Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Spoiler Forum: Angel S5 Eps 19, 20, 21

As always, here is the Buffy/Angel spoiler forum for this week's episodes.


Colleen/redeem147 said...

They have to bring the head before LA becomes a demon war zone - it won't help.

Wes tells Illyria to never be Fred - until he's dying.

"I'm talking full-on hell" - as seen in IDW comics.

Austin Gorton said...

@Nikki: but there's a whole other side to that story that's unveiled in the Buffy Season 8 comics.

Any thoughts about extending the rewatch to cover the various post-TV comics? Or at least covering them sometime down the road?

I'd be curious to read your take on them, issue by issue, just as with the episodes.

Dusk said...

I'd perfer arc by arc, as I have the paperbacks for S8, I've also got all of IDW's in the colected additions as well.

The paperback collections take months to come out after the individual issues though.

Dusk said...

@Suzanne: Oh, it's still ap roblem Angel killed him, but just when Spike will ay somethin Hamilton walks in, and they drop it. I imagine the guys weren't pleased with it, but saw it as neccesary evil to get the job done. Except maybe Lorne, which prt of the reason why he had enough.

This makes me think who much better a post-Season 6 Willow would have been better on this show. Probably no Kennedy, to pass of as a personal character development, and she probably wouldn't have been stuck in the season-long plot that went nowhere fast of "I-have-to-use-magic-but-I-can't-control-magic."

Dusk said...

How much better, no Kennedy to pass off I meant.

Suzanne said...

Dusk, thanks for the explanation. I haven't rewatched the finale yet, but I vaguely remember the part you mentioned.

Was it a consideration to bring Willow over to Angel and not have her in Buffy Season 7? Is that you are mentioning in your post or am I misunderstanding you? That would have been ingeresting bu I am not sure how I feel about it even though it would have eliminated annoying Kennedy!

Dusk said...

No, no, that we just me wondering What could have been...ltough had Angel gotten another season I would assume we would have seen Alyson at least once, a chance to work with her husband again and all.