Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Musical Sublimity

A few weeks ago someone asked me who my favourite band was. It had been so long since I'd been asked that, I was stumped. I used to say U2. Then Radiohead. Now I can't honestly say it's either. So I had to think: if I had one hour to live and could listen to just one album, what would it be? 

Sigur Ros's bracket album. And if I had two hours, I'd throw in Jonsi's solo album with it. OK, I guess the answer is Sigur Ros. 

Tonight I'm off to see them live (EEEEEEE!!!!) and if you haven't checked out their new album, Valtari, please do. It's... sublime. I told my husband he had to listen to the third track on the album, in the car, when the kids weren't in it, at a high volume (pretty much my instructions for listening to any Sigur Ros track, but especially this one, and the last track on the bracket album). So he did, and when he got home he said, "Oh, and the third track on the Sigur Ros album? Impossibly beautiful." 

Pretty much the best explanation I've heard of it. So listen to it now. Alone, at high volume, preferably with headphones. 


Stephen C said...

Wow Nikki,

you have awesome taste in music,
Radiohead and sigur ros are two of my favourite 3 bands (behind the national).

Valtari is just incredible, and there was a new video released for varud (ya i know it;s not a "d" :D)on monday.

Hope you enjoy the show!!!
I'm so jealous, they are only playing a big festival here in Ireland and I only want to see them but can't afford a full weekend ticket :(

yourblindspot said...

Sigh. They haven't played Atlanta since '03. I am beginning to take it personally.

And really, the least you could have done is buy me a damn t-shirt.

Nikki Stafford said...

Dude! You need to check my site every 15 minutes; you had a 45-minute window between me posting this and leaving. If only you'd asked, I would have TOTALLY bought you a t-shirt (t-shirts were awesome, by the way... it was my first concert T I've bought in YEARS). ;)

Page48 said...

So, 10 years from now it'll be "The Great Live-Action Marvel TV Series for ABC" rewatch?

And me with nothing to wear!