Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Hobbit trailer!

So, I just watched THIS with a huge grin on my face for two and a half minutes. I can't wait!


Marebabe said...

Me neither! :P

kluu said...

I saw alot of things that were not in the Hobbit novel. Things that were later explained in the LotR and the appendixes. I think I will enjoy seeing the whole story but I'm not sure if the fundamentalists will think this is a great idea.

Also, it makes it less of a children's story as the orignal novel was meant to be but that is also ok with me. I guess you can show the kids the old Rankin Bass cartoon version if yo want.

but I too can't wait. Luckily it is not far off.

Anonymous said...

I watched it three times last night! squeeee!