Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lost Movie Poster Mash-ups

(Thanks to redeem for the link.) Empire Online has posted a bunch of movie poster mash-ups in various categories, and one of them is Lost. A few of my faves:

Go here to see all of them. Sigh... I love Lost fans. ;)


Rebecca T. said...

I could probably spend all day on this site. Oh goodness. People are hilarious!

VW: flugs - flying bugs

Unknown said...

Pretty creative stuff!

Anonymous said...

I wish they'd done the fine detail work, but then again I'm a hopelessly anal geek. :-)

The Question Mark said...

LoL they were pretty funny. My favourites were "Lost in Translation" (with a picture of a sad-looking Jin) and "Artz".

scrvet said...

I had an idea for one :
Titanic 815, with a picture of Jack and Rose.