Friday, November 08, 2013

Game of Thrones Book Club: New Start Date!

A couple of weeks ago, I announced the Game of Thrones book club, and said we'd be starting with part 1 this coming Monday. Well, due to Chris's overwhelming schedule, and my slow reading, we've decided just to make sure we stay on track throughout the book club, we're going to push back the start date by one week. So we will begin on Monday, November 18th. I hope this gives everyone else a little bit of extra time to read along! The details are below.

Back in June when Game of Thrones' third season ended, I said I was finally going to read the books, and maybe Christopher Lockett (my GoT recapping partner) and I would post on it. Well, it's taken several months, but we're finally ready to start the Game of Thrones Book Club!

We will begin on November 11, and will post on the book in five separate posts, giving everyone lots of time to read this baby and comment. I'm working with the trade paperback (the larger binding) and Chris is working with the mass market paperback edition, so we have different page numbers, but here's hoping this is enough of a guide for anyone to follow along:

November 18:
Part One: 1-159 mass market; 1-133 trade paperback (ends with "But not very fast.")

November 25:
Part Two: 160-323 mass market; 134-271 trade paperback (starting with BRAN "It seemed as though he'd been falling for years")

December 2:
Part Three: 324-488 mass market; 272-408 trade paperback (starting with TYRION "As he stood in the predawn chill...")

December 9:
Part Four: 489-651 mass market; 409-543 trade paperback (starting with DAENERYS "The heart was steaming in the cool...")

December 16:
Part Five: 652-end mass market; 544-end trade paperback (starting with JON "Are you well, Snow?)

We will be discussing the book and the TV show together, as in how one informs the other and how watching the show first affects your reading of the books (in my case) or how reading the books first affected your viewing of the series (in Chris's case). We hope many of you can read along with us, which is why I'm giving lots of notice, and we can get a great discussion going about these books. And if it works out, maybe we can move on to book 2! :)

Happy reading!

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humanebean said...

Delighted to see this taking place! While I fear that I will be too busy to re-read, I look forward to the discussion and hope to join in where able. Loved the books, really like the show (with the inevitable ("the book was BETTAH") quibbles.