Sunday, December 30, 2012

This Is... Finding Lost!

I went to see This Is 40 today and for Lost fans, as I just mentioned excitedly on my Facebook page, there's a very funny onrunning joke about the teenage daughter getting caught up on six seasons of Lost in five weeks (and the mental breakdown she almost has when her iPad is taken away from her). During one scene, everyone's in the teenage girl's room and dancing around, and you can see her bookshelf. I immediately spotted a Lost book that I knew, and my husband saw it at the same time and leaned over and joked that my books should have been there, too, "... and then maybe the teenager wouldn't be so confused about the show."


When I posted on Facebook that I'd seen this book, a friend of mine posted a screencap to show everyone. And that's when I saw that my book WAS there!! The season 4 book, in fact! (See below; season 5 is there, too!)

I have put a black arrow to point out the spine of my
book, because Paintbrush won't change my paint
colour to white to make it more obvious!
Ah. My little season 4 book got its cameo in a Judd Apatow film! Does that mean I'm only one degree of separation from Paul Rudd? (Please say yes.)

UPDATE: David Lavery just posted something about how his book was in this picture (his was the one that I saw in the theatre because it's in the very front) and I realized in his bigger version of the photo that my season 5 book is there, too! It's sitting two away from the Lost Encyclopedia, which is right in the back. ;)


Gerald Orr said...

Congrats Nikki!

Good to see that young lady was reading your book. Shame it was in such a dull movie. I'm a fan of Paul Rudd but getting tired of Apatow using his entire family for the females in his films. Enough nepotism sir. In fact the best laugh I had when I was watching it was the LOST reference.

I walked out if it about 30 minutes in (thankfully The Hobbit just started on another screen so I went to watch that for the 2nd time)

Hope you had a lovely Holiday.

Erin {pughs' news} said...

So awesome!!!!

Sagacious Penguin said...


Fred said...

What! She was using an iPad? Oh, 2000, and so out of date. Doesn't she know the way to communicate is to go into her closet and pull the plug under the pool of water and wait for a column of smoke? She'd better read up on her Lost books, all six seasons so intelligently written, and such a delight to read.

Just saw Total Recall with Colin Farrell, and saw the phone embedded in his hand. I want one of those.

humanebean said...

W00T! Further proof that Nikki Stafford is a multi-media Goddess. Bravo!

Marebabe said...

I'll second the above "W00T"! Even more bragging rights! :)

Joan Crawford said...

That's awesome! :D

Austin Gorton said...

That's awesome! How fittingly Lost too.

Anonymous said...

Cool!!! Got to love those LOST references!
Apatow is no fool:)

Dusk said...

And it is placed i a way for true Losties to appreciate. Awesome!

Blam said...

Your book is now an Easter egg, Nik. That is cool.

Rebecca T. said...

That is SO COOL! And this is why I always scour bookshelves in films :)