Friday, June 24, 2011


Someone sent this video to me ages ago... probably about 10 years ago. I remember laughing and laughing and watching it CONSTANTLY. Along with Dog Judo, it's probably my favourite animated thing on the Interwebs. (This is the English band Elbow doing a jazzy version of Destiny's Child's "Independent Woman.")

Our family just got a new kitten, who pretty much looks exactly like the xylophone kitty in this. So I finally had to post it.


yourblindspot said...

This rules in the most ridiculous way.

Elbow just announced dates in Atlanta for September, and I am sooo stoked. I totally want to have Guy Garvey's man-babies.

Joan Crawford said...

Aw! What did you name the kitten? My old kitty had a gross, drippy eye that made her look like a pirate and patchy fur and a lung infection when I got her. Also, she had worms and she just laid there like a little lump and nobody wanted her :( She was a little Hobo Cat and I wasn't even allowed to adopt her at first, only foster. I named her Circe.