Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fall TV

Hello everyone! I've been absent for a while, STILL haven't finished that final day of Slayage report (here's why: I've been moving house and accidentally packed away my notes in the last week of July, thus halting my blogging on it! But I promise to finish this time, unlike last time) and I've been to FanExpo and I have SO MUCH to tell you about the move and the new house and my new glorious office that I love so so so much (this is my total Nikki cave) and I will get to all of that next week when the kids go back to school, but for NOW, here is what I plan to watch this fall on TV, and I'm relying on you guys to let me know if I'm missing anything. But if you suggest another show, you have to make a strong case for why I need to watch it. I already have far too much written here! This is based entirely on me liking the premise or the star of the show, and nothing to do with advance reviews, which so far I haven't seen. So some of this might change.

Red means new, and black means I've been watching already. (I have all of this on a calendar... oh, come on, who among you does NOT?) ;)

11: Go On

16: Boardwalk Empire

17: Revolution

25: The Mindy Project

26: Animal Practice
Modern Family

27: Big Bang Theory

28: FRINGE (!!)

30, aka The Big Night: Once Upon a Time
666 Park Avenue

10: Arrow

11: Beauty & the Beast

14: The Walking Dead

19: Community


Batcabbage said...

That's a pretty comprehensive list, Nik. have you gotten into Sons of Anarchy? It's back on the 11th of September. I can't remember whether you've written about SoA, but you loved the Shield, and Kurt Sutter (SoA creator) was heavily involved in the adventures of Vic Mackey, so I figured you'd be on board for that one. Also, DOCTOR WHO IS BACK THIS WEEKEND!!!!!

Allison said...

It is so good. Download the pilot and I will be surprised if you're not hooked.

Page48 said...

Vaughn's evil missus (Melissa George) stars in "Hunted".

Cinemax Trailer

BBC Trailer

Synopsis and background info from Cinemax website.

In addition to 'Lauren Reed', it also stars 'Stannis Baratheon' and 'Mr. Eko'.

Debuts in October.

Page48 said...

"Last Resort"

ABC, debuts Thursday, September 27.

Erin {pughs' news} said...

So it's exactly one month until Fringe? Hurrah!!! Since it's the final season, it's bound to be amazing.

Can't wait for Doctor Who, starting on Sept 1st!!!! {see how that got 4 exclamation points? yeah, that's how excited I am!}

Also plan to watch The Mindy Project {Mindy Kaling is hilaire}, Parenthood {I love those messed-up Bravermans} and Big Bang Theory.

I'm excited for fall :)

Cassie powers said...

Nikki, ever since I've watched Sherlock--love that show-I'm intrigued now about CBS's It's Elementary... I hope it wont be a same retread of the Steven Moffat, Mark Gattis show. With Lisa Lisa Ling as a female Watson, I'll check it out.

Nikki Stafford said...

Oops, forgot Doctor Who! I already have it on the PVR, so I didn't bother to add it to the calendar, but YES I will be watching.

Batcabbage: I'm almost finished the first season of SoA and I LOVE it, and can't wait to keep watching. Now that the unpacking is almost done, I'll be back in soon.

Nikki Stafford said...

Erin: Parenthood is one of those shows I missed and now want to catch up on. Lots of buzz, and lots of people I respect telling me to watch it (and now I add you to that list!)

Allison: I started watching Smash but got to about the third episode and it just wasn't doing it for me. Maybe I should try again. :)

Page48 said...

Since every TV season needs a conspiracy wrapped in a mystery with a side order of Rambaldi, I'm going to check out ABC's "Zero Hour", although I don't think it airs until mid-season.

Tom Speelman said...

Pretty good list. This has already aired, but you should watch "Copper" on BBC America. It is on Sunday nights at 9.

Also, coming back Sept. 1...DOCTOR WHO!!!!

Emily said...

I am so glad that you like Revenge too! I LOVE it!! Haha.

Page48 said...

Needless to say, I will give Joss's "S.H.I.E.L.D." a spin when it arrives on ABC, but will that be mid-season this year or next fall?

yourblindspot said...

Hey! Cool to hear you're getting into SoA -- it's crazy harsh sometimes, but what Shakespearean drama isn't? The season 3 finale is one of my favorite tv experiences in recent years.

No interest in either 'Last Resort' or 'Revolution' for you? They both seem so Nikki to me.

Can't WAIT to start dissecting TWD with you again. I have very high hopes for this season as the one when everything falls into balance and we see the realization of its full potential. (God, that sounded parental...)

Nikki Stafford said...

yourblindspot: Yep, I have Revolution listed there on the 17th. But as for Last Resort, that one somehow escaped my radar. It's now on my list!! Thanks for pointing it out (and thanks to Page48). I checked out the trailer and when they're standing on an island it looked like Hawaii! Hm... there's another show that filmed there recently, but the name is escaping me...

EsDee said...

Haven, SyFy, 9/21 10pm. Great little show, although if you haven't watched at all, you may be lost. We're pretty entrenched in the mystery at this point.

JS said...

Great, ambitious list. I am wrapping up our (first) watch of The Wire just in time for the fall season. top of my list are Homeland, Dr. Who, Dexter, Community, OUaT, Modern Family, Community. I travel during the week so I can only spend about 6 hours in front of the tv before my husband starts making noise.

Anonymous said...

SOA is a great show. Season two is amazing although I love all the seasons. I know this is a fall tv post but I was wondering if you watched anything this summer. Breaking Bad is ending on Sunday until summer 2013 and it has been great watching the evil Walter White.
For the fall, the new shows I'm looking forward to are Revolution, Last Resort, Arrow, 666 Park ave and Cult (which may be midseason)

Anonymous said...

Nikki - you must watch The League on FX.

Easily the funniest show on TV right now.

-Tim ALan

Dusk said...

I just hope your PVR does not shut down again Nikki.

Me, I'm about to go into college for another year (damn 4 hour break on Wednesdays) and am looking for part-time work so I don't want to over commit my TV time until I know exactly how spread out I'll be.

I am locked into OUAT and love who The Giant will be!

Big Bang Theory the show is still awesome even if some people don't like the girls but they need to let Raj talk to them sober. And they must really stop the Amy Creepy Comments towards Penny.

Supernatural-I go back and forth I know a lot of the fandom say it's gone downhill but it still has moments of brightness and most of the episodes are decent enough but i do think the writers have gotten themselves in corners, some of which were problems log before Seasons 6 & 7.

Also want to check out Revolution, Arrow and maybe Last Resort. I may give 666 Park Avenue a chance but not really enticed yet.

Also other household members have locked me & the big TV into Survvor and The Amazing Race even though I do think they really went downhill awhile ago.

Colleen/redeem147 said...

Revolution is okay. It could either get interesting or formulaic very fast. There was only one character that interested me, and he was secondary.

Page48 said...

"Revolution" pilot is now available on NBC's website for those who don't have the patience to wait for Sept. 17th.

And, they didn't forget the commercials!!

Anonymous said...