Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Buffy Rewatch Week 46: Spoiler Forum

Once again, here is the place where you can talk spoiler-free about the happenings in this week's Buffy and Angel episodes without fear of spoilage. Like how, maybe if Anya had been killed in this episode, I'd have had time to mourn her death, and so would the characters. Part of me feels like I would have rather had that than what's to come. :(


Dusk said...

paroptI've already shared by issues with Anya's death, I'll do it for the newbies in the finale.

And so we are are about to arrive at the biggest ICK in either show.

I love Anya's backstory.

Him foreshadows something after season 7, I don't like this particualar thing, but I object to it less then a number of other things happening at the same time.

Colleen/redeem147 said...

Him foreshadows something I love in the comics, and I was already writing fan fiction about said thing when the show was on (set in the future).

We know Robin is from NYC originally - did the Watcher who raised him move to Beverly Hills?

Before we deal with the empowered girls we meet the one with no power.

Cassie says to Spike "Someday she'll tell you". And Buffy did tell Spike she loved him. And like the original Cassandra, he didn't believe it.

I think D'Hoffryn knows that the First will cause Anya's death.

Efthymia said...

"You should have killed me. -Be patient; all good things in time."
@Colleen/redeem 147: I don't thing D'Hoffryn knows, I just think it's one of those foreshadowing things in the show that you just notice in rewatches.

Dusk said...

And somehow the word verif got in my comment, thet's different. I don't think the big boss knows what will happen either. Didn't Hallie say demons are twitching about the First?