Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Buffy Rewatch Week 47: Spoiler Forum

And here's the place where we can talk spoiler-free about what the implications were of the First's hauntings in "Conversations with Dead People" and what Spike will ultimately mean to Buffy (and everyone) in the finale. Sigh. No fear of spoilage here, so talk away!


Dusk said...

What does Andrew things he's doing in a leather jacket? Didn't the entire Angel team (plus Eve) take out the patent on them for NFA?

Also Conversations demonstrated one of two things from the show Joss admitted he dropped the ball on in later material. See The Girl In Question for the other one.

Colleen/redeem147 said...

Andrew does join the gang and starts hanging out at Buffy's. Who knew?

The First is trying to stop Willow from using magic - and her use of it will be his downfall.

Buffy says, "I had all this power. I didn't ask for it." And then in Chosen she forces it on all the Potentials.

What was the First's plan with Spike? Sire a vampire army? (he could probably use some more vampires to do that.) Demoralize Buffy? Kill her, but later, after he'd played with her? I don't think we ever really know the details. In any case, The First makes a grave miscalculation and Spike gets a taste of powerful Slayer blood and snaps out of his control long enough to remember.

I don't think there's any way Giles could have not been decapitated the way that scene is shot.

Nikki Stafford said...

Colleen: I totally agree re: Giles. I always thought that was a cheat on the part of the writers. The repeat of the scene looks NOTHING like what we got in this one.

Dave said...

Angel spoiler just in case some of you have seen Buffy but not Angel.

I loved the Beast until we found out who was controlling him. I still liked it after that. But the mystery surrounding him and the power he had really convinced me the gang legitimately in trouble. I can totally see how that voice would be off-putting, Nikki.

Aside from the Cordy and Conner thing, which I agree was gross, I really enjoyed season 4 of Angel. They were really devoted to a fairly ambitious arc. And the payoff at the end was nice.

Not to discount how great Buffy is. But the more I look back on Angel the more I gravitate towards it. I think I just relate to the characters more. The arcs for each of the characters are so satisfying.

Blam said...

Colleen: I don't think there's any way Giles could have not been decapitated the way that scene is shot.