Monday, June 22, 2009

Getting Ready for Season 6: Origins

Here's another video that a few of you have sent to me in response to the videos I've been posting of theblackbox. This is done by a different person, and is quite beautiful, showing all of the Lost characters (including our beloved and sorely missed Chah-lie) as children. When you see them so young and vulnerable, you can't help but feel even more sympathy for them than you already do. As we've seen in the early seasons, the people on the plane were adults (mostly) but even so, they're still carrying around the pain of childhood. This video brings it all together, and the very end of it actually made me tear up. Where theblackbox videos make me wish Season 6 were right around the corner, this video allows us to reflect on what we've already seen.

And after you've watched that, check out this person's Lost trailer. Awesomeness.


Jazzygirl said...

OMG Nikki...that first one KILLED me! I'm almost embarrassed to make this post but it just hit me for some reason really hard. And towards the end, watching Eko and his brother walk away together...I'm so choked up!
For me, it really has put to light just HOW tragic these characters are and HOW vested I've become in them. (I could never say that anywhere else btw without getting a crazy look I'm sure!)

Hisham Fahmy said...

I've never really realized that we've seen most of the main characters as children. Both videos are really great, and I loved the phrase "every epic story must come to an end" in the second video.
Lost indeed is an epic, and, alas, it's really coming to an end :(

Kate said...

Jazzygirl, I'm one of the people who sent in these videos, and trust me--I know! I literally watch the first one about ten times a day, I downloaded it and put it on my iPod and I think about all the time--it's almost scary how much it effected me! It really is tragic how horrible their lives were--but the thing that gets me about it is the fact that, those kids were all broken, but the characters we know are them, so many years later--it just shows, I don't know...hope I guess. Like they survived the unimaginable and there is still good in them--they can survive a little more. I almost feel like that's what "Jacob" whoever he is and whatever he is was trying to prove, the man in black said "they come, they kill, they destroy--it always ends like that" and Jacob said he's going to prove him wrong--it almost seems to me like he chose these people that we've grown to love in order to prove that idea wrong--that even with all the horror in the world and all the "sins" that people bear, they can come through it and they can be good people.

Wow...didn't mean to get all deep and crazy there. But seriously, it's an awesome video. That YouTuber has some seriousssss talent! Lost FTW!!

Thanks for posting it Nikki, I'm kinda new to the blog but it made me all warm and squishy to be able to contribute. =P

Kate said...

Oh and Hisham--that line from the trailer gives me chills every time! And that music, duuuuude. Sometimes I think the fans are better at making commercials than the television advertisers!

fb said...

i feel like the worst lost fan in the world because i couldn't even identify half of the characters as kids (it got even more confusing when the names of the grown-up actors flashed as part of the opening credits during some of the shots and they didn't match the child version being shown!), so this didn't move me as much as it probably should have. :(

but as hisham says, i hadn't really realised how many of the characters we had seen as children, either. i always marvel over how much little!kate! and little!ben! look like their grown counterparts.

Hisham Fahmy said...

Katey, you're exactly right. I've seen tons of better fan-made trailers than professional ones. But you know what? Professionals aren't allowed to use music from other movies/TV series, as opposed to fans who could use, say, the Requiem for a Dream theme which is terrific.

Kate said...

That's a good point Hisham, I suppose that is too bad for them. Plus I guess it's just a job for them where as fans put so much passion into it--it just shows.

Kate said...

fb--I don't know if this would be helpful, but if you want to watch it again knowing who the characters are here's a run-down:

1. Jack (beat-up boy looking up)
2. Sawyer (blondie hiding under bed)
3. Sun (with the broken glass ballerina)
4. Charlie (bunny slippers)
5. Juliet (crying blonde girl)
6. Locke (little boy playing backgammon in foster home)
7. Ben (unconscious in Richard's arms)
8. Charlotte (eating chocolate on the swing set in Dharmaville)
9. Daniel (playing piano)
10. Hurley (curley haired kid with tool box--he's skinny!)
11. Sawyer (bowl-cut blonde boy looking reallly mad)
12. Kate and Tom (sneaking into the drugstore to steal a lunchbox)
13. Locke (looking sadly down as Richard walks out the door)
14. Charlie (green swimsuit, jumping into pool)
15. Sayid (dark-curly hair, staring up solemnly)
16. Miles (little boy with his hand on the closed door)
17. Ben (holding weird wooden doll while on swing)
18. Ecko (with his little bro walking off into the sunset)
18. Kate (watching Jacob leave)
19. Hurley
20. Sun
21. Daniel (braces!)
21. Juliet (crying)
22. Ben
23. Jack (standing in doorway)
24. Sawyer (under bed...gunshot goes off)

And the rest are obviously our adult characters. 19, 20 and 22 I couldn't really think of any way to describe them, it's just their faces again for a split second shot.

I don't know if that helps or if you even care, but yeah, there you go. =P

Michele said...

Never mind "tearing up".....I'm flat-out sobbing! I love both of these. I had tears in my eyes at the end of the first then I saw that line in the second one about every epic story coming to an end and I lost it! While I am very happy that the producers/creators have an end date and can play out their story as they want to, it seriously upsets me to imagine not watching Lost!

Jazzygirl said...

I, too, didn't realize how much we saw of them as children until this. And fb, it did take a minute for me to match up the kid to the adult. But I quickly figured them out. And yes, OMG, how awesome is young Kate? That little actress not only looks like her but she really captured all the nuances that make up Kate! I remember thinking that when they first aired that episode of her stealing that lunchbox. She walks and stands like her. And when she gets caught, the look on her face as she turns around is DEAD ON to how Evangeline plays it. Amazing!

PS. And I'm SO glad I wasn't the only one to admit crying! LOL! I haven't even watched it again because I KNOW I'll cry again! I will though.

fb said...

thank you so much, katey! that's a tremendous help. :)

i was particuarly stuck on these ones:

5. Juliet (crying blonde girl)
10. Hurley (curley haired kid with
14. Charlie (green swimsuit, jumping into pool)
21. Daniel (braces!)
23. Jack (standing in doorway)

thanks again!

Erin {pughs' news} said...

That one with the kids gave me shivers. Amazing.

Kate said...

no problem fb. Glad it helped!

You're right Jazzygirl, that little girl was perfect for the role! I also think the Sawyer kid was insanely good--even just that look in his eyes when he's staring out at the coffins, I could TOTALLY see Sawyer staring back with those eyebrows and the look of death. They really found some talented kids!

Welcome to the club Erin. =P

Chelsea said...

Those are both awesome! The first one made me cry too. I'm a sap.

Jazzygirl, I thought the same thing about the young Kate. She could totally be Evangeline Lilly's little sister. Great casting!

L said...

I loved the second one! I got shivers when the screen said "Every epic story", and I watched that part a few times :)
Little Ben is probably my favourite of the kids; I got a little choked up at the part where he was on the swing set.
I'd still really love to know what happened to Annie, they kind of just dropped that.