Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Getting Ready for Season 6: The Experiment

Back when theblackbox first sent me his preparation videos, I asked him if he'd do a montage of Desmond. He just sent me this video, and while it's not exactly the montage I was looking for (shirtless, romantic, hair flowing in the ocean breezes), it's actually way more appropriate for the Lost rewatch that we're doing right now. If you haven't been checking it out, we're just starting season 2, and you should come on over and read the discussion (even if you're not rewatching, just reading the comments will jog your memory). In the meantime, here, in chronological order, is what Desmond was put through in the Swan station. Thank you, blackbox! (Man, you're a busy guy this week!!)


Joan Crawford said...

Ahhhhh! How awesome was that!? That was damn near a religious experience.

joshua said...

Way cool! And that Clint Mansell score from 'Moon' is sooo perfect. May be my favorite yet.

Anonymous said...

WOW just wonderful.