Monday, July 11, 2011

Music for a Monday

My current song obsession...


Joan Crawford said...

I would like use this forum and take this opportunity to tell you, Mme.Stafford, that you have ruined television and movies for me. What you have done cannot be undone!

*Gasps followed by stunned silence. Someone drops a fork and apologizes while someone else mutters "I always knew the old hag would flip out one day"*

Thanks to you and, to a lesser extent, Lost - I can no longer enjoy things like a "normal person"... or, more accurately, as I once did. I accidentally caught some idiotic Matthew Ma-con-a-HAY! movie on TV the other night. No plot, no point, who cares? Well, I did! I was stuck watching a 10 minute dinner scene (in outrage) because the level of wine in the cups kept changing dramatically. "What, do they think we're stupid; we just won't notice? Continuity, you assholes!" I said to my husband and he replied "No, Creep, you aren't supposed to care... it's for fun, you know... fun?" to which I thundered "Wrong again! What's fun, pal, is doing things with precision! That's the very definition of fun!"

And now it's ruining things I love too! Like True Blood - how is Eric's hair shorter now? Didn't they make a big point about how that exact thing can't happen?! And why was everyone watching the bears on TV in last week's episode? They made a point to show us that and then... nothing! But I am all Lost-Nerd-Nikki-Disciple so I have stored it away and now try to find ways to make it prophetic.

Good work, Mme. Stafford, good work.

yourblindspot said...

I personally think the bear-centric nature doc footage that seemed to be playing on every channel in Bon Temps is supposed to foreshadow the mid-season reveal of the werebruins. Either that or they're setting up a new love interest for Lafayette. The implications of which I'm trying not to dwell upon.

More topically: we're friends with a couple who are just beginning season 4 in their first LOST watch, and they have been peppering us with questions like a machine gun nest laying down suppressing fire. And by far, the answer I find myself giving them more than any other is, "Yeah, but it's not that simple, dude."

Touché, Missus Stafford. Touché

Joan Crawford said...

@YBS - I was unaware that there would be werebears. Hehehe!

Fred said...

Oh, Joan, Joan, Joan. Even Lost has its continuity errors. The big one (in the pilot, no less) is when Jack is speaking to the group after the fight. There is an over the shoulder shot which frames Jack. But the hair of the person in the shot is from Josh Holloway. But the cut away is to Charlie. At least the writers admit as much of the error on the disc. But I agree, galsses that keep getting mysteriously filled and drunk from shot to shot should only be relegated to Harry Potter movies, or any other wizarding movie where magic can be used as a reason for such discrepencies. Sadly I don't get True Blood (HBO costs too much), so I can't add anything to your insights of that show's continuity error.

By the by, interesting song.Gavin's song sounds very much Bono influenced. But as i see on Wiki, Bono and Friday are both very good friends from way back. Someone new to check out.

Nikki Stafford said...

Fred: Check out the Gavin Friday label that I put on it, and click through that to see previous things I've written about him. It's actually the other way around: Bono is Gavin-influenced. Gavin Friday is usually brought on tour with U2 (when he's not busy himself) as a musical consultant. Everything Bono does -- from falsettos to lifts in his shoes to climbing the rafters to walking out into the crowds to dance with people -- was all lifted from Gavin. ;)

Marebabe said...

Nikki, thanks for sharing this beautiful song. I think maybe I'm becoming a Gavin Friday fan, yet another way in which you have influenced me!

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