Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ten Things I Loved This Week


I would urge everyone to try to come up with 10 things that made you really happy in the week. What I've found is I'm starting to find them everywhere, and come Sunday morning I can't think of how to narrow it down. The little things are there if you just look for them. Try leaving your 10 favourite things as a comment below!

1. So many people changing their Facebook profile picture to this symbol in support of marriage equality:

And then in the hours and days that followed, showing that we are all equal, but unique and different:

2. Cadbury Mini Eggs. So, so good.

3. I'm working on a TV book with a husband and wife team and we were discussing one scene of an episode. Dale and I interpreted it one way, and Ensley another, and he emailed me and said, "I'm pretty sure I'm right on this one (because, after all, I'm Ensley)..." I am STILL laughing over that email. Might be the funniest argument an author has ever made to me.

4. Doctor Who returned this week and the episode was SO good. And having watched so much Classic Who in the past few months, I have so much more DW history in my head while watching it, which really changes the way I see everything.

5. Watching my kids hunt for Easter eggs this morning around our house. Even though my older daughter is 8, and is starting to question the veracity of this here bunny (she told me last night she wanted to sleep in our bed so we'd have to stay in there with her, and prove that we weren't actually the bunny) she ran around the house with the same wide-eyed enthusiasm she's had every other year.

6. My daughter has a diving coach who is particularly strict and in the past few weeks has become somewhat bullying, yelling at her every time the dive isn't perfect and telling her, "There is a FIVE-YEAR-OLD OVER THERE who is BETTER THAN YOU!! How do you feel about THAT?!" As I've watched my daughter's self-confidence drain over the past few weeks, I decided we would finally have to make a decision and pull her out. This woman might coach the team — the provincial champions the last 8 years running — but she can't treat little kids like that. But when we talked to my daughter she said no, she knows she can do this, and she WILL get that coach on her side. And then she strode out to her lesson and by the end was getting pats on the back and applause from the teacher. My awe has no bounds when it comes to that little girl.

7. On Wednesday I had my 5yo son at home for the day (he's in all-day, every-other-day kindergarten) and we went out to a book store in the morning, then grabbed a quick lunch together, and then went to see a matinee. Just me and my little man. And he was so giddy and excited and loved being on his own rather than having his older sister there with him. It was such a lovely day.

8. THIS:

I actually watched it last week, but ran out of numbers in my previous top 10. But seeing as I've watched it three more times this week (laughing so much my sides hurt) I just had to post it. And when my brother was over yesterday, we found this, done by the same guy, and I was probably laughing just as hard:

Also worth watching:

9. Having spring weather later in the week... and no forecasts of snow to follow. (Yet.)

10. And finally, my son lost a Skylander figure that he'd never had a chance to use in the game. Over the past four months, I have scoured every... inch... of this house to no avail. Back in January I actually said to my husband, "I bet that thing is outside under the snow somewhere. We are going to find it in the spring." (And then I continued to look everywhere for it.) Yesterday my son was outside and I heard through the open window this very loud shriek, followed by, "MOMMY!! MOMMY!!" and he came flying through the door... holding the Skylander. Very dirty and worse for the wear, and with water trapped below his feet (where the computer microchip is). I washed it off, dried it, put it on the portal... and it WORKED. I couldn't believe it. The search is finally over. ;)

So what made you happy this week?


Jeannette said...

1. Accepting a job position in corporate law with a fantastic lawyer!

2. My boyfriends (the Pittsburgh Penguins) winning three shut outs in a row and winning every game this month. I can smell the Cup!!

3. I sang in our final concert this season and it was AMAZING! Standing ovation and the love of my life came to see me sing. Boo-ya!

4. I didn't swear at or get honest with my current boss. 'Nuff said.

5. I got some stellar gifts for Dan for his birthday and scored girlfriend points for being "very thoughtful" :)

6. I had a great Easter dinner with my parents and brother and am now stocked with tasty leftovers.

7. It's Game of Thrones Day.

8. My dad finished the frame for my mural and it looks beautiful!

9. It's so nice to finally see spring blooming!

10. I started Candy Crush and am now addicted. Thank you :)

Blam said...

1. The same as your #1. I loved all the red in my feed — at first the unison and then the variations. Even put together an album!

2. More questions from my 5-year-old nephew about superheroes.

3. Happy returns that I'd forgot about when I woo-hoo'd the Veronica Mars Kickstarter: The Sing-Off and Whose Line Is It Anyway? are both coming back.

4. The fact that we can still embarrass my cousin's 20-year-old daughter, the oldest member of the next generation, at family dinners, even though she's sparklingly intelligent and mature.

5. Less than 24 hours 'til baseball season.

6. The return of The Voice. I don't really believe in guilty pleasures, but if I did this would be one.

7. The latest version of another cousin's homemade family haggadah, a booklet followed at the Passover seder, which still has the kids' old drawings — including "the sailing of the first-born".

8. The community Passover seder at my 97-year-old grandmother's assisted-living residence, where after "We await the coming of the messiah in our lifetimes" you could hear "I'm not holding my breath!".

9. Finally getting to see The Perks of Being a Wallflower — I missed it in theathers and I've been either so tired or so busy lately that the Neflix envelope had been sitting around for weeks.

10. The season finale of The Walking Dead and season premiere of Game of Thrones tonight, of course.

Shimon said...

dying to know what scene it was you guys were arguing about!!!!