Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve Stuff...
I haven't posted much this week because it's been a lot of Christmasing -- getting those final gifts for the toddler (i.e. an hour at Mastermind), wrapping up everything I'd bought over the past couple of weeks, introducingmy daughter to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and trying to get all of the insanity of work finished by December 22nd (I was the last one left in my office at 3, and ended up
still sitting there at 5:15...) I also took my 2-year-old daughter to her first movie theatre movie yesterday -- Happy Feet -- and it was pretty much a success, other than her turning to me and asking what the penguin's name was at one point, and some guy behind me shushed her. OK, I'm usually the one thinking, "Shut UP you're not sitting on your couch at home, you are watching a movie in PUBLIC and this public wishes you'd shut the hell up and watch the movie!" but you know, if you show up to a 3:40 screening of a children's movie on a Saturday afternoon, you should, you know, expect CHILDREN. I remember going to see Shrek 2 at 9:30 at night and being ticked off that there were kids talking all the way through it, but it was a 9:30 showing on a weeknight, and what kind of parent brings their 5-year-old out to a movie at 9:30 at night during the week?! But I knew enough to stay away from those weekend matinees of the animated shows, because you're just asking for it. (Besides, he looked like he was in his 40s, was there alone, and was reading Sartre when we got there so, you know, maybe not his scene.) ANYWAY.

Of course, several things have happened where I've thought, Hey, I should blog about that! Like today's news that my dear darling Bono will be granted an honorary knighthood for his humanitarian works. Yay! Of course, they're saying he can't be called Sir because he's Irish, and not a Brit, but I say bah... he's been Sir Bono to me since 1984. Oh, Bono.....
OK, I'm back.

Daybreak has been cancelled, which means that the hour-long spot it was holding until Lost returns on Februry 7, 2007, is now open. Maybe they'll rerun those first 6 episodes again? I hope so. Lost fans have been tuning in to Daybreak just to see the previews, even though they're appearing on YouTube the very next day, and from now on you can see them during the Thursday at 9pm airings of Grey's Anatomy. Speaking of which, I've been remiss in posting the Lost previews from the past couple of weeks, and MAN, are they doozies!! This one blew my mind... someone who we saw kidnapped from the Others in season 2 is back! WOW. Best one yet.

And here's the 6th one, which just makes me go... gah! Wah!! WTF??!!

Continuing in a YouTube frame of mind, it's Christmas Eve, and as mentioned, I've been watching Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer with my toddler daughter, and it reminded me of one of my favourite parodies. MadTV did this one several years ago, where they did the Rankin-Bass cartoon as if it had been directed by Martin Scorsese, and it's pretty hilarious.

Have a safe and happy holiday, and merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it! May Santa be good to you. I haven't actually received any presents from him in over a decade (ever since I moved out of my parents' house, for some reason) but I'm assuming that's because I've moved around so much. I'm hoping he knows where I am this year. Fingers crossed.

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Crissy Calhoun said...

holy frak. since it's been so long since a new Lost ep. I've been luke-warm about the show, not really thinking about it. But what IS going on? Why is Jack back in the cage? That seems like his plan does NOT go well.

How bout we skip January this year? Go straight to Feb.

Merry Chrimbo Nikki!