Friday, November 23, 2007

Heroes: Cautionary Tales
Yes, I'm making up for not posting all week. And yes, I agree that this photo is a spoiler, but if you haven't watched this week's Heroes yet, you're slower than I am, which is pretty darn slow.

This week's episode of Heroes was a good one. However, because we had so many bad weeks I'm finding that my husband is rolling his eyes at every little thing that happens, even if the things were moments we'd have been watching with intrigue a year ago. I have to admit that I've become more questioning of things. So first, things I liked:

-Hiro seeing little Hiro.
-the scene between Matt and Angela, and Matt forcing her to talk and her begging him to stop. Every scene between these two has been fantastic, a bright light in an otherwise dreary season.
-Matt telling his boss that Angela and co. were involved in some organization back in the 70s, and the guy, without changing his serious face, saying, "Like a disco?" Ha!
-Noah cracking Moronder in the nose. Awesome. Maybe if he managed to wedge a piece of cartilage into his brain, Mo would actually learn to THINK.
-Elle stuck in the chair with her feet in the water. Kristen Bell has a great scream.
-The freeze-frame effect of Adam and Kaito hanging in the air
-The recreation of Bennet's death from the painting. The layout was exactly the same, from the angle of his head to the way his arm dangled. Loved it.
-The ending, which mirrored the season 1 episode ending where Claire woke up with her ribcage open, and said, "Oh sh--". Bennet says the same thing.

Things I didn't like:
-when Hiro saw little Hiro, Kaito was standing right behind them and little Hiro didn't notice that was his dad? He looks the same!
-Molly offering to help Matt... don't you think the kid would be a little more traumatized? (I forgot to mention last week that fb must have been FURIOUS that Molly didn't die! haha)
-Elle being so skanky with everyone. Is it because of her zappiness that she hasn't been able to get close to a lot of people, and it's made her a little... needy, shall we say?
-the effects when Flyboy takes HRG up in the sky. As crappy as the freeze-frame was cool.
-Bennet NOT shooting Moronder. A year ago I wanted the cute guy to stay. Now I CANNOT STAND HIM.

What is WRONG with Mohinder? Why do the writers consistently make him the most confused person on television? "Guess what, Noah? I'm IN! We are inside The Company and we can finally take them down after months and months of research... oh just a second, I have a call on the other line... Hello? Bob. How are you? What?! Noah's evil? Um... OK, we were actually infiltrating The Company from the outside, I'm sorry. Let me help you take Noah down. Just a second, I have a call on the other line... Noah? Hey... oh right, The Company is bad. I hate to tell you this, but I've been working for The Company, and they're going to kill you. Yes, I will help you. OK, talk to you later.... Bob? Sorry, had to get rid of that call. OK, yes, you got me, it was Noah. Oh, you're right. He's evil. Yes, let's kill him."

It would be one thing if he were a double agent like Sydney Bristow, but he's not actually playing both sides against one another, he's switching sides due to his own stupid gullibility. This guy is too much.

Am I being too hard on Moronder? What do you think? Is Heroes getting better? Did the first few bad episodes ruin the rest of it for you or are you willing to give it a chance?


Anonymous said...

This was back to the "Heroes" of last season..thank God. I almost kicked this show to the curb!

I agree with your hatred of Mohinder. Such a lovely man, but such a stupid ass character. What I want to see is some Elle/Mohinder interaction. Let the guy be a MAN for once.

He is so goody-goody, it's kind of irritating. He is wimpy and stupid.

Now, if they paired him up with Elle, that might get interesting. I'd like to see him fall for her, but hate himself while doing it. Give the guy some angst.

Anonymous said...

Mohinder is my eye candy. Do not hurt him. Get the bandage off his nose.

My favourite parts were with Hiro and his father, though I thought nobody seeing daddy at the funeral was silly.

And, of course, Noah, though as soon as I saw the blood bag I knew where it was going and why.

The character I can't stand is Peter. Adam annoys me too. And Elle.

Strangely, Nikki doesn't bother me.

Brian Douglas said...

I think you're being a little hard on Mohinder. That said, they should have done a better job at driving a wedge between him and Noah.

So the $64,000 question I have for you guys this week is: Who healed Noah? Was is...

A) Clair
B) Adam
C) Bob using Clair's blood
D) Noah healed himself
E) None of the above

I think it was Adam, but what are your thoughts?

Also, I still don't know why Hiro couldn't save his father. Was is just that Kaito accepted his fate for past crimes? They weren't very clear on this.

Also, Tim Krigg said on an interview at Newsarama that Clair and West were not related (i.e. West is NOT Nathan's love child).

Anonymous said...

But could Claire and Elle be related?? I wonder.

Just like the idea that Claire maybe is distanly related to Adam. His great-great-great something or other.

Mohinder is lovely to look at, but I really wish they would allow him to be manly. Have a girl. They almost let him have Eden, but then they had to kill her off. They make him very asexual, which is problematic for me.

There was something about his interaction with Elle that made me think...gee, wouldn't it be interesting if...?

Nikki Stafford said...

Anonymous: I'm with you -- Mohinder is definitely desexualized (though... a lot of them are, come to think of it). But with Mohinder being the hottie he is, it's more obvious with him. I'd love to see him with Elle. :) I think we'd definitely see sparks fly... literally! :)

Brian: Actually, I should have rephrased my question -- I'm not being hard on Mohinder, I'm being hard on the writers' characterization of him. I don't know why they're making him the flimsy little weakling that he is, but his character had SO much more potential. He was a little more useful at the beginning of season 1, and since then he's just been a useless waste of space. Well... ok, not exactly useless. He's still nice to look at. But I'm sure the actor wishes his character would stop being such an idiot.

As for your question, I'm assuming it was Claire's blood. That would tie them together by blood, which would be poetic. Then again, as you suggest, The Company's never been big on poetry. :)

Brian Douglas said...

We find out in this episode who all was in the group of twelve that founded the Company.

We already knew that it included:
Arthur and Angela Petrelli
Daniel Linderman
Kaito Nakamura
Bob Bishop
Maury Parkman
and Charles Devaux

This episode also reveals the last living member: Victoria Pratt (a shapeshifting actress who starred in Mutant X and Daybreak :-)).

The other four can be revealed by taking a close look Matt's picture, and they include:
Carlos MENDEX(as in Issac)
Harry Flatcher (who was on Mohinder's List)
Suzanne Ammaw
Paula Gramble (who was also on Mohinder's List)

Note that neither Nana Dawson nor Adam Munroe were in the pictire.

One more thing worth noting: at the beginning of the season, Kaito said there were nine of the twelve left (which would be himself, Angela, Bob, Maury, Victoria, and the last four). Buy Carlos, Harry, Suzanne, and Paula were all listed by Matt as dead this week. Apparently Adam's been a busy boy behind the scenes.

The Chapati Kid said...

Professor Charles Xavier is more powerful than Moronder. And he's in a wheelchair.

DIE Moronder. And come back reborn with a spine. Maybe that will be his superpower. That he can grow things. A pair of cohones, a spine, a libido, or heck, even a character.

Sorry. I am SO bitter. Here we have, FINALLY, an Indian dude on television, representing for the desi masses, and he's made out to be a castrated nitwit who couldn't recognize good from evil if it quite literally punched him in the face. Plus, his only romantic interest turns out to be the second most annoying character on Season 1. (Although Nikessica was a close third.)

Anonymous said...

Molly offering to help Matt... don't you think the kid would be a little more traumatized? (I forgot to mention last week that fb must have been FURIOUS that Molly didn't die! haha)

hahahaha! yes, i was, actually. how you feel about mohinder? multiply that to the power of N and it still doesn't touch how i feel about the little brat. :-| (PS: the reason molly didn't feel more traumatised -- which, i agree, she totally should have! -- is because the actress who plays her is a lousy actress! she's useless at conveying any sort of emotion or tonality in her voice, unless it's whinging. ugh.)

ahem. that aside, i loved the episode. still don't care for elle (but again, don't like the actress, so ...) but i did love the bit where they tortured her by sticking her feet in water. heh.

one question ... i know it's been a while since we saw little hiro (we saw him last season at some point) -- was it the same actor? it looked like a different little kid, but i can't be sure. does anyone know?

good episode, shame there's only 2 more left, now that it's getting good!

Brian Douglas said...

fb: I can't find a credit for young hiro in this episode. I'd assume its the same actor from last season.

Anonymous said...

They are promising (and oh, how I hate NBC's promos...must they give so much away all of the time?) that two heroes will die tomorrow night. I can only hope what that really means is Moronder will die, they'll revive him with Claire's blood, and then kill him all over again.

And speaking of Claire's hemoglobin, I'm making an educated guess (based on nothing other than my own suspicions) that Syler will use it to "fix" himself and regain his original power. Because, of course, Mohinder will stupidly make it available to him.

Stupid, stupid Mohinder.