Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Buffy Rewatch Week 41: Spoiler Forum

Once again, here's the spot where you can discuss this week's Buffy and Angel episodes without fear of spoiling those who are watching for the first time. I'm finding as we get closer and closer to the end, these boards are less frequented, but still worth having.

I wonder if anything will come out of Angel and Cordelia getting together in "Waiting in the Wings"? She's just like a mother to Connor, don't you think?



Dusk said...

Birthday is 50 times sadder knowing it is the first step to Cordellia's death, and even though, Angel tries, she gets used up because of the visions.

Lisa(until further notice) said...

I never really understood the whole Cordelia gone (up in the heavens) then back, but not really, and then the whole death thing. Did it happen because Charisma wanted out, or was it part of Joss's original and forever plan for the show? Me no like.

Regarding Tara and her scenes with the Scoobies (Buffy/Dawn) since her breakup with Willow remind me how much I loved her, how good she was for the show and the Scoobies, and how much I will miss her.

On another note, I was driving my son to the airport today and he watched the final two episodes of Buffy in the car. (Long drive to O'hare). When he got to *Chosen*, I insisted he hook it up to my car's sound system so I could listen along while he watched the episode. It was so heartbreaking all over again. I could litterally picture the entire episode through the dialogue and the music.

Some of his comments: "Andrew is so funny...he and Anya having a wheelchair fight in the hospital." "Anya dies?!"
"Ohhh...I don't want this series to end." I asked him if he thought Buffy really loved Spike in the end and he said, "Yes...in her own way." Spuffy forever. Sorry for shipping :)

Dusk said...

Rumour is Cordy was supposed to be Season 4's Big Bad with Jasmine-like qualities and they would have had the season end with a battle between her and Angel, but they had to add in Charisma's real life pregnancy, so they added on the Jasmine character and the Connor ick bit. Also if Glenn Quinn hadn't passed away Doyle would have come back in support of Cordy.

Also on Wikipedia it says they only used Cordellia for the 100th episode because they couldn't get Sarah.

Looks like their was a rift between Charisma and Joss after the show ended but they seem better now. Search "Felicia Day, Kristy Swanson, Julie Benz, Charisma Carpenter DragonCon 2009 Friday 5" on Youtube, start at about 5 ;50.

Colleen/redeem147 said...

I never heard that Sarah was supposed to be back on Angel. That wouldn't have worked. So glad it was Cordy - that episode did a lot to redeem season four. Well, as much as it could have.

Gone and Smile Time - show leads do their parts in a recording booth.

I think after re-watching DMP I get why Amy turns on Willow in season seven.

I had a friend with an interesting theory after As You Were (my worst Buffy episode ever choice.) Warren is slashed across the face exactly where Riley's scar is. And Sam is more like a robot than a person. He thought that they were Warren with a Riley glamour and one of his bots tormenting Buffy by making her feel crappy about herself. I actually like that a lot better than what happened.

Nurse Brian said...

"I wonder if anything will come out of Angel and Cordelia getting together in "Waiting in the Wings"? She's just like a mother to Connor, don't you think?"

EW EW EW. lol

wv: "packo" - how I prepare my things at the end of a trip to Mexico

Lisa(until further notice) said...

Egads. I can't even bring myself to watch these upcoming episodes of Angel. They are so devastating. How I wish was a n00b and didn't know what was coming. Sob.

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