Friday, December 05, 2008

Faraday's Missing Foot

I posted yesterday on the strange new season 5 promo shot, saying it looked overly airbrushed to me. Then someone pointed out that Faraday was missing a foot. Sure enough, he is. But others are debating the issue and arguing his foot is there, it's just hiding behind some plants. Luckily, my readers are always there to help me out, and redeem isolated the foot and lightened the background, and it is most definitely not there.

Someone else pointed out that Juliet's toe is gone, and they're right; her toes, which should be sticking out of her shoe, are missing. What is all this about? Matthew Fox looks 10 years younger, Yunjin Kim looks like she's completely detached from that coffee table, Ken Leung and Naveen Andrews have very different lighting on them. This photo was clearly photoshopped and not taken all at once.

I don't know if you ever go and check out Jorge Garcia's very entertaining blog (it's here if you haven't) but he recently had a post where he was talking about going to get their photos taken. What I found curious is in one picture, you can clearly see him standing before a green screen, and he's wearing the same outfit as in this photo. I think each person was shot individually and then shopped into this photo. The question is, why? Is this another game? Are there other clues in the photo (other than those damn crackers)?


Colleen/redeem147 said...

I think the big statue is Faraday's foot, and eventually people on the Island lose a toe.

Though it could be his whole leg that's missing with the pant leg hanging down.

Anonymous said...

I'm still hoping that's just a big Photoshop blunder and that Faraday doesn't actually lose a foot this season. Because that would make me sad.

Colleen/redeem147 said...

I don't think it's a mistake, because they filled in the shadow of the cuff.

It might be a metaphorical lost foot, though.

Lisa-Maladylis said...

very very odd for sure !! I had to go look at the photo I scamed from the net just to see for myself and your right of course. lol too funny !!

MW said...

I believe that all the actors are not able to attend the photo shoot as a group, thus the photographer had to shoot them individually and then layer them together in Photoshop. As a designer, I know how difficult it is to get the lighting and shadows right and make them look cohesive. As for missing foot and all, they are not deliberate mistakes and might be some slight overlook on the parts of the designer. I don't think they are clues to begin with. Anyhow, the image is still nice to look at and it is displayed in all its glory as my desktop wallpaper. And people, 45 more days to Season 5! Can't wait.

Anonymous said...

I'm no Photoshop expert, but it seems fairly obvious that the picture is "photoshopped", or whatever program the guys used to put this photo together.

As for the foot... that's freaky! I totally didn't notice that when I first saw the picture! And Jack definitely looks younger.

The lighting on everyone seems different, each having their own focus of light.

Did you notice?:
-Each person's set of feet (except for Ben) has either a part of their foot, a whole foot, or their feet entirely hidden, "severed", or obscured from view; some sort of symbolism that these people, save for Ben, are fettered/shackled to the Island? (LOL, why is Miles' foot in a can of Dharma Hominy?!)
-Does Miles look older in this photo to you?
-Why is Charlotte's left hand pale? Almost dead, or dirty with something white...
-Maybe its just me, but it looks like either Sun has really good posture, or looks like she's leaning on something to her right side. Also, there's a "space" that seems intentionally left in the organization of this photo... like if someone was supposed to be sitting next to Sun, back to back.
-There's something very UNNATURAL about Kate's pose...
-LOL, a bottle of "Dharma Cola" and those durn saltine crackers!
-Haha, quick, its the battle of the five o' clock shadows! (Sayid, Desmond, Hurley, Sawyer, Jack, John, and Daniel)

Now... Why? Either this is the work of some clever guys who wanted us to talk about this photo, or maybe just BAD photoshop work altogether, with accidental little bits here and there? Ah.... I'm going with the former!

Ah... so many papers to write for my classes, but I love this show and I love this blog!

AHHH, darn you Lost! You're the best thing that happened to TV in so long, but you're driving me crazy, now I think I'm over analyzing everything!

Andrew said...

You say "Jack" looks 10 years younger, What about Ben?!?!

Not only does he look young but his left eye isn't that "buggy" anymore LOL.

Anyway, the picture is flawed on purpose IMHO

Anonymous said...

I think the ghostbuster's foot is missing too!