Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Buffy Rewatch Week 19

3.19 Choices
3.20 The Prom

On the wall above my desk, I have taped three sheets of paper: it’s the complete schedule of this year’s Buffy Rewatch, complete with the names of the contributors on each week (I’ve updated them a couple of times as new people are coming on board for later episodes). I’m happy to say that as of this week, I’m onto page 2.

I don’t have much to say this week, despite “The Prom” being in my top 10 favourite Buffy episodes. Partly because my husband’s been away on a trip for the past week and a half and I’ve been swamped with work and kids and doing stuff on my own (all you single moms out there will always be my heroes), and partly because this week’s guest host has covered just about everything there is to cover on these two episodes (yay!)

I just wanted to mention something coming up in a couple of weeks, though… Angel. Tune in to this blog later this week for a post on the spinoff and how it will be incorporated into the Rewatch. I thought both of these episodes were definitely precursors to the other show, both with creating the pathway that Angel will take to walk away, and also creating other situations that will lead two other characters to follow him to his world in L.A. I’m sure most of you know who, but for those remaining very spoiler-free and who intend to watch Angel, I’ll just say the seeds for that series are in these ones. I love both of these episodes for the way they lead from Earshot (dammit, I should have moved Earshot to be the opening of this week rather than part of last week), which establishes that high school can be horrific, and take it to a new level. These kids are about to graduate into a world that can be hostile and vicious… and that has nothing to do with the vampires lurking about. The choices they’re about to make will inform everything they do. I can’t wait until next week’s eps.

So until then, please allow me to introduce Kristen Romanelli! I met her for the first time at Slayage 4 last June, where she was with her boyfriend David Kociemba, whom I’d met at the previous Slayage. And now I’d like you all to join me in a chorus of “Aww….” when I say that she went to Slayage 4 as his girlfriend, and left as his fiancée. Kristen has no academic affiliation, but she's a first generation Buffy viewer who works as an interactive producer in Boston. She's can be found (occasionally) blogging on the Watcher Junior blog and (frequently) participating in Monday night #whedony chats on Twitter as @watcherjunior. It took every fiber of her being to not write 1,500 words on Alexis Denisof's eyes.

I have no academic street cred, but I did watch Buffy when it started broadcasting in my sophomore year of high school. I was sixteen, the characters were sixteen, and Sarah Michelle Gellar was 20. I identified with the Scooby Gang, even though I fought against the forces of acne on a weekly basis while they fought against the forces of evil on a weekly basis. Throughout the first three seasons, I felt like I was growing with them in high school. So when the Scoobies were facing the reality of their futures in Choices and The Prom, I was similarly in a state of, “Oh, crap. Now what?” These two episodes aired on May 4 and May 11, 1999; I could taste the end of senior year and the beginning of... well, whatever. I wouldn’t have to worry about that yet, right? Despite the presence of a Hellmouth and the supernatural, the emotions and fears shown in the teenage characters were very real to me and they appropriately reflected what I saw in myself and my friends at this time in our lives.

I view Choices and The Prom as companion episodes because they both explore the question of “What next?” Choices begins by discussing college and post-high school life and The Prom continues this examination using this “end of high school rite of passage thingy” as its framework. Prom is important. If I’ve learned anything from 80s teen flicks, it’s that you must have the perfect dress and the perfect date. Your prom will be in your gym, your punch will be spiked, someone will try to ruin the whole night for everybody, and there’s a prom king and queen. (None of these things were true of my senior prom… aside from the perfect dress and perfect date (my best friend).) In Sunnydale, the prom symbolizes a respite from the inevitability of graduation. Of course, here graduation is not only the end of high school and the beginning of an uncertain future, but possibly the end. They need this dance. But before we get there…

In Choices, the Scoobies begin to get a glimpse of their potential future as college acceptance letters start tumbling into their mailboxes. Willow, as expected by both characters and viewers, has been accepted everywhere that’s anywhere. Xander, also as expected, is playing it cool (Kerouac cool) about the possibility of being left behind both academically and geographically by his closest friends. The real interesting bits come with Buffy and Cordelia. We learned in Lover’s Walk that both girls are very sharp and scored quite high on the SATs (both certainly higher than I scored!), but neither had shown much serious interest in academic pursuits. Nonetheless, Buffy has been accepted to Northwestern. Northwestern! It makes me wonder what other schools (other than UC Sunnydale) she applied to (and for what programs). What does a Slayer’s application essay look like? Buffy is now facing a decision to leave behind her slayage for whatever studies must have interested her at Northwestern.

We know that Cordelia is smart and we know that she loves to rub her success in the face of “losers” like Xander. Especially Xander.

Xander: Any clue on what college you might be attending so we can start calculating minimum safe distance?
Cordelia: None of your business. Certainly nowhere near you losers!
Buffy: Okay, you guys, don’t forget to breathe between insults.
Cordelia: I’m sorry Buffy. This conversation is reserved for people who actually have a future.

So while this exchange has the typical Cordy “bite,” it’s missing her sweet, sweet gloating. Someone with score enough to be declared a “brain” should have lots of thick envelopes to flaunt. Something’s wrong, but we’re not quite sure what. The next day, Xander observes Cordy through the window of “April Fools” (which is, we learn, a perfectly named shop). She’s admiring a grey, shiny dress. Impeccable taste! Xander crosses into her territory and to get in a dig. Cordelia, however is prepared with her thick envelopes of guaranteed future:

Cordelia: And once again, the gold medal in the Being Wrong event goes to Xander "I’m as stupid as I look" Harris. Read ‘em and weep, creep. USC, Colorado State, Duke, and Columbia.
Xander: Wow! These are great colleges. I’m guessing they must have seen a different side of your father’s money.
Cordelia: Go away.

Since when does Queen C retaliate with “Go away”? Especially on her retail therapy turf. To Xander. Yeah, something is definitely up. At the end of Choices, we return to Cordelia in “April Fools” and she’s standing in front of a mirror, admiring the same grey dress we saw earlier. Now, the Cordy we know and love would have slapped down some plastic and bought that dress when we first saw her with it. We learn that Cordy isn’t shopping — she’s a salesgirl. She’s a salesgirl? Our Cordy has gone from retail therapy to retail hell!

It isn’t until right before prom that anyone learns the truth. Xander walks by April Fools again and sees Cordelia gazing at the beautiful grey dress again. He can’t resist going into the store to zing her, but a salesgirl spills the beans about Cordy being an employee, not a shopper. Without anything else to hide behind, Cordy breaks down and confesses to Xander that she’s no longer Sunnydale’s resident rich bitch because her daddy made a “little mistake” on his taxes (for the last twelve years). “Yeah, neato. Now you can run along and tell all of your friends how Cordy finally got hers. How she has to work part time just to get a lousy prom dress on layaway. And how she has to wear a name tag. Oh, I’m a name tag person. Don’t leave that out. The story just wouldn’t have the same punch.” Queen C has fallen and she’s bare in front of Xander, the person that she’s tried to alienate the most.

Her fall into humble doesn’t go unrewarded, however. In her very own Cinderella story, Cordelia discovers, mere hours before prom, that someone has paid the balance of her dress. So when she arrives, she arrives, and she is every inch Queen C. Xander dipped into his “road trip fund” for Cordelia. Although she takes the arm of the “way 007” yet hopelessly dorky Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, she thanks Xander, sincerely, and they silently reconcile. He’s saved her image and he keeps the secret that the future Cordelia, and everyone else, thought she had, is no longer a possibility.

Early in Choices, Buffy ponders the future of her relationship while patrolling with Angel:

Buffy: You never take me any place new.
Angel: What about that fire demon nest in the cave by the beach? I felt that was a nice change of pace.
Buffy: So this is our future? This is how we’re going to spend our nights when I’m fifty and you’re ... the same age you are now.
Angel: Let’s just get you to fifty.
Buffy: Liking that plan.

The ensuing fight quickly distracts both Buffy and Angel from this very real matter that they will have to face at some point. But the couple that slays together stays together, right?

But it seems like everyone around them knows that this is a doomed romance. Even Mayor Wilkins tosses in his observation during one of their “clandestine meetings by dark of night”: “I mean, come on. What kind of a life can you offer her? I don’t see a lot of Sunday picnics in the offing. I see skulking in the shadows, hiding from the sun. She’s a blossoming young girl and you want to keep her from the life she should have until it has passed her by. My God! I think that’s a little selfish. Is that what you came back from Hell for? Is that your greater purpose?”

Damnit, big, stupid, evil guy! And the look on Angel’s face tells us everything. He knows, just as we know, that Wilkins is right. In The Prom Joyce also makes her concerns known by visiting Angel at the mansion. Before Angel answers the door, we see him pick up a notebook with “Buffy + Angel 4 ever!” written in a very girlish hand on its cover (“Sometimes even I forget that she’s still just a girl.”). Oh, dear. I totally had notebook covers (and margins) like that. Joyce tells Angel that he knows what he has end his relationship with Buffy. “…When it comes to you, Angel, she’s just like any other young woman in love. You’re all she can see of tomorrow. But I think we both know that there are some hard choices ahead. If she can’t make them, you’re gonna have to. I know you care about her. I just hope you care enough.”

Joyce, the mother figure of “the good guys,” has perfectly mirrored the words of Mayor Wilkins, the father figure of “the bad guys.” And once again, Angel knows that it’s the truth. He’s pushed over the edge by a nightmare of marrying Buffy (who is wearing an amazing gown), but then witnessing her immolated before his eyes. His love destroys her; he must end it.

Angel takes Mayor Wilkins’ and Joyce’s words to heart, and his breakup with Buffy falls firmly into the “you deserve better” genre. “You deserve more. You deserve something outside of demons and darkness. You should be with someone who can take you into the light. Someone who can make love to you.”

After pleading and fighting, all Buffy has left is, “Is this really happening?”

Her sorrow spills over into her scene with Willow where she sobs, “I can’t breathe, Will. I feel like I can’t breathe.”

The loss of one’s first love feels like this. It may look melodramatic and over the top, viewing it again with thirty year old eyes, but when I was eighteen, this was exactly what being blindsided with a breakup before prom felt like.

Buffy remains in her post-breakup haze until her friends start talking about maybe canceling prom after watching video surveillance footage of Tucker Wells (spoiler: Andrew’s Brother) and his formalwear-hungry hellhounds. Buffy snaps out it and suddenly has a mission. A non-Ascension mission! Buffy must save prom. “You guys are going to have a prom. The kind of prom that everyone should have. I’m going to give you all a nice, fun, normal evening if I have to kill every single person on the face of the earth to do it.” (Spoiler: This reminds me of Buffy’s Season 4 manic need for a perfect, normal Thanksgiving, which itself reminds me of Joyce’s desire for a perfect Christmas (complete with roaring fire during a heatwave) in Amends.)

Buffy takes charge and sends everyone else, even Giles, off to the dance; hunting evil is her coping mechanism. Even ice cream is secondary — “The great thing about being a Slayer? Kicking ass is comfort food.”

It turns out that Tucker is having a little inner turmoil of his own. He asked a girl out to prom and she deadpanned, “No,” in response. Clearly, everyone deserves to suffer. So he does what every disappointed lad would do: He summons a few hellhounds and brainwashes them with Prom Night, Pump Up the Volume, Prom Night IV, Pretty in Pink, The Club, and Carrie. I’m not sure if I should be sad or glad to say that I’ve only seen three of those. Tucker’s redundancy hellhounds are already on their way to the prom, and Buffy is able to catch up to them and kill one of them, but they others ditch pursuing her in favor of finding munchies in the general direction of “Celebration” by Kool & the Gang (a song that will haunt me for the rest of my days as the Fairfield University Class of 2003 Orientation Week & Senior Week theme song). “Oh, come on! That song sucks.” I’m with you, B.

Buffy is able to chase down and kill the hellhounds before they do any damage to the “perfect night” she wanted for her friends. Mission accomplished! She pulls her pink prom gown, the one that she was sure would drive Angel crazy, out of her bag and she’s ready to join civilization where only a select few know what she’s done tonight and countless other nights. …Right?

Class superlatives are awarded at the Sunnydale prom. (“Most Musical” here!) “Class Clown” is awarded to Jack Mayhew, much to Xander’s chagrin. “Anybody can be a prop class clown.” He’s even wearing a balloon animal hat, which harkens back to Season 1’s Nightmares: “You are a lousy clown! Your balloon animals are pathetic! Everyone can make a giraffe!” Buffy seems bored with this whole ritual and partakes in the (weirdly bloody looking, and also reminiscent of the Master’s blood tap in The Wish) punch.

And then Jonathan takes the stage and asks, “Is Buffy Summers here tonight?” This was a weird moment in broadcast. Prior to this episode, Jonathan had just been the weird short kid who got to kiss the Inca Mummy Girl and be “You, by the dip” guy. You see, Earshot hadn’t aired with the rest of the season, in response to the panic the followed the Columbine tragedy. The emotional impact we feel is augmented when watching the episodes in the proper order; we know that Buffy has directly affected Jonathan and saved his life. This moment is special for both of them. It’s also a moment when the class as a whole publicly acknowledges that Sunnydale is not a normal town.

“Most of the people here have been saved by you, or helped by you at one time or another. We’re proud to say that the Class of ‘99 has the lowest mortality rate of any graduating class in Sunnydale history. And we know at least part of that is because of you. So the senior class, offers its thanks, and gives you, uh, this."

Jonathan presents Buffy with a sparkling, cute umbrella with an attached sign that says, “Buffy Summers, Class Protector.”

This is who Buffy is and this is her destiny. She protects the helpless. Whether or not she goes to college, being the Slayer and a protector is inherent to her nature and we know that it’s what she’ll do for the rest of her life. The entire student body recognizes Buffy shows its gratitude for what she does for them. It’s a moment that causes Giles to observe, “I had no idea that children en masse could be gracious.”

As Buffy responds, “Every now and then, people surprise you,” Giles sees what Buffy, and we, cannot: Angel has come to the dance, handsomely dressed in a tuxedo. And when Buffy turns to see him, she doesn’t shatter as she did when he told her that they couldn’t be together anymore. She possibly surprises herself by straightening her back, walking towards him, and greeting him.

Buffy: I never thought you’d come.
Angel: It’s a big night. I didn’t want to miss it. It’s just tonight. It doesn’t mean that I ...
Buffy: I know. I mean, I understand.
Angel: Dance with me?

And as they dance, The Sundays prophetically sing to us…

…Let’s do some living after love dies
Wild horses couldn’t drag me away
Wild, wild horses, we’ll ride them some day

(Spoiler: This song is up there with “Mandy” for Buffy-Angel appropriateness. Go on. Google the lyrics. You know you want to.)


Marebabe said...

I’m so glad you’re going to post some info about “Angel”, the series. I don’t know anything about it, except that it starts when Buffy S4 starts. I was wondering when I should actually watch the Angel episodes. I should be receiving my new DVDs – Buffy S4 and Angel S1 – tomorrow. Ready to move on to the next thing!

At the beginning of “Choices”, Cordelia seemed to be especially hateful, even for her. “Opening up a fresh can of venom” indeed. And it’s not just Xander. She’s being mean to everyone. (Except Wesley, of course.)

The Evil Mayor is jolly one second and menacing the next. Of course, it keeps Faith on her toes, but then I got to thinking about her background and the fact that her mother never loved her. I’ve heard and read that one of the awful things that abused children endure is the uncertainty of whether, in any given moment, they will be greeted with a hug or a slap. They develop lightning reflexes, ready to duck, if necessary. I think that is why Faith never seems the least bit ruffled by the Mayor’s sudden and extreme mood swings. She’s used to it.

Some of my favorite lines in this episode. Buffy to Wes: “Hop on the train or get off the tracks.” Oz to Xander: “Toad me.” Fabulous economy with words!

I like how Giles had a little Coleman picnic jug of tea along when he and Wesley had some time to kill, waiting in the van. The English gents gotta have their tea!

In “The Prom”, whose idea was it to get such flimsy cages for the thrashing, snarling hell-hounds? It’s no surprise that the cages failed to hold them. Or was that the idea? That they were supposed to break free in order to carry out their search-and-destroy mission? Maybe they would shred anyone in their vicinity, so no one was safe getting close enough to open the cages from the outside.

The wedding/fire nightmare sequence was pretty gruesome, and I thought, pretty well done. But in movies and TV, it’s always amazing to me how long they go on and how bad they let it get before the dreamer jumps awake, sweating, shaking, and/or shrieking. My brain is wired to wake up as soon as the terror starts.

I’ve been blindsided many times in the first three season of Buffy, but I never in a million years expected the pure SWEETNESS of Buffy being named the Class Protector at the prom. By the time she had her little umbrella trophy in her hands, I was dabbing at tears. It was perfect.

The Question Mark said...

Johnathan is such a great, likeable little side character, and it was nice to see him get to have his moment presenting Buffy with the award. I was waiting for him to walk up to her later and ask for a dance, but I guess Angel beat him to it.

I'm also really intrigued by the idea of Anya gaining some humanity and possibly even becoming another member of the team. The great thing about villains on this show is how likeable they can become and how quickly the viewer can welcome them into the heroes' group. And her and xander make a pretty good couple, too. Xander seems like the kind of guy who should be paired with someone extraordinary; it's a nice contrast to him, being merely "the Zeppo". :)

Dusk said...

I like johnathan too, the Protecto Award and even the dance were touching, and I'm not a Bangel.

Even so, did anyone fing Angel's reason's for leaving sort of weak. I know they have to get him away for the spin-off but still.

Buffy's never going to have a normal life and the chances of an ordinary guy being able to understand and handle the pressure of loving a Slayer are slim. And such a guy would easily be Buffy's weakness. Angel can look after himself, but a human guy, probably not.

And the chances of her even making it to a good age tohave kids seems slim. How would that go? "We don't stake out litle brother!"

Synder is really annoying,

And I know it's the Hellmouth but wouldn't the dress shop be closed down right after a dude was shredded?

Page48 said...

Wow, I have no academic street cred either. Nor do I have any prom cred.

Since Buffy's extra-curricular activities are apparently no secret to the Sunny-D High crowd, why not just go ahead and designate her "Slayer of the Year"? Nevertheless, a lovely gesture for a Classy Protector.

Faith: "What are you, the narrator?" I love that line. Bad Faith.

I love Willow standing up to Faith: "It's way too late"

Xander helping Cordy with her prom dress purchase. This is a teachable moment for Cordelia at a crucial turning point in her life. And, I couldn't help but notice that Cordy sells dresses for General Beckman ("Chuck").

As Nikki says, the seeds for the first season of "Angel" are sown here. Watching BtVS for the first time a couple of years ago, I didn't see what was happening, but it's so obvious the second time around. Rewatch reward points continue to pile up.

Suzanne said...

Nice review Kristen. In response to your point about how real Buffy's reaction to breaking up with Angel was given that she is a teenager, I completely agree. Even though I am now in my 40's that scene really gets to me because I remember that feeling from my youth so keenly. I also think that Sarah Michelle Gellar really sold it in that scene when she says "I can't breathe."

The other reason I think this scene impacts me so much (and I don't even see it as melodramatic, not nearly as much as some of Angel's dialogue seems to be) is because of the way that it shows the depth of Buffy's friendship with Willow. I adore this friendship and see it as one of the absolute best representations of female friendship ever on television. This scene captures their amazing friendship so well.

In response to Dusk, I agree that the reason for Angel breaking up with Buffy seemed a bit contrived. I couldn't help having the same thought at you: "Angel, how long do you really think Buffy can survive as a slayer. What are the odds for a slayer living past twenty or so? Old age -- I don't think so! And, do you really think any "normal" guy will be to handle Buffy?" :)

Lisa(until further notice) said...

I started watching BtVS for the first time sometime last year after LOST ended. I needed a go-to series that had the backing of someone I trusted. That person was Nikki. I started watching, and soon after, purchased her books.

I remember spontaneously posting something on Nikki's FB Wall after watching The Prom. Exact wording was this: watched "The Prom" today from season 3 of Buffy. Buffy+Angel@prom=me*tear*. Nikki went on to talk about the umbrella and the speech by Jonathan. This time around, I started tearing up the moment I saw Jonathan up at the mic.

I also told her I couldn't believe I could become so invested
in these characters. Especially after having suffered the
ending of LOST. Could I ever love a cast of characters so much again? Well, yes, yes I could.

I can't even explain it, but from Oz's "Angel..." comment, as in back off so my girl doesn't get killed, to Giles sweet guardianship of Buffy (and his hilarious retort to Wesley as he asks Giles opinion about whether or not he should ask Cordy to dance:

Giles: for God sakes man, she's 18. And you have the emotional maturity of a blueberry scone. Just have at it would you, and stop fluttering about.

Wesley: Alright then. Thanks for that.

So. Suffice it to say, that it was The Prom that made me realize i not only enjoyed Buffy, but I LOVED it, and all the characters in it.

Thank you for showing up, Angel.

I will be forever grateful that I found Buffy, Xander, Willow, Giles, Cordy, Angel, Spike and Wesley.

To say that I am grateful to

Lisa(until further notice) said...

Oops...thoughts left unfinished. Well, you can figure them out...

Efthymia said...

It's true that Buffy being the Slayer means that she could never really have a Regular Joe boyfriend and that she probably won't live to old age, but Angel can't think like that if he loves her; I don't think anyone would have appreciated him much if he had been all "You're a freak and you're probably going to die before me, so let's enjoy our time together!" In most episodes, and in pretty much any apocalypse scenario, the characters have hope that they can save the world and that things will get better, and hope is what Angel has regarding Buffy's future --that she will be able to have a good, lasting relationship with a nice, normal guy (someone who can she can have sex and enjoy daytime with, at least) and that she will live a long healthy life. So getting away from her makes sense.

Anyway, I'm personally not that affected by Angel's leaving; I was never crazy about him as a character (his change in Season 2 was more important for Buffy's story and character, and even as a villain he never had Spike's charm or Drusilla's menacing lunacy), and I find him and Buffy too sappy and melodramatic a couple. Oz barely utters a word, but I can get his feelings for Willow in a way that Angel's babbling never did it. Even in these very Bangel-centric episodes, it's the Willow-Oz romance that captivates me (maybe because I love them more individually as characters as well).

And EVERY sort of thing requires ice-cream of some kind! Or maybe that's just me...

Missy said...


What would it take for Willow to come across as a Bitca?
Apparently nothing...She throws some pretty sharp(and truthful) daggers at Faith
and yet I still want Faith to listen and not take it the way it would sound coming from say Cordelia.
And the coy little "See what you can make of them?" ,Soo Damn Adorable!!!!
Snyder is such a Douche....
thats right little man let the scary man eating spiders out(sometimes he just doesn't use his noggin).
"That wont cut through steel" Vamp Lacky
"No,But it will cut through bone" Faith...Why the random quote?Well everytime
I watch this ep I'm left scratching my head at the stupidity of the Vampire.
I Love the Mayor and I adore His relationship with Faith....he really loves her.
(even though he can be a tad conceited around her,like she doesn't help)
What I remember most about this ep is the scene with Willow & Buffy
when Will tells Buffy that she can't leave if Buffy has(or as she points out WANTS)to stay,
when I watch this scene...I get a big goofy grin on my face.(I never thought she would leave....
but she makes the choice to stay out of love for her friends
and lets face it she does it in the cutest way possible :D )
It took a loooong time for me to love Cordy(I let you know when we get to the ep),
Now when I rewatch I feel sooo much Empathy for Cordelia(I realized awhile ago it starts in 'Out of mind,Out of sight')
to lose what you think makes you special has to be really hard for Cordelia someone we've come to realize has a brain & feelings.
and losing Xander to the unpopular smart girl(a girl she actually could have been if she was as confident as Willow has become)
'The Prom'
I want a cut of 'The Prom' minus the Tucker Wells/Hellhound parts.
It's a beautiful examination of kids coming together(The companion piece to 'Earshot' some might say)
and accepting who they are...& being Grateful.
I usually quote Giles(Or the Class Protector Speech) here,but it's been done and I love the moment Xander&Cordy share...So my quote will be
"Well Duh" Cordelia's response to Xander complementing her(and the dress).
Buffy's Wedding Dress is Vera Wang(a REAL Vera Wang).
I can't tell you how much I love Anya....She's waaaay to much fun to watch.
Outside the core scoobies she is my second fav character..obviously just behind Faith.Lol
(Emma Caulfield deserves kudos for the way she portrays Anya)
When I least expect it I lose my breath watching Buffy(and SMG)breakdown...I stay away from shipping these days
but had you asked me 12yrs ago I would have sung the praises of Bangel and I think thats why sometimes I get caught off gaurd by Buffy's emotion.
The scene I live for(in'The Prom' anyway Lol) is the Dance and it's in large part to do with The Sundays version of the classic Rolling Stones song 'Wild Horses'.
I have to admit I didn't listen to the Original until recently.
and I've listened to afew of the other cover versions....But The Sundays will always be my favourite version.

Can't wait for next week.....Graduation Day P1&2 are in my top 5 fav eps ever

Missy said...

I've noticed that BtVS newbies compare it to LOST....and I find that really interesting.
As someone who watched BtVS during it's original run and then LOST(also during it's original run,Major lostie)I can't help but wonder if I'd feel the same way.
Would I put LOST above BtVS?
When Buffy was on it was all I could see of tomorrow(stealing the Joyce quote Lol)and as soon as the finale aired I was out there buying the DVDs and I've watched the DVDs on a weekly basis since.
LOST,boy did it suck me in...I wanted to know the mystery of the Island and why it chose these specific people...and I chose my fav characters and I shipped hard for Charlie and Clair and others,and apparently I'm in the minority when it comes to loving the finale(I was crying like a Baby during the church scene).
Anyone wanna take a guess as to what I did last june just weeks after the finale?Thats right I went out and bought s1 of LOST...and that where my love of LOST stalled & I couldn't tell you why..I surprised myself,I don't buy DVDs unless I intend to watch said DVDs ALOT(Unlike Cordy I've been lacking in money my whole life :/).I havn't bothered to purchase s2(or 3,4,5 & 6)...but I still love LOST and I don't regret watch it EVERY SINGLE WEEK(Yes,I'm THAT kind of fan).
So honestly after all this time I'm still a BtVS nerd at heart.
But I wouldn't give up watching LOST for anything it was the most intriguing TV show of the last decade.
I guess it's the 1st love thing....I can't see past Buffy.
Anywho that was random and long but I thought I'd share my opinion on the comparison. :D

Tom D. said...

What would it take for Willow to come across as a Bitca?

I love her comment to Xander, "Maybe you need a better nature." If she said stuff like that all the time, I guess she'd be a bitca. But in moderation it is adorable when Willow gets sharp-tongued.

Colleen/redeem147 said...

Very astute observation about Faith as an abuse victim, Marebabe.

I liked Giles disciplining Buffy and then giving her a cookie. Positive reinforcement.

Faith's knife looks very Klingon - she's make a good one, except for the honour part.

I think Cordy's situation shows that we should never judge a person by their words - we don't know the pain underneath.

The guy with the snake on his face reminds me of the John Candy SCTV character - and then Faith kills him. I think this is her first conscious murder.

Willow's style is changing (I love her Wicca dress.) I think we could do a whole study of clothing on Buffy and how it reflects the characters.

While Buffy may say that the Mayor is just trying to get to them, I think his advice is meant as genuine and heartfelt. That's the thing with him - he's not just evil. Might be one of the most dangerous things about him.

Why is Snyder so obsessed with drugs? This isn't the first reference. Is it a Band Candy thing? I don't think he liked what people saw in him.

Buffy really wasn't listening to the Mayor if she thinks he didn't have any lasting relationships, unless she's making the mistake that because he's evil everything he says is a lie.

I felt for Joyce the night Buffy stayed at Angel's. For all her mother knew, Buffy could be dead. I worried when my kids went out and didn't call, and they weren't Slayers.

When Joyce went to see Angel, at least she didn't offer him a cheque. (Movie cliche)

What is the excuse for Wes' presence in the library. He's not working for the school (many schools can't afford one librarian, much less two) but he's an adult hanging around with the students.

You know you're getting old when you see the priest in the dream sequence and say "Hey, it's the guy from Math Net."

I'm assuming Hellhound is a nick name, cause no way that thing looks canine.

Angel doesn't seem to have much blood in the bag - is he on a diet? And is this the scene where he decides to leave?

I know Xander has a travel fund that he dips into for Cordy, but where is he getting the money? I don't remember him having a part-time job.

What's up with Angel's tux? It makes his arms look really skinny. Still, he cleans up nicely. ;)

Unknown said...

OMG, he WAS the guy from Math Net, wasn't he? That was my favorite part of 3-2-1 Contact. :D

Missy said...

@Tom D

I adore that Willow quote
She'll always be my Fav Scoobie.
She does try to be mean but like the quote suggests it's just not in HER nature.

Anne said...

I have to agree with you Missy, every time I rewatch Buffy, I discover something new whether it is a forshadowing hint, or a character moment. I know what is coming and I get excited for a certain thing but then out of the blue I realize something else as well. In my opinion this is all thanks to the amazing writting and acting by all.

Thanks again for the rewatch Nikki

JS said...

I definitely choked up during the Protector presentation. I could see Buffy's loneliness, and her dedication to her friends in her hellhound fight. And agree I was brought back to my teenage years when I thought the end of my relationship was the end of my life. The drama is not melo.

I couldn't keep the same pace as the re-watch schedule, I started going faster in the middle of S2, and have just finished watching the end of season 7. As a hard core Lostie, it is a very high compliment to say I have room in my heart for Buffy. I am already missing the Scoobies. I won’t bother figuring out which I love more, since that probably changes depending on my mood. And they are completely different shows, anyway. Let’s put it this way. Last night my dream was slayer related, and I woke up in a good mood – it was pretty funny. And during lunch today, the Hurley theme started in my head for some reason, and I almost started crying. So, both very special. Thanks Nikki!!!

JS said...

I've been erased!! I had an incredibly insightful yet witty comment posted here and in the spoiler forum and it is no where to be found. I would write a sternly worded letter, but that would be lost as well.

Unknown said...

@JS: You have an appropriate avatar for LOST and suddenly disappearing posts. ;)

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Nice colleen yes its the guy from math net.