Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Random Things for a Tuesday
For anyone who doesn't watch Heroes, scroll down for pictures of supercute kids instead. :)

Ok, so last week I said Heroes was a little better than the week before, and got beat up on the comments board, but I'm going to say it again. It was better this week, and actually ended with a very intriguing cliffhanger! Could Takezo's entire story have been set up by Adam just to change history?? Hiro was more charming in the one-minute scene with Ando than he's been all season.

However, it's still not anywhere NEAR what it was the first season, and every week is exposing the inadequacies of the show more and more. In the past week I've been thinking about the show a lot (and have decided, for now, I'm not sure if it's worth devoting an entire blog post to it anymore). We're supposed to assume that the action we see week to week is happening simultaneously, right? So how is it that Peter meets his Oirish Garl in Cork, gets to know her, falls in lust, sees her brother get killed, travels to Montreal, and time travels.... and in that same time the Dunder Twins travel 50 feet to the Mexican border? Maybe we're not supposed to see it as simultaneous.... hm.

Anyway, this week had too much Niki, and the momentary return of DL (no, GOD NO, not MORE of that family, we're supposed to be killing them off one by one) but happily, no Monica or Micah. Whew. But no Sylar, either, and he's been awesome this season, unlike everyone else.

Hiro's back, so FINALLY no more Japan, which is a blessing. Moronder looks like more of an idiot than usual, and now spills his master plan to Bob. (Sigh.) The Flying Doofus finds out his girl is the daughter of his nemesiseses when HRG shows up, and HRG blows his top when he discovers Claire's been dating a guy and using her powers for stupidity.

I was a little disappointed with the Matt storyline. It seems like in one week Kring's decided to suddenly jump the story forward, despite plodding it along for weeks, and Matt takes down Daddy and saves Molly a wee bit too easily for me.

And where the hell is Elle? Was Kristen Bell (whoa... check out my ell rhymes there) just dangled in front of our faces to make us think Veronica was coming back? I want more Elle.

So I know it's a week past Halloween, but I want to post pics of my little kiddies in their costumes anyway. I rarely post pics of my kids on here, but they're just too cute for words, so here they are:

That's my daughter Sydney as the cutest chicken ever, and Liam as a superhero. I'm not sure what his powers are, but they've got to be more interesting than any of the ones this season on Heroes.

I didn't get a chance to post on Pushing Daisies last week, but it SO rocked. Emerson and Olivia are the greatest characters on TV right now. LOVE THEM. There were so many moments where I was howling. I wish I had time to list them all.

My brother showed me this last week and I thought it was hilarious. It's funny the first time you watch it, funnier the second, and hysterical the third time. This is a British comedy duo called Mitchell and Webb, and I could watch this all day. Dundundundundundundun-Dundundundundundun-Dundada-da-da!!

I think my pal CK will like that one. Speaking of her, another thing that's made me howl recently was posted on her site. She and I are big fans of finding crazy Bollywood musical clips on YouTube, and she's found the mother of all of them. Go to her site and check it out there. It's priceless (even if you don't like Bollywood musicals, you'll find this funny). Enjoy!

UPDATE: I realized that link no longer works, so try this one.


Anonymous said...

The ONLY thing I enjoyed this week was the Hiro/Ando reunion. I have no interest in Adam, probably because I didn't watch Alias. Nice twist at the end, though. I guess he's the Captain Jack of Heroes.

I'm having more trouble this year than last with the jumping around of all the stories. Lost has multiple characters, but at least they tend to follow one per episode, and the island keeps the action contained. I want to call it Heroes:ADD.

I love your baby's outfit. I'm a Superman geek.

I'm also a big Bollywood fan.

Do you watch Chuck? It rocks like Heroes doesn't.

Brian Douglas said...

Chuck, really? I find it kind of meh.

Brian Douglas said...

Adam Munroe: The big reveal this week is that Adam Munroe is Takenzo Kensei, and that he's behind the company. This explains 90% of the occurances of the helix symbol (the Company, the murder pictures, Molly's dreams, etc.) We still don't know why it was on Jessica back (but not Niki's) and Chandra's book. It is also clear that he was the one that killed Kaito as he has a personal fued with Hiro. One more thing: Linderman was his protege, and they both have healing powers. Makes one think if there is a biological link.

The Nine: After Linderman's death, Kaito mentioned there was nine left. So by my count so far we have Adam, Angela, Bob, Kaito, and Murrey. That still leaves four of them unaccounted. Who are they?

Powers in Family: This episode establishes that Parkman has the same power as his father. This is the first confirmed instance of a power being passed down. But what about Clair and Micah? They don't have either of their parents powers. But what if they have their grandparent's powers? This might put some suspicion on Nathan's father as we already known Angela and a relationship with Kaito. Who is Nathan's real father? Linderman? Adam?

Niki: I think this is Niki, and not Jessica (or rather, a union of Niki and Jessica). Just one question here: did she see DL on her own the first time, and Murrey picked up on it, or was he messing with her then?

Issac's Paintings: So far 6 of the 8 paintings have come true. Only two left: Mohinder firing a gun, and Noah being shot. It looks like Mohinder shoots Noah. Or does he? I guess we'll have to wait to find out.

Bob: It looks like Bob isn't really that bad of guy. He seems to have real regrets over some his past actions and seems to be taking the Company in a better direction. He's not a paragon of virtue, but is he that bad? Mohinder thinks so, but even though his judgement is questionable at times, I think he made the right call here. I just wish they did a better job of distancing him from Noah first.

Angela: When she restored Peter's memory, did she use a power?

Time Travel: Last but not least, I got one question to put out here: If Peter (and friends) change the past, what happens to Catlyn? Will she cease to exist? Will she return to the present, or would she just show up when the present gets to that point. Is she still trapped in the alternate future? Also, why didn't the virus happen in the future last season, or Matt had expanded powers? Yes, events happened differently now that they stopped New York from going kablooey, but still....

That's all I have to say for now.

Anonymous said...

Your kids look adorable! Don't watch Heroes, but from your season 1 reviews I think I might start.

I was just wondering, Nikki, what your thoughts on the Writer's Strike are?

The Chapati Kid said...

"At last! A grant from the foreign office! Now we'll finally crack this mystery."
"Sir,I can't feel my left bottom."

hee hee hee! BRILLIANT, Nikki! Brilliant!

Sadly, I'm not up on television at all this season... I've missed all but two episodes of Heroes, all of ANTM, and haven't caught up on Dexter yet. Or Ugly Betty. What is happening to me?

Anonymous said...

Ah those kids! Love'em

As for HEROES, a new article on EW

Apologizing to fans for a crappy season so far - thank you! I was wondering when the apology would come. Now I am just waiting for Nikki to die.. DIE DIE

Christine said...

Hey Nikki, in case you haven't heard, production of The Office has been officially shut down indefinitely due to the strike.