Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Today's Tidbit from Darlton

The new special access video from Darlton was released today, where Darlton donned their Christmas hats, attempted to put a wreath on the wall, and then read out the questions that had been sent to them and their answers. There are a couple of revelations in there, but it's mostly just fun to watch them rambling. After Damon and Carlton are done, stay tuned for an intriguing scene of Ben and a newly shaved Jack (thank god) in a hotel room discussing the return to the island and Locke. It's AWESOME. Go here, and the password is kapalaran. (This will probably work today and tomorrow only, and after that it'll be at the ABC site in regular rotation.) I'm not sure what the significance of the word is (and if you run an anagram search on it, I'm sure they didn't intend for it to anagram to "Anal Parka." Or... maybe they did).


Unknown said...

Lost Promo: Why Jack wants back:

Youtube version of Darlton:

Jonathan said...

Anal Parka:


Anonymous said...

Hey Nikki, I tried to send you a video from Amazon.ca with Hurley but not sure if you got it.
Just got the DVD for the 4th season, have you gotten it? Any commentaries? I am glad for the 2 discs of extras but was unable to find the bonus disc they had at Walmart last year for Season 3.

Anonymous said...

Kapalaran means "destiny" in tagalog. Makes a lot more sense than "anal parka" to me :)

Nikki Stafford said...

Zabriina: I guess it all has to do with what season 5 has in store, I guess... LOL! Just kidding. Your answer makes way more sense. I should have asked my preschooler; she used to speak tagalog because of her nanny. :)

Roland: I'll have an entire book of commentary coming out very soon!! :) I wish y'all could see it now because it's finished and on its way to the printer.

Robbie: Thanks for the links!

Jonathan: ...

yourblindspot said...

I've been looking for clues in the passwords too but haven't found much so far. All seem to be fairly simple translations of generally Lost-y words, at least when taken at face value.

It's that 316 clue from the 'Ulysses' book club video last week that has been most intriguing to me... bear with me for a minute:

Joyce's 'Ulysses' is divided into three parts and eighteen chapters (which he calls episodes), each named after a character from Homer's 'Odyssey'. The first part contains episodes 1-3, the second holds eps 4-15, and the third has 16-18. Right -- part 3, episode 16, which is titled "Eumaeus".

Eumaeus was the swineherd who was raised with Odysseus as a slave but was really more of a brother. He's the first person Odysseus meets after he comes back to Ithaca, but as he is in disguise, Eumaeus doesn't recognize him.

This reminded me of the New Testament story describing Jesus' appearance to his disciples outside Jerusalem 3 days after the crucifixion. In this story, the disciples also fail to recognize Jesus for who he is, and the path that they travel together is the road to... Emmaus. (The Greek's not identical, but it sure is close.)

As for what if any significance it all holds, your guess is probably better than mine. But the very fact that I'm thinking like this at all must mean LOST IS BACK!

Chuck Power said...

I'm sure that you will be thrilled to know that if you Google search Anal Parka, Nik at Nite is right at the top of the list. Congrats.

For some reason I hold the top spot for Ajira Air. I guess I'm the only person in the universe to phrase it that way.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... anal parka. Perfect for my regular winter visits to Montreal when I'm freezing my ass off!!!!!!

Nikki Stafford said...

Chuck: YES!!! I RULE! :)

Joshua: That's brilliant. I'll definitely keep that one in mind for when I'm reading it. :)

Jay: Hmm... maybe we should trademark it and go into business?

Brian Douglas said...

Anal Parka: what Ben used to keep his butt warm when he turned the frozen donkey wheel.

J. Maggio said...

did you notice that they said that smoky predates DHARMA?

Anonymous said...

Hey Nikki, this comment is coming a bit late but I thought you might like to see this new video Darlton put out. It's quite hilarious!