thing for Sookie. He ropes Sookie and Bill into his personal quest to find his sire, Godric (and through a freakin' FANTASTIC flashback that outshone the one where Angel was turned, we see how Eric was turned from a viking -- yep, he's that old -- into the vamp he is today, by Godric, the most intriguing character on television this year). And OH MY GOD that journey is one where every week, as the hour is coming to a close, I've got one eye on the clock and the other on the show, praying they won't end it any time soon. And each week I'm practically standing as the giant cliffhanger comes... and it fades to black, with me punching my fists at the heavens and screaming, "NOOOO!" (And, sadly, I'm not actually exaggerating. My husband is starting to enjoy my frustration more than the episodes themselves...)

I LOVE this season. So go grab season 1 if you haven't seen it yet, and get through it. It's not nearly as good as season 2, but it's still a lot of fun. And then get ready for Eric, Sookie, Bill, and the awesome journey of season 2. And hey, I haven't even MENTIONED the craziness that is Michelle Forbes this season, and what happens with her, Tara, and Sam. (I swear Forbes is on every genre show there is.) And that's not the only link to Lost... Ben Linus's mom (i.e. Michael Emerson's wife) plays Arlene, the kooky and hilarious waitress that works with Sookie at the local bar. Check it out -- you won't be disappointed.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Kings of Madison Avenue

It is my pleasure to devote today's blog post to one of my favourite books I've read in the past year. And, for the purpose of full disclosure, I'll admit up front that I was the acquiring and developing editor on this book. But that doesn't mean I can't sing its praises to the highest. (After all, the royalties go to the author, not me.)

Kings of Madison Avenue is the unofficial companion guide to Mad Men. If you're a fan of the show, you will love this book. With chapters on the civil rights movement, the second wave of feminism, advertising campaigns of the early 1960s, key figures of the era, and many more, author Jesse McLean has gone beyond the episodes to give the reader the context of the 1960s. He also includes chapters on books and movies that are referenced in the episodes, such as The Apartment or Meditations in an Emergency.

I still remember getting this book proposal... Jesse wrote it up like he was pitching me an ad campaign, and the cover letter was complete with a ring where he'd set his whisky glass and the corner was burnt off, where he'd accidentally dropped his cigarette ash. It made me laugh out loud, and he's been making me laugh ever since. The writing in this book is sharp and witty, and I loved working on it. Throughout my career as an editor, there are different types of authors I've worked with -- ones who I assume I'll never work with again, either because they were very difficult throughout the process or for some reason they just decided they didn't like me (thankfully this situation is rare), writers who have a lot of talent in the one subject area they've written about, and who I enjoy working with but I'm not sure I see another book in them, and those who I love working with from the get-go and can't wait to work with again. Jesse happily falls into that third category. From the moment he walked into the office and we started up an hour-long conversation about television, I knew we'd get along just fine.

This book should be in stores very soon, if it isn't already, and you can order it on Amazon here. Or, if you live in the Toronto area, please come on out to the launch this Wednesday, August 12, at McNally Robinson, located at the Shops at Don Mills, at the corner of Lawrence and Don Mills Road. The launch is at 7pm, and Jesse will be on hand to sign books, and will be interviewed on stage by Globe and Mail TV columnist John Doyle. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it (and I'm shattered about this) because I'm on vacation. I told our publicists that there was one week in the entire summer that I couldn't make it... and then the bookstore insisted on booking it in that week. Wah. The reason? Mad Men starts up again next Sunday. (WHEEEE!!!)

Please check out this book. You will NOT be disappointed. And check out the author's entertaining blog, Kings of Madison Avenue, here.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Lost Rewatch: Week 6

Hello everyone! Just a heads up that in our rewatch next week, we'll be covering the following episodes, hopefully to go live on Wednesday and Thursday nights (I'm away on vacation, so this will take some juggling on my part).

1.21 The Greater Good
1.22 Born to Run
1.23 Exodus, Part 1
1.24/5 Exodus, Part 2

And if you haven't checked out the posts on this week's episodes, come on over!

1.17 ...In Translation
We realize Jin isn't the bad guy after all, just someone who loved his wife so much he allowed himself to turn into a monster for her. Now with the discovery of his wife's secret, he moves to the other side of the island to "boat."

1.18 Numbers
Hurley's first flashback reveals he's a multimillionaire. Meanwhile, on the island, he and Charlie do their best impression of Shrek and Donkey having to cross the rickety bridge to Princess Fiona's castle.

1.19 Deus Ex Machina
Theresa falls up and down the stairs, Boone is seriously hurt in a crash, and John Locke gives Boone a hint on how to spell "trebuchet."

1.20 Do No Harm
Jack actually becomes a bit of a superhero in this episode, doing his valiant best to save Boone, but when he remembers the time he couldn't write his own vows, he realizes he doesn't have the strength to go on. Meanwhile Claire not only finds the strength to push out a baby, but the island miraculously heals her of her baby weight INSTANTLY.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

RIP: John Hughes


One more piece of my childhood is gone... :(

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I'm Sold

Ladies and gentlemen, voila: advertising that works! I will take what is in the picture!! (They can keep that bottle of cologne and the rock, though...)

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Lost Rewatch: Week 5

Hey all: Just a quick note that over on the Lost Rewatch blog, we'll be watching eps 17-20 this week. The schedule is as follows:

Wednesday, 8pm:
1.17 ... In Translation
1.18 Numbers

Thursday, 8pm:
1.19 Deus Ex Machina
1.20 Do No Harm

Also, check out last week's episodes if you haven't already:
1.13 Hearts and Minds
Boone and Shannon get it on while battling a smoke monster (not necessarily at the same time).

1.14 Special
For a recap of just how EVIL Michael's ex-wife really is, look no further than this one. And it's worth it for cute baby Walt.

1.15 Homecoming
Charlie demos a photocopier in a way I would give anything to see in my own office.

1.16 Outlaws
Sawyer and a wild boar have a showdown. Locke happens upon Kate and Sawyer's camp and does his best Debbie Downer impression.

Monday, August 03, 2009

The Prisoner Remake: Sneak Preview

Still trying to catch up on all the Comic-Con stuff, and this is the latest tidbit I've found. This is a 9-minute preview of the upcoming 6-episode miniseries remake of Patrick McGoohan's The Prisoner. I remember hearing about the remake, starring Jim Cavaziel, and my first thought was, "Jim Cavaziel?! Christ..." (hehe...) But then I watched the preview, and my faith is restored. They're taking the basic premise of The Prisoner -- Number 6 is trapped in The Village against his will, and doesn't know how he got there, and constantly tries to escape -- and have handed it to a completely different show about a man who barely remembers his life before this, surrounded by people who have been similarly brainwashed. Check it out... it may be a little spoilery (9 minutes for a 6-hour series is a bit much... I watched the first 6 minutes and it was enough for me) but I'm actually really excited for this show now. It's got Jesus, Galdalf, AND Rover. (Yay, Rover!!!)