Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dead Kid Detective Agency

Hey all! I hope you're excited for tonight's very special musical edition of the Buffy Rewatch! I know I am. Make sure you set aside some time to get through all of it... it'll be worth it!

To get you excited and ready for it, I wanted to present the following book trailer from our beloved Evan Munday. You will remember him from the weeks where he covered "Ted" and "Hush" with his very funny videos. His book, The Dead Kid Detective Agency, is now available. I'd mentioned it back during the Rewatch, and now it's finally out. This is the story of October, a 13-year-old Goth who suddenly discovers the dead people in the cemetery behind her house aren't all dead, and the undead Nancy Drewing they all end up doing with their supernatural powers. It's a great read (confession: I was the proofreader on it) and it's full of Evan's dry wit.

As an example of that wit, check out his new book trailer to promote it. Hilarious! (Watch all the way to the end.) And be sure to check in tonight at 8pm for the Buffy Rewatch!

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