Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fringe Finale

From "White Tulip," season 2, episode 18:

WALTER: I, too, attempted the unimaginable, and I succeeded. I crossed into another universe, and took a son that wasn't mine. And since then, not a day has passed without me feeling the burden of that act. I'm going to tell you something that I have never told another soul. Until I took my son from the other side, I had never believed in God. But it occurred to me... that my actions had betrayed him and that everything that had happened to me since was God punishing me. So now I'm looking for a sign of forgiveness. I've asked God for a sign of forgiveness. A specific one, a white tulip.
ALISTAIR PECK: Tulips don't bloom this time of year -- white or otherwise.
WALTER: But he's God. And if God can forgive me for my acts then maybe... it's in the realm of possibility that my son, possibly, may be able to forgive me too.


Marebabe said...

Enough said, Nikki. Enough said.

Ashlie Hawkins said...

Loved it. Will always love it.

Jim Wood said...

Can someone explain this to me? If the Observers never existed, then September does not distract Walternate and he saves Peter. Thus, Walter never crosses over. Peter is raised by Walternate and never meets Olivia. Am I missing something, or are they just getting around that by saying it's a paradox?

The Question Mark said...

Bye, Fringe! It was a very fun 5 years!

Fred said...

@The Orignial Blawger: The whole paradox thing, doesn't matter. Fringe narratives are filled all sorts of "paradoxical" conundrums, mostly just to get the story from A to B. But as Mikki has pointed out, that's not the point of Fringe. Deep down its all about love, family, parents, children. Sadly, with the end of Fringe there's not much in the way of decent Sci Fi--perhaps a sign of the economic times. Right now, I'm only glad we have The Neighbours as a quasi sci-fi comedy. At least Walter got Astrid's name right, and there was even a send off to the cow--will Walter in the future free his beloved cow? One can only hope.

Page48 said...

I know that the "how could Peter and Olivia have met if there were no Observers?" question is on a lot of lips today, but I have to agree with those who believe that "Fringe" is best enjoyed by allowing certain things (say, fuzzy logic for instance) to slide.

Like the Doctor once said, "time travel, you can't keep it straight in your head". There are times, and this is one of them, where I'm happy just to leave it at that.

I think the "Fringe" finale was the most satisfying of the big three Bad Robot series finales that I've seen.

RickR said...

I don't think the result of Walter and Michael's trip to the future was that the Observers never come to exist. I think they do, but that Michael proves to the Oslo scientist that making them emotionless dicks is not the best way to go.
Therefore, time resets to the day of the invasion, which never happens.

We can only guess what this does to the rest of the timeline, but if "Fringe" has taught me anything, it's that trying to untangle its multiple timelines is a good way to bring on a migraine, and is best avoided.

(I give this finale a 7.5, with "The End" earning a solid 9. It was a bit predictable, but hit all the right emotional beats.)

Anonymous said...

A beautiful ending to a beautiful show