Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Lost Season 3 Box Art
This cover art was just posted on TV Shows on DVD, and you can go read more about it there (thanks for the link, fb!). They've gotten it from an unnamed source, so it could still change for all they know. Damn, my season 1/2 book was green with the jungle on it, I should have saved that for my season 3. ;)

The press release says the bonus materials will include flashbacks we haven't seen (!), a behind-the-scenes look at 24 hours on the show, hints on the show's literary references (nah, just read my books for those, nyar nyar), bloopers, and a visit to the set of 10 different episodes. Sounds the extras will be awesome.

The best part about the cover is, if you can see it on this capture, the "Jacob Loves You" scrawled on the palm leaf just under the T in LOST. Awesome. :)

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fb said...

pretty cool, indeed ... if only we didn't have to wait until freakin' DECEMBER in order to get it!