Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Buffy Rewatch Week 26: Spoiler Forum

As always, here is where you can talk about Buffy and Angel without fear of spoiling the new watchers. Once again I remind you to please refrain from talking about the comics, as some of the people here (me included!) haven't quite finished them yet. Thanks!


Dusk said...

I wonder how many people will catch on to Tara/Willow by now? Almost too obvious.

Willow's reaction shot of Giles singing, Forever!

Love the Johnathantastic opening credits. Like him here, loses most points when he's surprised by the word "rape" . Wins many back with the triple "OMG" at the show in the Magic Box, then when he stands up for Xander's neck. Liked him again by the time he died, still not the biggest Andrew fan.

OK, who had the worst Body Swap expirence Buffy or Angel?

Buffy: Chained, sedated, boyfriend unknowingly boinks the wrong Slayer. But Faith didn't abuse the body. And still slayed.

Angel: Stuck in a retirement home, holding a random baby, almost killed by lame old guy in his body. Body used to makeout with random bar sl*ts and broke Fred's heart. Oh, and would need Bulk size bottle of mouthwash to get out Lilah tounge. At least Faith went for someone Buffy was already with.

Lisa(until further notice) said...

These last few episodes have been Spike lite, and it's like the writers don't quite know what to do with him right now. I did enjoy his chemistry with Anya on the couch. Preludes to when they boink in the magic shop in the near future.

I still don't know why everyone dislikes Riley so much. I think he's pretty funny. I loved listening to the back conversation the scoobies were having on the grass while Buffy went to talk to Jonathan after the spell was broken.

Quick comment about Tara objecting to Willow's touch in "where the wild things are". It has to do with the poltergeist the house is under...not how Tara really feels about Willow. She reacted to Willow in a way that the old house mistress would have wanted her to, not the way she does in reality.

Colleen/redeem147 said...

Faith beating herself in Buffy's body echoes Buffy beating Spike in season six - they're both really beating up themselves.

Faith experiencing Buffy's life is a step in her eventual redemption, but first she'll fall much further. The events of the body swatch really mix her up.

Jonathan actually is the one who finds the information to defeat Adam.

Regarding if X/A will make it - longer than B/R will.

Poor Tara. Jonathan's demon, the Hush demons, Glory...

"How did he graduate from med school; he's only 18." Someone hasn't been reading Willow's Doogie Howser fan fic.

"I'm not entirely sure if we can trust our memories" - a precursor to Dawn?

Jonathan got advice from someone he barely knew. He's easily influenced - see Warren.

The demons see vampires as an abomination - and poor Illyria will have to work with some.

Spike considers staking Dru - see Crush.

Spike's first reaction is to act heroic - then he talks himself out of it. He's the one who keeps having to tell himself that he's evil.

The old woman calls the children 'Dirty' like Caleb does, both perverting their religion.

Xander should be more careful - that plant could have put his eye out.

Verification word 'latindru' - just when she was in South America.

Tom D. said...

Unless I'm forgetting something, Who Are You is the first episode where it's established that Sunnydale has an airport.

Tom D. said...

Giles and the scoobies drive the stolen armored truck to the church because Giles's terrible old car was destroyed by Spike in A New Man. Next season he'll be seduced by a red sporty convertible!

Tom D. said...

The Faith/Spike scene kind of makes me think that Spike fell for the wrong slayer. Soulless Spike and Faith would have been a great couple. Now that they're both reformed, not so much anymore.

Efthymia said...

I was thinking that maybe "Superstar" came to show that a lot of people's perception of reality and memories can be altered by a spell to prepare us for Season 5 and Dawn.

Colleen/redeem147 said...

Tom, I'm all about the redemption, so that's no from me.

Besides, love Spike, Faith not so much.

Suzanne said...

@Lisa (until further notice), you aren't alone. I like Riley in spite of myself. I can see why others don't like him, and knowing what he becomes later, I definitely don't see him as Buffy's long-term match, but I still like him. He has funny lines every once in awhile, he is easy on the eyes, and he brings a sharp contrast to the Scooby gang with his military ways that lets us see their strengths from a fresh perspective. I actually like the Initiative as the "bad guy" in Season 4. I am just not into Adam.

@ Colleen/redeem 147, my 11-year old son had a cute retort when Xander encountered the monster plants, "ooh, close encounter with your eye, Xander."

Ken H said...

Here's a word for Season 4 and Tracey Forbes. Those things happen in college. People go out of character (and make their friends mad). Even those cavemen seem familiar. Sink Night, anyone? Those guys will go on to Goldman Sachs and the Treasury Dept.

Season 5 has the most perfect arc, and Season 2.5 - 3 is the dramatic peak, but I most enjoy rewatching S4, the change year.