Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lost: 4.09 “Of Mice and Sawyer”
TEASE: Sawyer may not be one of the Oceanic Six, but he’s getting off the island… with or without his clothes!

Episode Recap:
Whew!! Possibly the most exciting episode of the series, and the most revealing. In a flashforward, we see what will happen to Sawyer and the other castaways who were left behind. No, they don't die, but in the final moments of the rescue, the reason that only six people made it on the plane is . . . aw, you don’t need me to tell you this. You all saw the episode.

-Sawyer’s naked butt as he emerged from the ocean. OH YEAH!!
-Hurley’s caustic remark that finally silences Sawyer. Best. Line. Ever.

Biggest “GASP!” Moments:
-Paulo and Nikki were ALIENS?!
-The Oceanic Six were NOT the only ones to actually make it off the island!
-Ben is Sawyer’s REAL FATHER!!

Hurley’s Numbers:
The price of Sawyer’s house is $199,065 (42 x 8 – 16 ÷ 4 x 108 + 15 x 23). Kate knocks on the door 4 times.

Did You Notice?:
-Sawyer reading my first Finding Lost book on the beach! How metafilmic, considering it’s about the group of them as fictional characters.
-When Sawyer goes to secretly visit with Jack, you can see the Buffy episode, “Once More, With Feeling” playing on Jack’s television, but he’s muted it. Man doesn’t know good musicals when he hears them, apparently.
-When Stephen Hawking travels through the air on the island in his magical wheelchair, you can see Walt hiding underneath it.
-Sawyer’s house in the real world has a white picket fence and he’s keeping rabbits in the backyard. Looks like he took that Steinbeck novel a little too seriously.
-In the scene where we finally find out why Desmond had to push that button for three years (thank goodness, I thought they’d NEVER explain that!), you can see a polar bear behind the station working on the plumbing. (Is it just me, or did the show become really surreal this week?)

So Many Questions...
-So does this mean Ben killed Sawyer’s mother?
-When will Locke learn? He spent almost a full day drywalling that section of the house in Otherville just to hide the secret documents from Ben, and the moment Ben comes in and says, “Locke, I believe you know where some papers are. If you don’t tell me, I think they’re all gonna laugh at you” Locke points to the wall and says, “Yeah, I put them there. Do you want me to rip it all apart to give it to you?” Sheesh, Locke. What’s happened to you?
-So if Sawyer sees Daniel Faraday in his house in 2007, but it’s actually Daniel from 2001 time traveling, and 1996 Desmond is chained to him as his constant, does this mean… um… actually, what does this mean?
-Could magical wheelchair Hawking be Jacob, or a manifestation of Smokey?

Next week: Deleted scenes from this season’s episodes!


poppedculture said...

You're killing me Nik! I was freaking out that the PVR hadn't recorded and then my blog reader tells me you've posted a recap of the new episode... and then it finaly dawned on me.

Brian Douglas said...

I think you're confused Nikki. Only Nikki was an Alien. Paulo was a Predator.

Also, did you notice the guy sneaking around in Sawyer's house was really taller Walt, who is also now white and female?

pete said...

Nikki, that's just an excellent April Fools deal. Thanks for a laugh on a Lost-less Thursday evening! You rock (and roll).

Anonymous said...

Almost had me fooled Nikki LOL
I would have thought you being a huge Desmond fan, you'd be having him come out of the water butt nekkid!
I think we'll discover that Nikki and Paulo are indeed alive in a flashforward, they faked their death and that they have been behind the fake crash of 815 all along! Razzle Dazzle!

Anonymous said...

Friggin' hilarious. Good start to the morning.

But what happened to Sayid, and why wasn't HE nekkid?

Anonymous said...

That was my post. Blogger wouldn't take my lj id (and I tried five times).


Nikki Stafford said...

LOL! I'm glad I fooled some of ya. I miss Lost already, and thought I still wanted to write about it every Thursday, so tune in during the hiatus; I plan on posting on it every week, whether it's on the television or in my head. :)

Colleen: That is so funny; when I read the post I thought, "Anonymous beat Colleen to that comment!" hahaha...

Roland and Colleen: As for other nekkid butts, Sawyer's was in this one because it was his flashforward. But trust me when I say if the next few episodes are coming from my brain, there will be plenty o' Desmond to be had. :) I'm saving him for later (and I'll work on some Sayid stuff just for Colleen). :)

Brian: I was hoping you might have a good explanation for Faraday's time traveling.

Steve gee said...

Pretty funny! Next Tuesday Driveshaft is releasing a new ablum "We sooo Dead!" although the band changed a bit. Charlie still plays guitar but Eko is on bass, Libby's the keyboard player, Ana Lucia is the singer, Boone's on drums and Shannon is well... still painting her toenails.

I have a question I wanted to ask you. I watched last nights repeat of the season opener and throughout the show they would put up information about the scene at the bottom of the screen. I was wondering if you saw when Abbadon met Hurley at the institution, did you see the chalkboard behind Hurley? The caption at the bottom of the screen said that the answers to the real reason of the visit was on the chalkboard. It happened so fast all I saw was a shark in the upper corner. Do you have any info regarding this? Is there a screen shot of this anywhere? I would like to hear your input on this. Thanks

Nikki Stafford said...

Steve: Yep, I blogged on the chalkboard here:

That's interesting what the producers said; so I guess Faraday and company got on a little boat under a palm tree and were eaten by a shark? hahaha

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! :)

Brian Douglas said...

Hmm, let me see:

In 2001, Daniel discovered a black obelisk that sent his consciousness foward to 2007 because of the Chirikjian-Okamura hypothesis. This break down into three steps: (1) Daniel touches the obelisk, (2) A miracle occurs, and (3) Daniel's consciousness arives in the body of taller, ghost, white-woman Walt!

Now given that Desmond is Daniel's constant, then why does he travel to Sawyer? This can only be explained...if Desmond and Sawyer are the same person. See, after Desmond turned the key in the hatch, his consciousness split and arrived in Sawyer's body...just as Sawyer was killed by his father, Ben, in the past, thus given him new life!

Also, was it just me, or was there a spark between Kate and Clair this week?

Steve gee said...

I was just wondering about your thought on Danielle and what you might think her back story is.

After watching this new season so far I started to wonder if Danielle and her crew were the first attempt by Widmore to send researchers/mercenaries to infiltrate the island back in 1988? Danielle said that she killed off her crew because they went crazy or something to that effect. Just like Widmore's crew now and how they are all going crazy and killing themselves(with the help of Michael). Could it also be possible that Widmore's first research team also had an "other" in their group that was ordered to finish them off. Maybe the "other" was Ben who infiltrated the group infected the team and took the baby(Alex) and thought Danielle was going to die but turned out that she had survived all these years because of her love and devotion for Alex in knowing that her kidnapped child is still alive.

Just curious to hear your thoughts since we have a little bit of time until April 24!

Anonymous said...

Whoa that totally freaked me out hahaha! I was thinking I'd forgotten to tape the next episode. That was awesomely funny. Loved the Nikki and Paolo bit

The Chapati Kid said...

Oh MY GOD! I was ready to DIE. You got me big time. How shall I exact my revenge for the way my heart skipped and sank when I saw your post? I said, "WHAT!?!" out loud. I thought mine deceiveth me, and I shall pluck them out. Then I realized that it was you who deceiveth me.

Jazzygirl said...

NIKKI!!! >:)
For a SPLIT second I was like "oh no! I was mistaken and there's one more before the hiatus!" Then I had a fleeting thought that they aired it in Canada only. LOL
But looking at the recap of Sawyer's devil! :)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of fake episodes (well, sort of), Cindy wife of Justin sent me this link:

kyle1994 said...
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