Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Lost Series Finale: Good News and Bad News

Today of all days...

So, have you got your Lost series finale party all prepared, complete with wild boar kabobs, mango juice, and "Pin the fake beard on Jack" party games? And you've already asked people to "save the date" for the end of May 2010?

Think again.

Good news: ABC has announced that due to Lost's new critical acclaim, now that it has its end date, they are giving Darlton two extra hours for season 6.

Better news: Darlton is going to use it to create a whopper of a series finale.

Not-so-good news: They're ending May 2010 on a massive cliffhanger... and giving us the series finale the following MARCH.

That's right. If you're Canadian, snow will be on the ground and your party guests could be waylaid by the blizzard that's blown into town that night. Not exactly the time to be celebrating the biggest television finale of the century so far.

"For a couple of years now, critics have been saying that there's no way we can finish off this series and make everyone happy," said Damon in the AP story that broke the news. "So Carlton and I have decided that maybe we'll need a few extra months to make it perfect, and we'll take ABC's extra timeslot and answer even more questions than we originally thought we could."

So now instead of just saying who Jacob is, maybe we'll find out if Geronimo Jackson spent time in the DI. My question is, how will they get the stars of Lost -- who will no doubt have moved on to other projects -- back to film it? I guess if they love the show as much as we do, they'll do it.

Until then, I'll have to keep my Sweet Desmond Pie in the freezer for another six months.

You can read the full story here.


ashlie said...

Ha! I've been waiting for your joke! Happy April Fools Day! Poisson d'avril!

Ashleigh said...

Ohhh... no way. I honestly believed you! My heart sank completely. I couldn't imagine a worse end to lost... having to wait almost a YEAR for the last 2 episode.

Good one... kinda... I'm still mad you almost made me cry... :P

yourblindspot said...

I am totally playing "Pin the fake beard on Jack" at our party. And feel free to use my "Ben & Hurley's Hot Pocket Bean Bag Toss" idea, if you'd like...

Awesome, by the way. Somehow I manage to forget it's the 1st each and every year until someone clever (and, you know, with a calendar) gets the better of me.

Hey, how's about some Lost haiku? I miss it lately. Here's one to get things started:

Little wormhole there
Punched in young Ben's hoodie chest
Leaking mystery

Ok, one more:

Who will rescue Ben?
Does Jack trade his mop for scrubs,
Or will Alpert show?

Hisham Fahmy said...

Fool me twice...
I tend to not believe anything I'm told about anything I care about on April 1st. In other words: guilty until proven innocent.
This is why I wasn't so excited about the rapidly growing rumor about M. Night Shyamalan directing the series finale.

humanebean said...

Oh, if ONLY! *sigh* I spent two years waiting for a "Deadwood" return ... I would've GLADLY waited 10 months for more LOST.

Only missed opportunity, Nik ... I thought for sure they slated FINAL finale would've been EIGHT months later .... or 15 ... or .... ; ]

Anonymous said...

That WAS a good one.

You know by that point they'll have killed off all the characters anyway, and we'll have a three hour monologue by the smoke monster. But he will explain the resolution in detail, so that's okay.

Hisham Fahmy said...

And who's to say we're not gonna get all the answers we need anyway?
Word on the street is that Prison Break's Scylla holds all the secrets of the Island. We will get the answers, but from a different show.

Benny said...

This could have definitely been true. I was actually excited at having a year to prepare and write material in anticipation of the series finale.

Now I'm sad I won't get the extra-time... shucks!

Austin Gorton said...


Nikki had me 'til
Halfway through her post when the
Calendar hit me.


Grimalkin said...

I didn't fall for
This April First prank today
Glad I checked the date! :D

Anonymous said...

So is it all a hoax, including the extra two hours?

Anonymous said...




Ash said...

Oooh! You really had me going there! I was reading this shouting "No! You can't make us wait, you swines!" at the screen, remembering how bad the wait between the first and second half of Season 4 of BSG was... and then I twigged.

humanebean said...

You may already be aware of this, Nik, but I thought I'd post for the rest of the gang - LOST has been named a Peabody Award Winner for the year 2008:

"Lost (ABC)
ABC Studios
Breezily mixing metaphysics, quantum physics, romance and cliffhanger action, the genre-bending series about a group of air-crash survivors on a mysterious island has rewritten the rules of television fiction."

If you are interested, you can find the complete list at

Missing Georgia said...

The Peabody nod makes me even prouder to be an alumnus of the University of Georgia. Thanks for the info, humanbean.

yourblindspot said...

And can anybody tell me why they don't have the damn ceremony here in Athens, where I could likely find some group of aging hippies on the side of the road from whom I might procure scalped tickets? Who cares if it's only convenient for me personally, rather than the myriad actual recipients? I mean, is Hartsfield not the largest air hub in the world? Is the flight from Hawaii to Atlanta not shorter than those to New York? Think, people!

Missing Georgia said...

Joshua - I think you are absolutely correct. If Athens can accommodate the needs of housing for football weekends, surely it could accommodate those coming for a Peabody ceremony. I think it is a slap in the face to the community not to have it in Athens.

Anonymous said...

Once again, Stephen Colbert will be pissed. He wants ALL the awards.

Benny said...

He'll likely get the space module, I think he can pass up on this one. But yeas... he will be pissed!

batcabbage said...

I have come to the conclusion that I must be dumb as a box of hammers. I totally believed you, and rushed straight to the comments section to heap my rage and vitriol upon the world! A box of hammers. Really, really dumb hammers. Durp!

Jazzygirl said...

I, too, for a brief moment believed it. I guess this goes to show how much we love and TRUST Nikki! ;-p
Then I thought about it and realized...HA HA. :)
Hey, on a side note, Jorge Garcia mentioned in his blog the other day that he's been shooting scenes at the beach. So I guess they'll leave Dharmaville at some point. He will never give out info about the plot and often will post stuff after an episode airs. Case in point, he proudly models his Dharma chef jumpsuit right after the episode aired. But hopefully his comment means the story moves around a bit. Of course at this rate, they could be filming that finale for all we know!

Amy said...

Bravo. I was fooled until I remembered the date about halfway through. This worked really well because it's believable as something the network would actually do!

Although, I am disappointed that we don't get extra hours for season 6. :)

Genevieve said...

Ha ha, good one!!! I totally fell for it too! D'oi--shoulda seen that coming!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, I totally fell for that! Damn, I had forgotten that yesterday was April 1st! *sigh*

SanFranRob said...

I don't know about this Lost show thing, but that Nikki is hot. HOT! I say.

Anonymous said...

I went to bed last night after reading the 'good news/bad news. I was pretty upset. Even though I, being a 61 year old grandmother, hardly ever get upset at things anymore... I figure what's the use. I awoke this morning having this terrible dream. I had been in line for hours in a place much like an old high school gymnasium with people inside and out all there to enjoy some really fun event. really fun. The place was huge was huge like Disneyland. I had to go to the restroom and so did about a hundred others. So we started up stairs and over scaffolding and down narrow halls and up again and down again and on and on it went. I could see the end of the line. It just kept getting further away. Then I thought I saw a way to get to another restroom quicker, a sign seemed to be on the path point ing the way so I took it. Oh good an end in sight. When OH NO I was right back to the beginning. I couldn't believe it. I was so mad I woke up. Good thing too cuz I did have to go to the restroom. And after I made the quick trip to my bathroom I realized those darn LOST people caused that dream. Boy, I may never watch another episode. In fact I should write ABC and ask what the Hell ?????
My head swam every time thought of waiting almost another yr. for a final ending. At 61 you wonder how many seasons you may have left. I am hoping to be here for the wrap up.
Went to work and had one little fleeting thought that maybe just maybe it wasn't true. Tonight checked your posting a 'little closer' Nik, and found you totally Scooby Do'd me.....
I am still laughing.
Thanks so much.
But please don't do that again.


Juanita's Journal said...

If Ben Linus is a sociopath, there are many other characters - like Sawyer, Kate, Eko, Locke, etc. - who come damn near close. And Charles Widmore seemed like another candidate for the label of sociopath.