Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Resolutions
Happy new year, everyone! I've been remiss in posting here, and sadly, I can't blame it on eggnog or any booze-filled holidays, but just on spending lots of time with my daughter and not really going anywhere near my computer, worried that there might be work coming through email that I'd have to do.

So I'm going to do something really original, and post my new year's resolutions. I figure no one's ever thought of doing that on a blog, and I wanted to be the first. ;)

1. Exercise more. (Again, I'm going for the unique on this one.)
2. Read more.
3. Watch less TV. Seriously. Already dropped 2 shows over the holidays, and I'm heading for a third with stupid Prison Break.
4. Move the alarm clock over to my side of the bed, because my husband programs it for 7 and then relentlessly turns it off and then we all sleep in until 8 and I have to make a mad dash to get ready in half an hour in order to get my daughter to her daycare by 8:45 and myself to work by 9 and I HATE being in a rush in the morning, and ALSO if she sleeps in until 8 it’s getting harder and harder to get her to bed at night at any reasonable hour, so I need to get the clock away from Captain Snooze Button.
5. Nag husband less. (Um...I think I've already broken that one.)
6. Go back to making schedules and stick to them. I used to be a complete schedule freak, as in
9-10:30 Edit
10:30-10:45 Break
10:45-12:30 Edit
But then when you have a baby, all schedules fly out the window and you realize you can plan all you want, you're not getting ANY of it done. So I stopped making them. Now, two years later, I really need to get back into making them, because those were the days I actually got things done. And it'll help me accomplish resolutions 1&2.
7. Blog more.

I think I should stop, because breaking more than 7 resolutions in one year would probably be bad karma.


poppedculture said...

So I gotta know - what are the other two shows you've dropped? And just get your own alarm clock, it's the only way. Happy New Year!

Nikki Stafford said...

We tried two alarm clocks, and it didn't seem to work. I can't remember why. Duelling CDs in the morning, maybe? Anyway, I've wrangled the clock, and have been up every morning at 7, I'm happy to say!
My other two shows are Studio 60 and Jericho. I think I'll do a proper blog soon on why.