Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Doctor... Who?

I told a story on my Facebook page at the beginning of December that I'd had a phone call with my mother, who subscribes to magazines full of British merchandise. She wanted to know if my brother would like a cookie jar with The Who on it.

"The Who? As in, the band?" I asked.
"I think so? It's a blue... police box, it says."
"Wait, Doctor Who?"
"Oh yes, that's it."
"No, he wouldn't be interested, but I would!"

Well, did this ever make HER happy. She had a whole magazine full of stuff related to this show, and as usual, was ready to buy me every single item in there. (My husband spent the next few weeks talking her out of most of it.) I told her in the same phone call that actually, I didn't want a cookie jar, but the salt and pepper shakers. She flipped through the magazine and said, "Oh, the... turdis and... day-lick?" "YES, the turdis and daylick!" I said.

So on Christmas Day, here's what I got from her:

Mom's comment on the shirt: "I have no idea
what that means, but I was told if you watch Doctor
Who, you'll get it." 
Very exciting! I got my salt and pepper shakers, which made me very happy (especially the packaging; check out what's on the box):

The Epic Struggle for the Balance of Taste! (HA!)

And there was a teapot, too!

I checked, and it was difficult to say if it's bigger on the inside:

I'll have to make some tea to find out.

The calendar has the first 11 Doctors in order, which is very cool because I'm watching Classic episodes now and am on the Fourth Doctor, so I hope I can keep ahead of the month where the new Doctor appears (Hartnell is on my wall now). All of them appear in December.

But let's just say, I have a new reason to look forward to October:

Next year, maybe I'll get a sonic screwdriver!


JS said...

Nice Haul! I got my husband a sonic screwdriver for Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Lucky you!

Tom Speelman said...

Cool! My sister and I both got DW gifts this year; she got me a shirt with the Union Jack on it composed entirely out of TARDISes and our parents got her a disappering/reappearing TARDIS mug.

I also found Series 5 at Best Buy on Blu-Ray for $20! THAT was a good day.

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Awesome. That shirt is especially cool. I might have to get one for myself!

My husband has the sonic screwdriver. It's pretty wicked.

Sooze said...

My daughter found me the disappearing/reappearing TARDIS mug and was so excited she made me unwrap it in the airport when we picked her up a week before Christmas. So cute. I am the only one in my house that watches Doctor Who, so I was impressed she thought of it.

I want that teapot!!!

Anonymous said...

My Big Ben clock never came in because it was out of stock. Since I'm a diehard Big Ben fan, I'm still weeping over this. Glad you got what you wanted! MUST BE NICE!!!