Monday, September 29, 2008

The Return of AWESOME TV

Ah, the week I've been waiting for! No, it has nothing to do with 2008-2009 shows premiering... none have particularly grabbed me, though Fringe is definitely showing a lot of potential. No, it's the week of the return of the 2008 shows, the ones that were mercilessly cut short due to the writer's strike, but lived to appear another day.

Tonight at 8 is the return of Chuck, a show I cannot recommend enough. It's a sweet, funny show with a spy element to it, and the relationship between Chuck and his part-time nemesis, part-time lover Sarah is bittersweet and always complicated. His nest of nerddom at the techie store where he works rounds out the storyline (well, them and Captain Awesome). See, the show hasn't been on in an eternity, and I remember every part of it by heart. And I only watched every episode once. Take THAT, Heroes.

Wednesday is even more exciting. Pushing Daisies begins at 8 on ABC (oh wonderful, amazing, sublime Pushing Daisies), the story of the Piemaker who cannot touch the woman he loves, or he'll kill her. I cannot WAIT for Olive to pine for Ned, for Emerson to say something completely hilarious, and for the aunts to break into song. I hope they haven't changed a THING, from the narrator to the music to the look of it. I'm DYING for the premiere of this show. Tune in... even if you haven't seen season 1, I know they're putting a big push on the show to get people to watch, and will probably do an extended "previously on..." segment (unlike Heroes).

At 10 it's Dirty Sexy Money, the adult version of Gossip Girl, with its convoluted politics, family dysfunctions, and money, money, money. It's SO freakin' good.

But also on at 8 on Wednesday is the brilliant, genius, and totally underrated Friday Night Lights. Fan support of this show has been SO loud that NBC, who just weren't making enough money off sponsorships because the ratings were so inexplicably low, actually struck a groundbreaking deal with DirecTV to help fund the show. Now DirectTV will air it this fall beginning on Wednesday, and NBC will air it in January. (Uh... I'll be downloading. Sorry, NBC, but I just can't wait. I'll make it back to you by buying the DVDs, like I always do.)

Here's hoping people tune in to see these shows and give them all the second (or in FNL's case, third) chance they all deserve. You won't be disappointed.


Michelle said...

I'm looking forward to Pushing Daisies too. My friends and I got together this past weekend, had ourselves 5 different types of pie and watched all 9 hours of the first season. It was delicious...and carby. :)

I'm really enjoying Fringe as well. It reminds of the good old days of watching X-Files.

Crissy Calhoun said...

Just got an Amazon delivery of Pushing Daisies season 1! wooot! Guess what I am doing tonight? Pie and Pushing Daisies.

(also in the package...Through the Storm by Lynne Spears. i had to.)

Anonymous said...

The new Chuck episode is waiting for me on my TiVo! Can't wait to dig in!
Nikki - do you watch "Supernatural"? I'm dying to find someone to talk to about it!! The new season is amazing. I just blogged on it here:

Nikki Stafford said...

Michelle and Crissy: I am so jealous. Now I need to go get the box set myself. I would LOVE to watch them all again!!!

Nikki: Supernatural is that one show that people have been asking me to watch since the first season. So this past summer I got the DVDs for seasons 1 and 2 and began watching, and they scared the hell out of me! (But it was a good scared.) Then I had to get cracking on the Lost book, so they're still there waiting. I loved it, and thought, "Where have I been?!" I have no idea why this show didn't end up on my radar when it came out, and it was the logical successor to Buffy, I think.

I will post extensively on it when I've watched it (I'm PVRing the new season so they'll be there when I catch up) and then we can definitely chat!!

Crissy Calhoun said...

well, Nikki, if only you had lent me some TV dvds in the past, i would be willing to lend you pushing daisies... ;) give me a week and then you can totes borrow it!

Jonathan said...

What about Amazing Race?! Did you see it on Sunday? So great.

I really hope Ken talks about having an affair EVERY TIME WE SEE HIM!!!

"Bungee jumping in Thailand was intense, but not as scary as my wife got when she learned I'd been dicking another woman behind her back. Hopefully on this race I can learn that a good husband doesn't do that."

And how many friends will Sarah make before the end of the season? And is it weird that can run faster than Terrence, despite the fact that HE'S a running coach?!

Anonymous said...

I just watched Pushing Daisies. Yay for A Channel.

No spoilers.

Nikki Stafford said...

Jonathan: I've got the Amazing Race on PVR and watched the first 10 minutes of it, and I'll be talking about it when I've seen the rest.

I'm falling SO far behind on my essential TV watchin'. Tonight I watched Gossip Girl (I just can't NOT watch that) but I'm behind on Fringe by two weeks now.

redeem: A Channel!!! GAH! I didn't know they were airing it the night before!! MUST CHANGE PVR SETTING.