Monday, December 23, 2013

2013: A Year of Lost Numbers

I realized when this year began that I was going to be hitting a couple of Hurley's numbers on Lost, in significant ways. And now that the year is over, I realize that I hit all of them.

The number of decades I've been around, as I celebrated my 40th this year.

The number of days I spent in Hawaii in September... checking out Lost locations, appropriately. (And yes, I still owe you guys the other half of that post I wrote about them!)

The anniversary of my first book — on Xena: Warrior Princess — which I first held in my hands on April 25, 1998.

The number of years I've officially been working in publishing.

The number of years I'd been with my husband, as of January 2013... now it's just shy of 24. Yes, we started dating when I was 16.

And finally...

The birthday my husband celebrated this year.

(I could add 108, the number of grey hairs my kids gave me this year, but it was probably much higher than that...)

Did anyone else hit the numbers this year?

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Chris Hawkins said...

There is a photo on the Lost Support Group on Facebook of me, my brother, my two sons and his youngest two daughters. On the date of the photo (20th July, the day after I'd broken up for the school summer holidays - I'm a maths teacher, and the day before my son's seventeenth birthday) my two nieces were 4 and 8, my sons were 15 and 16, my brother was 42, and I'd been a teacher 23 years :)