Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Today's Lost Challenge

I received possibly the most unique request via Facebook message today. One of my readers has asked for our help in naming her dogs. Since I don't know anything about official registration of dogs, I'll let her explain the conundrum to you:

I have two dogs (Shelties) I need help naming. They're the two boys in the litter I had (well, actually my Momma Dog, Madilyn had them) born in 2008, during Lost. The girls named themselves fairly easily ~ Possum, Zoey, and Lacey. But the boys, I just could not think of names for!

Until it struck me like a slap upside the head. They became Jack & Sawyer.

Now I need registered names. Actually, I've needed registered names for a long time, but I procrastinate. You know how they do that, right? You've seen TV dog shows, I imagine?

My kennel name is Dunvegan ~ a castle in Scotland in our family, and Shelties are Scottish, of course. So, as a for instance, their Dad is Dunvegan Reminiscence, and we call him Luke. Mom was Dunvegan After Midnight, and she was called Madilyn. (We lost her to cancer about a month ago.) Possum will be Dunvegan Midnight Skies, because of her coloring. Lacey will be Dunvegan Midnight Lace. (Zoey I don't have a name for yet, either.)

Do you think you & your fans would help me come up with Lost-themed registered names for the boys? All the best episode titles seem to be Desmond-related, like Flashes Before Your Eyes, or Through the Looking Glass. Any ideas for Jack & Sawyer-related names? I've thought & thought, and can't come up with anything suitable.

I've wanted to write & ask for your help for awhile now, but as I said, I procrastinate. :)

I hope you'll help me ~ it could be fun for people to think of names! :)

Tricia & the woofers

As I said to her when I wrote back, I would have gone with Desmond anyway (I know that comes as an utter SHOCK to all of you) and called him Dunvegan Midnight Constant. But Jack and Sawyer are tougher. As I told her, I think Dunvegan Midnight That's Why the Red Sox Will Never Win the Series is a little wordy. ;)

So whaddya think? Who wants to weigh in on some names?


Unknown said...

Off the top of my head, I would say Dunvegan Dutch for Sawyer (because he and Juliet make me weepy). And for Jack, I would go Dunvegan Walks Amongst Us (for Jack's Tats) Best I got right now.

Anonymous said...

I would have named one Jacob and not bothered naming the other one.

Randy said...

Well, as far as episodes go, Lostpedia says that these are the centrics for Jack and for Sawyer (including the Mobisodes... Jack heavily outweighs Sawyer in the centric dept, and I also included a few of them that had multiple 'centric' threads, such as Exodus, on both lists):

Pilot (Part 1)
White Rabbit
All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
Do No Harm
Man of Science, Man of Faith
The Hunting Party
A Tale of Two Cities
Stranger in a Strange Land
Through the Looking Glass
Something Nice Back Home
The Candidate
The Watch
King of the Castle
Operation: Sleeper
Jack, Meet Ethan. Ethan? Jack.
So It Begins
The Last Recruit

Confidence Man
The Long Con
Every Man for Himself
The Last Recruit

Carlton Jenke said...

seems like you are keeping the "Dunvegan Midnight" for all names, even though it wasn't specified as a requirement.

If that is so, here are some names:
Dunvegan Midnight Candidate
Dunvegan Midnight Ajira
Dunvegan Midnight GoBack

Dunvegan Midnight Con
Dunvegan Midnight Lafleur

M9 EGO said...

Dunvegan Midnight 815
Dunvegan Midnight 316

Hunter said...

@redeem That's hilarious!

Lisa(until further notice) said...

Dunvegan Midnight Redeemeror Dunvogan Redeemed (Jack)

Dunvegan Confident James (Sawyer)

If I had a girl and boy dog at the same time, I would love to name them Libby and Hurley.

Lisa(until further notice) said...

That's supposed to be:

Dunvegan Redeemer


Dunvegan Midnight Redeemed (Jack)

Joan Crawford said...

For Sawyer - Dunvegan Complex Guy

The Question Mark said...

I would say:

SAWYER: Dunvegan Midnight Recon

JACK: Dunvegan Midnight Cowboy

The Question Mark said...

@ REDEEM147: LMFAO!!!!!

James F. McGrath said...

Dunvegan Doc and Dunvegan LaFleur are my suggestions, although Dunvegan Jacob and Dunvegan Smokey could work too...

yourblindspot said...

In keeping with the established guidelines, I'd offer Dunvegan Midnight Outlaw or Midnight Jethro for Sawyer (although Question Mark's 'Midnight Cowboy' is pretty hard to beat). For ol' Dural Sac Jack, I can't do better than Dunvegan Midnight Kiddo.

Although Dunvegan Midnight Cassidy (Sawyer) and Dunvegan Midnight Sundance (Jack) would be kind of awesome too...

Marebabe said...

@redeem147: You get full comedy points for that one! Loved it!

Tricia said...

Hi everyone! I'm Tricia ~ Jack & Sawyer's "mom", and I'm so excited!!!'

Just to clarify ~ 'midnight' is not *required* to be there. The sisters will have it in their names to honor their MommaDog, who we lost so recently to a very aggressive, unexpected cancer. And I forgot ~ Possum will actually be Dunvegan Moonlit Skies, not Midnight Skies.

And I absolutely *LOVE* redeem147's idea! I wish I'd thought of that ~ especially since one of the dogs is black, and the other is light (silvery gray)!!! It would've been so perfect. But when they were puppies, we hadn't seen Jacob & his brother yet.

And the AKC limits me to about 30 characters ~ I have to check for sure, but I think that's right. I may have a few more than that.

If you'd like to see photos of them, and please do for some inspiration ~ seeing their faces sometimes helps ~ go to my facebook page! Their photos are as puppies, and they're 'young men' now ~ so I'll try to get updated ones today.

I like the idea of having something along the lines of "redeemed" for Jack. Although ~ I didn't realize that "Through the Looking Glass was considered one of the Jack-centric episodes... because I'd always thought that would make a *lovely* registered name!

If I did want to keep Midnight for Sawyer, Midnight Cowboy or Recon are interesting! Sawyer is the black dog after all, and Jack the lighter-colored one.

This is so exciting for me! I've always been a fan of Nikki's, but never commented, just lurked & enjoyed. :)

Tricia & the woofers