Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Negative Review of Lost's Season Finale
I've been keeping my eyes peeled for a critical one, and here's the closest I've found. Salon has posted reviews of American Idol and a bunch of other yawny shows, but had yet to do a full-scale review of Lost (that said, they did Veronica Mars the day after, so I still love them). And while this reviewer starts off right, quoting a Pixies song (does it GET any cooler than that?) she then quickly goes downhill. She doesn't dislike the finale or the concept or the show, but suggests that the new concept could blow up in their faces, that this season's flashbacks have been less-than-stellar, and that people proclaiming it the best show on television probably aren't watching enough of it. (Ha! I say. Ha.) But it's the closest to a negative review I've found, so I'll post it.

What do you think? Did this season's flashbacks lack something? I certainly didn't like Jack's in "Stranger in a Strange Land," and Kate's and Sawyer's didn't add much layering to the characters. But she criticizes the Juliet one, which is surprising, for being too plot-driven. If she thinks the flashbacks lacked a certain something, then a flashforward would be welcome, I say, because as I've been saying all along, it's time to switch gears.


Roland said...

Hey Nikki, you should check out Matt Roush on TV guide, who has a Lost centric column! He is a huge fan!

ninja raiden said...

Hi, Nikki. I've enjoyed your Buffy and Angel guides as well and the Lost guide. I think they are some of the better episode guides out there. Anyway, I was wondering why most people hate Stranger in a Strange Land so much?

I know a lot of the negative perception comes from ABC marketing THREE... BIG... ANSWERS, but I found the episode to be a setup piece for pushing the the main narrative forward. I also thought, like I stated before in my last post, that the tatoo flashback paralleled Jack's perception upon returning to civilization in "Looking Glass".

The Lost writers seem to use the early flashbacks to payoff moments toweards the end of the season (i.e. the "Further Instructions" flashback informs the audience of Locke's behavior towards fringe groups by comparing the marijuana group to the Others).

I'm not saying that every episode of Lost is the best thing ever,but I've seen way worse television than what everyone is saying about "Strange Land". Maybe You can explain why it's so bad? Thanks.

Semaj said...

I think the island storyline was great, even better than season 2, but the flashback stuff wasn't as good. I'm looking forward to what they're going to do next year