Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Buffy Rewatch Week 39: Spoiler Forum

And once again, here is the spoiler board where we can talk about the implications of Willow's magic, or Anya and Xander expressing their worries about getting married, and what happens between Buffy and Spike, all without fear of spoilage.

But really, do you want to be here when you can be watching all those awesome videos? ;)

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Colleen/redeem147 said...

I think Buffy protests too much later in the season. If she just wanted Spike for sex but didn't care about him - why does she ignore the hunk tied to the tree?

I like that the Lethe's Bramble provides continuity for next week's episode.

When Tara sings "You know I've been through hell" she's equating Willow with Glory - and by the end of the season, Willow will be the one trying to destroy the world.

Buffy sings "One by one they turn from me" as everyone except Spike will do in season 7.

Sweet and Dawn are another colour coordinated 'couple'. Willow and Tara, however, are wearing contrasting colours (yellow and purple.) Anya is wearing a neutral grey. Xander and Tara are colour coordinated and will be the ones to walk out on their couplehood.