Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Facebook Hamlet

Thanks so much to Crissy for this link. I howled out loud the entire time I was reading this, it's so brilliant. (Of my readers, I'm thinking Chris L. and Neil will appreciate it the most.) Enjoy!


humanebean said...

Hilarious, drop-dead-laughing stuff! I spent an hour browsing some of the other selections on this site and now have it bookmarked to visit often. Don't know if you'd read the memorial to Amanda Davis on the site, but you should. It just might make your day to read the appreciative tributes to a lost friend and compelling writer.

Nikki Stafford said...

Before I started maternity leave last year, McSweeney's was my lunch place where I'd just sit and read one thing after another. I don't get to it as often these days, and whenever I do, it's too brilliant for words. I love it! I'm so glad you liked it, too!

Anonymous said...

i'm not even on facebook and i found that funny. hee!

mcsweeney's pop song correspondences make my life!


the "Notes on "Sweet Child O' Mine," as Delivered to Axl Rose by His Editor" is quite possibly the funniest thing i have ever read in my life, bar none.

Chris in NF said...

That is brilliant, and it is now on my office door.

Ever watch the series Slings and Arrows? In season one, they have a theme song that's almost as funny as the McSweeney's thing:

Cheer up Hamlet
Chin up Hamlet
Buck up you melancholy Dane
So your uncle is at hand
Murdered Dad and married Mum
That's really no excuse to be as glum as you've become

So wise up Hamlet
Rise up Hamlet
Buck up and sing the new refrain
Your incessant monologizing fills the castle with ennui
Your antique disposition is embarrassing to see
And by the way you sulky brat the answer is To Be

You're driving poor Ophelia insane
So shut up you rogue and peasant
Grow up it's most unpleasant
Cheer up you melancholy Dane