Thursday, September 25, 2008

Reminder: Set Those PVRs!

Just a quick note to make sure y'all remember tonight is the big season premiere of The Office! I am SO excited... this show is what makes my summers long these days. Also premiering tonight is Ugly Betty. Last season was pretty excellent, so as long as she's dropped that dead weight of Henry for good, I'm happy. Go Gio!!


Ian said...

Gio is adorable...Freddy Rodriguez is a really nice guy too. He was at the premiere of Bottle Shock here at the Seattle International Film Festival back in June and my friends and I followed him around the after party (in a non-stalker-sort-of-fashion of course).

I need to catch up on Ugly Betty as I've only seen a handful of episodes, but I've really enjoyed what I've seen.

Loretta said...

Unfortunately I have no TiVo or similar devices, so I'm relying on streaming video for one of those shows. Think I'll catch Grey's Anatomy live and follow up with THe Office tomorrow just because Grey's is 2 hours tonight.

From the 20 minutes that have gone by so far though, it seems like Ugly Better is going to be back to form minus the love triangle. I love Christopher Gorham and Freddy Rodriguez - they're both fine actors - but they dragged the show down last season with the romantic drama.