Wednesday, December 06, 2006

In other news...

Some of this news is old now, but I'm gonna post it anyway. :)

30 Rock has been picked up for the entire season. YAY!!! I don't know if y'all are watching it, but it's SO funny. This past week had some of the funniest moments I've seen on TV all season.

"OK, very funny. Ha. Ha. You're wearing a beeper. You can take it off now."
"No I can't. I'm waiting for a call from 1983."

"Nice tie you're wearing there."
"Yeah, that douchebag out front made me put it on."
"Does he know you're the Beeper King?"

Heroes was the highest rated new show for November sweeps, beating out EVERYTHING. Yay!!! It garnered ratings of up to 16 million viewers in some weeks, which are the numbers most shows take most of a season to get.

Lost has been moved to 10 p.m. on Wednesday nights starting February 7, 2007 (sigh). The network doesn't want it going up against Fox's American Idol, which kills most shows. Of course, I don't want our precious show to be killed, but 10 p.m.? Just reminds me why I never watched AI beyond season 2.

24 is coming back January 14, 2007, for a 2-night, 4-hour premiere. Jack Bauer (i.e. the world's unluckiest man) will be returning, and this time, he's the sacrifice. We can only hope that at the last minute, he changes his mind and throws his daughter Kim to the wolves instead. The mountain lion didn't do it, maybe this season is the one that will see her go. Fingers crossed!! Rick Schroder, last seen on NYPD Blue, will be joining the cast this season. You can see the special 2-minute trailer here:


poppedculture said...

I hadn't heard about 30 Rock and am gald to hear it. Of course with the move to Thursday, our PVR missed a few, so know I'm behind. They need to make these machines follow shows, not time slots.

Anonymous said...

okay, so if lost has moved to 10 pm on wednesdays, does that mean 'the nine' has used up all of its lives?

Nikki Stafford said...

fb: Sadly, The Nine was cancelled, so yes, it's taking its spot.