Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cancer Gets LOST

Happy 8/15 everyone! (Lost fans will know what I mean.) Today is not only a date that every Lost fan loves to mention, but the beginning of a fantastic auction that is full of amazing items for lots of different fandoms, and will raise money to fight cancer. Started by the incomparable Jo Garfein, this particular charity (the National Brain Tumor Society) was chosen to remember a good friend of hers who just lost a long battle with cancer. A perfect reason to head on over and place some bids on various fan merchandise. How about:

  • the original concept drawing for the Blast Door Map? 
  • a Once Upon a Time script signed by the cast? 
  • the complete Lost series on blu-ray signed by several members of the cast and crew? 
  • the S1 DVDs for Community signed by Danny Pudi?
  • various copies of the Lost Encyclopedia signed by several members of the cast and crew? 
  • a True Blood poster signed by almost the entire S1/S2 cast?
  • a Person of Interest poster signed by the entire cast? 
  • various Lost cards and action figures signed by the actor who portrayed the depicted character? 
And much, much more. There are almost 250 items up for bid, so go on over and check it out

And for the Whedon fans out there who weren't really into Lost, you should head on over there, too. Why? Because JOSS SAYS SO. 

Joss's "do ten hundred push-ups" face.
(photo by Joey Saade, pictured)


Erin {pughs' news} said...

LOST for a good cause? I'm in!

Dusk said...

Doesn't everyone love it when multiple fandoms come together for a good cause?

I actually do think Joss or at least someone in Dark Horse is a Lost fan because of a certain cork metaphor I had to read 3 times to understand...