Thursday, May 16, 2013

Artistic Renderings of Doctor Who

My five-year-old son has moments where he disappears with his markers and paper, and he can be gone for an hour or so. When he first started doing this, I'd have those mom moments where I suddenly realized he's been gone an awfully long time, and I'd go looking for him. One hundred percent of the time, I've found him colouring with his markers.

The other day he did it again, second time that day, and I just left him alone. Then he came into the kitchen and said, "I drew some pictures I think you'll like!" And I did. :) And so now I shall share them with you.

This one should be obvious, right? It's the Doctor! Spinning through space in his police box, which just happens to be the exact same colour as space but hey! You can still tell it's him and the TARDIS, right? It's like looking at the Starry Night rendering in "Vincent and the Doctor," isn't it? 

And this is K-9! His favourite character on the show. He's not really on Doctor Who so I started watching The Sarah Jane Adventures with him, promising that K-9 would be there. And then, at least in season 1, he really wasn't. Sort of there in the first episode, sort of there in the last, but in between, my son kept asking where he was. He's drawn this from memory from the two times he saw him. :) I think his little antennae ears are folded in or something. Yeah, that's it. 

And finally, I wasn't so sure about this one, and he said, "It's Sarah Jane! And she's holding her sonic lipstick!" Hahaha! Amazing. 

Sorry this post is so short. I need to go call The Louvre. 


Joan Crawford said...

Aw, what a lovey he is!

Efthymia said...

No, not the Louvre, they have boring stuff there. Call the Musée d' Orsay. :)

Joshua said...

These are superb! How did this post make me want to start re-reading 'Dear Theo' so badly?

I love my kids' art so much that I've flirted with the idea of starting a blog just to celebrate it. (Ella draws the sweet flowery rainbow stuff; Jem's are mostly Lovecraftian horrors and his custom Pokemon. Somehow these are all equally cute.)

WV - explanation meparti: "Arrrrright, me hardies! First we bring out the grog! Then we sing all me favorite sea shanties! Then we play pin the tail on the bilge rat! And then, boys... scurvy cake! Yarrrrrr!"

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Love, love, love! Dylan once did a drawing for me of a plane flying over the island and a bunch of smiling faces looking out the window. There was black smoke below and he told me, "They're smiling because they don't know what's going to happen next!"