Monday, April 01, 2013

Darlton Announce Kickstarter Campaign for Lost Movie!!!

It's happened it's happened it's happened!!! And it was inevitable: after years of outspoken fans longing for answers to the vast mysteries of Lost and following a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign for a Veronica Mars film, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have officially announced their own campaign… for a Lost movie!! From the Hollywood Reporter article:

“We realize that we answered why the polar bears are on the island in season 2, and made Walt’s position on the show pretty clear by season 5, and explained most of the mysteries in season 6 but hey… television is not a show that you’re supposed to watch closely, right?” says Lindelof. “And then we added an extra on the season 6 DVDs to explain it all again, but then, most of the people who were upset didn't actually buy the DVDs. So we’re going to make a movie to explain all of it to everyone. Again.”
“I think people generally disliked the spiritual ending of the show,” Cuse explained. “So we’re going to redo the entirety of season 6, lose the flash-sideways, and end it in a shopping mall. Ending it in a church is so 2010.”
Most of the key cast members have signed back on for the movie, despite having moved on to other projects. “Damon and Carlton promised us that filming would take no longer than three days, so hey, I’m all for it,” says Jorge Garcia, who played fan favourite Hugo “Hurley” Reyes.
“Let’s just hope no one gets a DUI the moment they’re back in Hawaii.” 

Best news I’ve had all week!!

Of course, after fans complained about footage of the wreckage on the beach during the closing credits of the series finale, ABC is in a huff and is refusing to fund the movie. And that’s where those same fans come in. It’s up to the fans to fund it now, through the Kickstarter campaign that Damon and Carlton have set up and announced this morning. It has some great donation levels in it:

$25: a T-shirt and a MOVIE WITH ANSWERS

$50: a photo signed by an extra on the film, and a MOVIE WITH ANSWERS

$100: This has been split into two levels: for the fans who hated the finale and think the movie is absolutely necessary, you’ll get a MOVIE WITH ANSWERS and a special DVD documentary hosted by Damon and Carlton showing the exact moments in the series where most of the questions were answered.
For fans who loved the series finale and thought the number of answers was sufficient, you’ll get a movie that simply rehashes what you already knew, a signed script from Damon and Carlton, and the smugness of shaking your head at everyone else.

$5,000: You get to be an extra in the film.

$10,000: You get to be a background survivor that gets a line or two, so you will be destined to be hated as much as Nikki and Paulo

$20,000: You get to be Jacob and Barry’s sister/other brother, who magically appears just so the movie can get more funding

It’s time to donate! Go here to give give give and let us finally have that Lost movie! 


LittleMo said...

Oh come on Niki - its April 1st
Nice try though, I nearly believed it !!!

Stacy said...

I got so excited, then boo. I hate April 1st!

SenexMacdonald said...

Nikki, have you been spending a lot of time with MAGNETS lately? That would explain a lot! lol

Efthymia said...

Can I lie about hating the finale so I can get the special DVD documentary? Because that would be fun! :)
Seriously, though, can you imagine a finale/movie with just the answers to all the questions raised? What a visual grocery list that would be...

Dusk said...

Nice try. I would have gone with SMG in the next Avengers movie! :)

Fred said...

Lost movie. I can go for that, but with provisos.

This time round I want a stand in for Herve Villachaize to point up at the sky and say, "The plane, the plane!" The man in the white suit would be Ricardo Montalban. It would make so much more sense to what went on in the TV series, than Jack's father. And we could have Locke replaced by MacGyver. Sorry, but building a trebouchet does not match some of the things MacGyver made with duct tape and radio parts. Of course, I would want Sayid to be replaced by the entire A-Team.

And I want answers to all the mysteries. Really good answers. Who better to answer them than by hiring David Lynch as director. The Others could now be zombies. That will get cross-over fans from Walking Dead. Not to mention flashbacks would not extend as far back as the Roman days. The Dark Ages is fine enough, with lots of sword fighting and knights. Also, to escape the 2000s, its time to update the opening theme. something peppy like on Hawaii Five-O. Then I could be inm the lobby getting popcorn, and I'd know the movie had begun.

And as for the ending, the white light has to go. Best if the movie stopped in mid

Blam said...

[grinch] 180 minutes of waves lapping up on the shore as the camera pans along the plane wreckage would be more satisfying than Season 6. [/grinch]

Colleen/redeem147 said...

But will there be ANSWERS?

Fred said...

@Blam 180 minutes of waves lapping up on shore as the camera pans along the plane wreckage

What is this? A homage to Andy Warhol movies? Would there be sound, or would you like the whole 180 minutes silent?

@Colleen. Sorry, bu tthe best you can hope for is to spend $5,000 and receive a T-shirt from Darlton that says, I spent $5,000 on this movie, and all I got was this T-shirt. Better to watch Blam's version.

Blam said...

@Fred: Would there be sound, or would you like the whole 180 minutes silent?

There'd be sound, of course — in the version you suppose, maybe Philip Glass, but I was just thinking ambient noise from the crashing waves, the better to relax and let go of my anger towards Lost.