Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Buffy Week 22: Spoiler Forum

And here once again is the place where you can discuss Buffy and Angel spoiler-free, without worrying about what you're saying (just a quick reminder not to mention the comics, even if they're starting to take shape in this season). I don't have much to say other than despite my love of Tara, I think Willow and Oz were my favourite couple. I watched this episode knowing that "New Moon Rising" was coming, and it just broke my heart in so many ways.


Dusk said...

I always thought the biggest rift between Buffy fans was "Seeing Red" now I'm not so sure! Lol, gotta watch BB soon with both sides in mind then go to the other post. The alcohol stuff was better handled by Dawn's comment in "Family" and left, there I do believe cavemen was overdoing it.

I wonder how things would have ben different if Oz had stayed on the show. Still like Tara a lot *inhales*, and "The Killer In Me" is one of my bottom-feeder episodes. *Exhales*

Anya's bunny suit reveal was one of the highlights until I remembered her and Andrew in "Chosen" Wah!

Same with Willow, Dopplegangerland is pure comedy for a first timer, not so much in a few seasons.

Colleen/redeem147 said...

Oz warns Willow about the magic - and it turns out he's right. Though it will also lead her to Tara (which won't exactly thrill him.)

Willow says to Buffy "I'm not your sidekick" which will be what she says in season six.

Soon Willow will have her own visit with Mr. Bottle (Something Blue.)

Spike's pose and beginning of his speech are reminiscent of In the Dark - and then he gets tasered. Thus will begin the best redemptive arc of the series.

"Wild dogs" Maggie? Really? Though considering that she knows full well what werewolves are, I guess that explains it. Hey, it was a clue!

Efthymia said...

Oz worrying about Willow's magic had me wondering whether, if Seth Green hadn't left, Willow's arc would have remained the same, just with Oz instead of Tara. Of course, Tara began worrying about Willow's magic in late Season 5 and had helped her a lot to become as powerful (which Oz couldn't have done), so I don't know.
Does anyone know if Tara's fate was supposed to be Oz's fate? Because if so, I'm SO glad he left. Now I can still dream that they'll have a chance meeting turning a corner in Instanbul... (I choose to ignore the comics.)

Colleen/redeem147 said...

I have heard Joss say that if it hadn't been Tara it would have been Oz - that it was about putting Willow through the pain, not killing a lesbian (as some charged.)